Hitachi SB8V2 Review [Lightweight 1020W Motor]

Hitachi SB8V2 ReviewBelt Sander is an essential part of any shop that does woodwork. It is a helpful tool that helps take off excess wood from rough surfaces, round and shaped furniture, or level surfaces. Although it is not necessary to have a belt sander for all this, having one will ease up the work for you. Usually, the belt sanders also come with extra features that help the woodwork even easier. Hitachi sb8v2 is the first choice of many beginners and professionals. This Hitachi SB8V2 review article will discuss the facts to decide whether this model is worth your money or not. 

Technical Specification:

Specification Description
Belt Size: 3 x 21 inches
Amps: 9
Variable Speed: Yes
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Dust Collection: Yes
Dust Port Size: 1-31/32 inches
Ideal for: Wood, steel, and paint removal
No Load Speed: 820 – 1475 feet/min
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty

Variable Speed Hitachi Belt Sander SB8V2 Review 2023

9.0 Amp Motor

The Hitachi sb8v2 has a 9 amp motor it is easy to handle and work with. 9 amp is a perfect size for the belt sanders and more powerful than the Craftsman sanding machine. It gives enough power to the belt sander without making it really heavy. So, even beginners can have proper control over the machine while working. The 1020 watt motor has enough power to handle the toughest sanding jobs available.


Hitachi sb8v2 comes with a speed variation feature that almost all modern belt sander has. It has a unique feature that controls the speed through a speed dial attached to the handle. The speed controller is beneficial for surfaces that cannot handle high speed. It can lower the speed on those and again increase them to tackle some rough surfaces. The control over the machine allows you to adapt to any surface work without changing the machine. As the adjustable speed is 820-1,475 ft/min, it ensures manageability during any operations. 

Water-Resistant Sanding Belt

This Hitachi sander uses a pretty standard-sized belt of 3”x21”. It might not be the largest area, but it sure means it will cover quite a lot of surface areas. The sanding belt can be easily replaceable if it gets damaged with another one. This size is standard, so it will not be hard to find any replacement. A 9 amp motor with this belt can go 1500 square feet per minute which is impressive and useful for large products.

Dust Bag

While working with a belt sander, it is bound to get messy and see dust flying everywhere. This dust makes it difficult to work with. But Hitachi sb8v2 comes with a dust bag that captures all the debris and sawdust that emits from the sanding. The sandbag is placed on the left side to not come in the way while working on corners. 

Construction and Design of Hitachi SB8V2 Sander

A belt sander must be user-friendly and easy to handle so that you can work with it for hours. Hitachi sb8v2 has a standard construction and design. The motor is usually on the surface above the belt, and the handle looks like a pistol grip handle suitable for any user’s dominant hand. It is close to the switch to turn the machine on or off. The pistol grip is at a 45-degree angle so that you can easily hold and lift it or push it downward and forward. The flush service design helps it to do fast and even sanding. 

Soft Grip Handles

Soft elastomer coating makes the surface comfortable to hold. The grip area is also wide enough to get a good hold and work for hours. If the grip is not good enough, there can be accidents. If your hands sweat a lot and you find it hard to hold on to a belt sander, you should try this one. The ergonomic form factor makes it suitable for long hours, even when hands are sweaty. Easy lifting lessens fatigue and tiredness. 

Hitachi SB8V2 is Lightweight

Hitachi sb8v2 weighs about 9.5 pounds, slightly heavier than the Bosch ROS20VSC but comparatively lightweight than some other belt sanders. A belt sander should be on the heavier side so that the weight helps it to work better on the surface. However, it is a problem when you need to lift it and work in a horizontal position. The additional weight can be problematic while working on a wall. This weight is suitable for working on the surface and is easily portable. 


The belt sander creates vibration while working, which can be annoying and create discomfort when used for a long time. Hitachi uses a ball bearing mechanism at the rollers to eliminate the vibration so that the belt sander can be easier to hold for a long time. The less vibration, the more accurate it will be working with the machine.

Transparent Panel

The exclusive feature of Hitachi sb8v2 is its transparent panel. The transparent panel is usually on the tip of the belt sander. This panel helps to monitor the belts and sanding pads. It makes sure you do not accidentally touch a perpendicular place and also avoids uneven sanding on different things. 

Other Features

  • Hitachi sb8v2 has a V-belt system that is effective and wear-resistant, which means it is more durable to use
  • The parts are replaceable. So, if the handle, speed dial, or clear panel gets damaged, you can replace them instead of buying a whole new sander
  • Adjustable speed is from 820-1,475 ft/min to manage to work on any surface
  • Ideal for wood, steel, and paint removal


Hitachi sb8v2 belt sander comes at an affordable price for everyone. You can purchase it by spending less than two hundred dollars. Comparatively cheaper than the professional ones, but it is no less than those while performing. This belt sander also comes with a sanding kit. Although it costs a bit more, you can get an extra belt with the equipment to work. 

Short feature review of Hitachi sb8v2

  • Available at a reasonable price
  • 9 amp motor is quite strong
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip handles that is vibration-free
  • Easy to clean attached dust bag
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • It does not create too much noise
  • Wear-resistant V-belt and exclusive transparent panel 
  • The fast sanding speed that goes 820-1,475 ft/min
  • Good for big projects
  • Quick and easy changeable belts
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • The belt tracking needs to get better as it needs adjustments from time to time
  • Some customers complained it to have some balancing issues

Included Components

This belt sander model from Hitachi comes with a belt sander, an easy-to-clean dust bag, and a sanding belt. The grits are medium and durable and standard for any belt sander. However, you can replace the grits with higher or lower grits as you need. 

Should you buy Hitachi sb8v2?

The model Hitachi belt sander sb8v2 is highly durable at an affordable price. However, Hitachi will not disappoint you if you have a low budget but need a high functioning belt sander. Hitachi is suitable for all the people working as home improvement and woodworking enthusiasts. This model will not disappoint you in its reliability and versatility. Moreover, it will take over and ease up most of the work of the woodworkers. 


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