GreenWorks 40V Chainsaw Review in 2023

We have seen that gas-powered chainsaws have been heavily used for cutting works throughout the years. But we are living in a modern era of electricity and batteries. So GreenWorks brand has introduced battery-operated chainsaws, which are mighty. GreenWorks 40V, the 16-inch chainsaw, is one of them. That’s why we’ve decided to write a GreenWorks 40V chainsaw review article explaining what’s so great about this model.

It weighs only 10.36 pounds. This chainsaw has a brushless motor that generates a lot of power but lessens the vibration simultaneously. The engine torques 30% less to yield such power.

The 4.0 Ah 40V batteries are capable of cutting for an extended period. An auto oiler puts oil on the chain to control the smooth run of the cutting chain. The chain tensioning process helps the chain adjust quickly. Handguards and advanced chain brakes prevent injury problems. This model of GreenWorks chainsaw is not the lightest, but it is effortless to work with. You can work in your garden or home yard with this cutting tool. The professionals are also encouraged to use this eco-friendly chainsaw for their mid-level cutting jobs.  

Why should you buy a GreenWorks 40V Chainsaw?

The reasons are described below here-

Powerful DigiPro Brushless Motor

The most crucial feature of the GreenWorks 40V chainsaw is the Powerful DigiPro Brushless Motor. The chainsaw is electrically commuted, and it doesn’t lose its proficiency due to the contact of brushes on the motor’s commutator (the spinning part). This motor generates a tremendous amount of power that helps the machine to perform more efficiently.

G-Max 40V Lithium-Ion Battery

Cordless chainsaws are generally run by gas or battery. Gas-powered chainsaws use fuel to yield power and emit fumes which cause environmental pollution. This chainsaw model has a 4.0 Ah G-Max 40V Lithium-Ion Battery. This high-performing battery has enough ability to perform up to 90 cuts on a single charge. It means you don’t have to worry about charging the battery frequently. There is an LED battery level light that makes it easier for the users to determine battery life.

16 Inch Longest Bar and Chain

GreenWorks, 40 V chainsaw, has a 16-inch long Oregon bar and chain, the longest among all cordless chainsaws. This bar is made of steel and can cut up to 30 logs. You can do your cutting jobs without any interruption for 2 hours maximum.

Less Noise and Vibration

The noise and vibrations of a machine are always very annoying for a user. Noise causes diversion of our mind so that we can’t concentrate well on cutting. Moreover, vibration creates difficulties in holding on to the machine properly while working. This GWs 40V chainsaw produces less noise and vibration because the motor uses improved technology. So, you can cut materials with ease. The brushless motor delivers up to 70% less vibration for the users. 

Advanced Chain Brake and Handguards

When we start to work with a machine, the first thing that comes to our mind is safety. The chainsaw has a well-made handguard that protects the hands from debris during the cutting sessions. The chain brake is another safety feature of this tool. The inner-built chain brake prevents kickback injuries.

No Hassle of Gas Pull Cord to Start

Pulling the start switch is very hard in some cases. Especially when you want to cut staying at a reasonable height, it becomes more difficult. But this chainsaw can be started more quickly than you expect. The reason is that the electric motor of this machine starts within seconds.

Chain Tensioning System of GreenWorks 40V Chainsaw

The chain tensioning process is one of the most significant issues of a chainsaw. You expect the chain to move around the guide bar correctly. The 40V GreenWorks model has a well-developed chain tensioning method that helps adjust the chain properly during rotation. The system provides smooth cutting.


Consumers look for those products which have more durability. Most of the gas-powered chainsaws have a warranty of 3-years maximum. But the GreenWorks 16-inches 40V chainsaw offers a 4-years warranty which is very significant. It shows the confidence of the GreenWorks brand in its products.

Translucent Oil Tanker and Auto Chain Oil System

None of the users want any obstructions during their cutting jobs. So every chainsaw manufacturing brand ensures that an automatic chain oiling method must be installed with the machine. This GreenWorks model also has one. The auto chain oiler puts oil on the chains when needed. Thus, the chain rotates accurately around the bar and provides a fast cutting. Besides, there is a translucent oil tanker that offers a clear view of the oil reserve.

Cutting Performance

The revolutionary design of the GreenWorks 16-inch saw ensures durability and precise, smooth cutting performance. You do not need to worry about fuel mixing, pull starts, or hazardous emissions. These features provide excellent chopping speed. A statistic shows that the brushless motor of this tool can deliver up to 30% more torque. So this chainsaw can work much faster than others.


  • The powerful brushless motor technology offers heavy performance.
  • The motor can deliver up to 30% more torque to enhance the cutting ability of the machine.
  • GreenWorks 40 Volt chainsaw creates 70% less vibration than other chainsaws.
  • 4.0 Ah G-Max 40V Battery can serve for extended periods.
  • The chain brake of this tool is made to control kickback issues, and it works well.
  • There is a  simple way of starting the machine, no need to pull gas cords.
  • The chainsaw uses no gas/ petrol, which means it produces no emissions.
  • A quick chain adjustment is maintained by a tool-less chain tensioning system.


  • Oil leakage may occur during storage.
  • The machine may not work reliably after regularly using it for a few years.

Final Thought on GreenWorks 40V Chainsaw Review

The 40V GreenWorks 16-inch chainsaw is a cordless chainsaw that is beautifully maneuvered by a brushless motor. This motor plays a vital role in preventing vibration and noise. It also supplies a vast amount of power that strengthens the capability of this chainsaw more. An operator doesn’t need to think of fueling the machine and can cut materials without any obstacles. There are many reasons to buy this tool, such as lighter weight, excellent cutting ability, no emissions, no fuel, advanced safety measures, auto chain oiler, highly improved chain tensioner, etc. So, if you are searching for a lighter battery-operated chainsaw, we suggest that you should buy a GreenWorks 40V chainsaw.

I hope our GreenWorks 16 Inch 40v cordless chainsaw review article will help you make the right decision. But if you are still confused and want to ask anything about this chainsaw, you can comment below.


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