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Best Greenworks Chainsaw Review [Updated List of 2024]

Day by day, battery-powered and electric chainsaws are getting popular for their eco-friendly features. One of the familiar brand names in manufacturing such eco-friendly chainsaws is GreenWorks. They manufacture chainsaws with powerful and efficient motors. Their maintenance systems of them are so ergonomic. They generate more power but create less noise. So for your convenience, we have picked some of the best Greenworks chainsaw models in consideration based on their performance and features in this Greenworks chainsaw review article.

Top 6 Best Greenworks Chainsaw Reviews

If you are hankering after using Greennworks’s products and searching for this manufacturer’s best chainsaws of this manufacturer. We are here to help you identify the best chainsaws for this popular company. Let’s check out our top list-

Greenworks 40V 16-inch Eco-Friendly Chainsaw

Brushless Motor

This cordless chainsaw has an advanced technology system. Greenworks 40V chainsaw has a powerful brushless motor that can get up to 100 cuts on 4.4 lumbers on a single charge. This brushless motor produces more torque than a brushed motor. For this powerful engine, the running and durability of this saw are more than any other chainsaw. You can compare its power to the 42cc power of a gas-powered one. 

Sufficient Bar length

Compared to the power and the nature of the work, the bar length of this chainsaw is sufficient enough. With the huge power of the motor, it can cut up to 30 inches in diameter trees and limbs. 

Translucent oil tank

The oil tank of this chainsaw is a translucent one. For this amenity, the logger can easily check the level of the oil in the tank. The logger need not check the oil level by the manual process. In usual chainsaws, the logger has to check the level of the oil by the opening cap of the tank. This chainsaw will relieve the logger from such a hassle. 

Inertia Chain Brake 

This chainsaw has an inertia chain brake system. This system helps to stop the chain automatically when the kickback happens and at the time of the energy. It minimized the risk of the logger being injured during the cutting time. 

Automatic oiler

For proper chain management, you have to go through this Greenworks 16-inch 40v cordless chainsaw review section. This chainsaw has an automatic chain oiler system so that the oil reaches the chain automatically. It keeps the chain constantly lubricated and sharp. It extends the life of the chain and prevents breaking the chain.

Easy chain tensioning 

For proper chain management, it has a pro-style chain tensioning system. That is different from the usual tensioning system. 

Fatigue-less starting

In gas-powered chainsaws, you will find that the starting process is too long and tiring. There are a lot of things, such as choke management, carburetor management with the primer bulb, and pulling the cord more times. But in this saw, you will not find that critical starting process. Rather, I will find an easy starting system. 


Another mentionable feature of this chainsaw is that it is lightweight. For its Lightweight, the logger can easily bring it anywhere for outdoor cutting works. 

Bucking spikes

The bucking spikes of the chainsaws are the additional safety-ensuring instrument. This chainsaw has bucking spikes that ensure the saw’s stability during cutting. The bucking spikes of this saw are plastic. They are made of metal.


Using this chainsaw, you will not find any fuel consumption and exhaust the carbon. Using this chainsaw is totally safe for the environment. 

Short Key Features

  • Brushless motor
  • Easy starting
  • Sufficient bar length
  • Inertia chain brake
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bucking spikes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy chin tensioning system
  • Translucent oil tank
  • More durable


  • The chain tensioning is not tool-less

Greenworks Pro 80v 18 in Chainsaw Review

This chainsaw is made for the purpose of professional heavy-cutting jobs. It works like an insane-cutting monster. Every logger will make a commendable comment on the satisfaction of using it. This saw’s cutting performance is like the gas-powered saw’s two-stroke engine. 

Powerful engine

Usually, the battery-powered chainsaw comes with a brushed motor. But this GreenWorks model has a powerful brushless motor. It is the advanced technology in the chainsaw market. This brushless motor can generate more torques than the brushed one. With the 4.0 ah battery, this chainsaw can get up to 150 cuts on a single charge. 

Sufficient bar length

Considering the nature of the works for which this chainsaw is made and the power of the engine, the bar length of the chainsaw is the perfect one. It can cut through the 34 inches diameter tree and limber in a proficient way. 

Rapid Charging

This chainsaw has a 4.0 ah battery. The recharging speed of the battery is more than any other battery of the chainsaws. The usual battery needs 100-plus minutes to be recharged. But in a long duration, the battery will be recharged. It will take only 30 minutes to be recharged. For this convenience, the logger need not wait for a long time to recharge the battery. Recharging the battery in a short duration, he can restart his cutting job after a short while. Using this chainsaw, the logger can do more daily work than the other saws. 

More durable

As this chainsaw has a brushless motor, the power and durability of this chainsaw are not like the usual battery-powered chainsaws. The brushless motor can generate more torque for a sufficient power supply. With this powerful engine, the logger can use this chainsaw for a long-time. Apart from this, it also helps to increase the durability of the saw. 

Effortless starting process

The starting process of this chainsaw is effortless. There is no hassle of tuning the choke, pulling the rope, and pushing the primer bulb. 

Easy and comfortable maintenance

The maintenance system of this chainsaw is easy and comfortable. The vibration of this chainsaw is at a reduced level. The comfortable handles of this saw help to have super control over the saw. 

Easy chain tensioning

You will find this chainsaw has an easy chain tensioning system. With less effort, the logger can easily tighten the chain. 

Automatic lubrication

For better chain management in running a chainsaw, the chain of the saw should always be lubricated for smooth and efficient cutting. For a speedy and effortless cut and to keep the chain sharpened, it has an automatic chain oiling system. It keeps the chain sharper and more durable. For this convenience, the chains do not easily get broken. The logger uses it for a long time. As the logger need not change the chain frequently, the maintenance cost of these chainsaws is low-level. 

Oil tank window

Many of the chainsaws do not have an oil tank window. For this reason, the logger does not know the level of the oil in the tank. Sometimes, they forget about it. In that situation, the chain runs in a risky way, going blunt. But this chainsaw will relieve the logger from such a hassle as it has an oil tank window. The window will show the level of the oil to the logger. The logger will be aware of refilling the oil in the tank. For this convenience, the logger does not check the tank opening the cap infrequently. In this case, the logger is free from the manual effort of oil tank management.

Inertia Chain Brake

This chainsaw has several safety features to ensure the logger’s safety. One of those safety measures, the notable one, is the inertia chain brake system. This system helps to stop the chain in an automatic process when the kickback problem arises, and an emergency happens. In such a way, it keeps the logger protected from unexpected injury.


Though this chainsaw provides massive power, the weight of this one is light. That is a different thing than the gas-powered chainsaw. In using a high-power gas-powered chainsaw, you will have to tolerate the weight of it. But this chainsaw comes with massive power and is lightweight. The weight of this chainsaw is 14.8 lbs. That is less than its work’s nature. For the huge cutting job, it will suit the best for its lightweight nature. The logger can easily move with it anywhere for his outdoor cutting work. 

Steel Bucking spikes

In a cutting job, stability is one of the needed things for an accurate and smooth cut. The stability helps to the accurate cut. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturer of this saw has inserted bucking spikes in the saw. These bucking spikes are different from the other spikes. Usually, the busking spikes that are used in the saw are made of metal, but the spikes of this chainsaw are of steel.  

Less noise

This chainsaw is made with a less-noise system. In using a gas-powered chainsaw, you will experience noise pollution. If this noise pollution is bothering you, this chainsaw is for you. The noise of this saw is at a reduced level. Greenworks 18 electric chainsaw vibrates at a low level. For this convenience, you will get more benefits. The neighbor of the logger will hardly be noticed using it instead of getting bothered. On the other hand, the huge noise creates an obstacle in long-time cutting work. It increases the fatigue of the logger. But the pleasant level of the noise will help with the comfortable cutting job. 


This electronic chainsaw is cordless. For this convenience, the loggers do not have to stay within the limited areas as to the length of the cord. He is free from the cord management to the outlet. He also should be aware of the use of electronic sockets to avoid accidents. 


You are using an electric corded chainsaw; the bar is in the middle of the wood. At this time, the electricity goes on load-shedding. Then what will be the situation? It will bother you. In using an Electronic cord chainsaw, three is a possibility of stopping the saw for load-shedding or electric accidents. But in using this chainsaw, the load-shedding will not hamper your cutting jobs. You can continue cutting Jobs.  


  • Massive power and Brushless motor
  • Sufficient bar length and Electronic chain brake
  • Oil tank window and Perfect continuous work
  • Cordless and Less-noise
  • Bucking spikes and Lightweight
  • Automatic oiling and Easy maintenance
  • Rapid battery charging


  • Leakage may occur
  • Not perfect for the beginners

Greenworks 14.5 Amp 18-Inch Corded 20332 Unit

Our listed 3rd product in our Greenworks chainsaw review article is Greenworks 18-inch chainsaw. The Greenworks 14.5 Amp 18-Inches chainsaw can be the best companion for your unlimited cutting work. This chainsaw is not like the other chainsaws. It is an electric corded chainsaw. That works in connection with electric power. The specialty of these chainsaws is it is the perfect one for the continuance work of the logger. 

Unlimited cutting

In a heavy-cutting job, an unlimited power supply is necessary. The fuel will be finished in the case of the gas-powered chainsaws. The charges will be finished in the case of the battery-powered chainsaws. But the power will not finish in the case of the corded electric chainsaws. The power of the gas-powered chainsaw is limited to the fuel tank’s capacity. On the other hand, the power of the battery-powered chainsaw is limited to the capacity of the volume of the battery. They cannot hold more power than their capacity. Frequent stopping of the saw hampers the speed and concentration of the work. But this chainsaw will make you energetic till your work lasts. There’s no hassle of recharging or refueling. Its 14.5amp motor is efficient for the continuous power supply to work.  

Unchanged power rate 

The speed of the saw decreases at the degrading level of the fuel in the tank in the case of the gas-powered chainsaw. In the case of a battery-powered chainsaw, the speed will decrease at the low level of the battery power. But the speed rate of the corded electric chainsaw will remain unchanged due to the continuous flow of electricity. So with the unchanged cutting speed, you will finish your cutting job in comparison to the other chainsaw. 

Sufficient bar

Now in this Greenworks 18 chainsaw review section, we will talk about its bar length. This chainsaw has an 18 inches bar that is sufficient to meet the demand of the job for which this saw is made. The 18 inches bar can cut through the trees and the limbs that come within the 34 inches diameter.

Easy starting 

This chainsaw is run by electricity, not by fuel. So there is no hassle of tuning the choke, adjustment of the carburetor and pulling the rope. Just pressing the button, you can easily start the one. As this saw can easily be started, the logger can take the rest as to his wish. Easy starting of the saw helps to reduce fatigue. 

Effortless maintenance

The maintenance of this saw is effortless. Besides the easy starting system, this chainsaw is privileged with the free air filter system. You do not have to think about cleaning the air filter. Using this chainsaw, you are relieved from such hassle. The wrap around the handle will help the logger in cutting the trees in a different position. 


Using this chainsaw, you need not add any fuel. There is no exhausting of carbon. There is no harm to the environment. For this reason, the popularity of this saw is at an increasing level. This chainsaw is to be called eco-friendly. 

Tool-less chain tensioning system

The conscious loggers, after being assured of a saw’s power, concentrate on its maintenance of its. You will be delighted that this chainsaw has a tool-less chain tensioning system. In most of saws, the chain tensioning procedure is effortful. They need the help of the toolbox. They have to keep the box nearer to them in case of necessity. But this chainsaw will offer you a tool-free chain tensioning system. There is no need for a wrench or toolbox. No need to open the cover of the bar; rotate the chain tensioning knob, you can tighten the chain at a reduced effort. This rapid and easy chain tensioning system helps to smooth and speedy work. 


Running a saw without oiling will lead you to unexpected consequences. The dry chain may get blunt. Only a constant lubrication process can help to keep the chain safe. This chainsaw has an adjustable automatic oiling system. 

Transparent Oil Window

This chainsaw is privileged with a transparent oil window. That shows the level of the oil in the tank. For this amenity, the logger need not check the oil level manually with the opening cap. Just by giving a glance to the window, he can notice the level of the oil in the tank. This system saves the time of the logger and reduces his duty during the cutting time. 

Hand Guard protection

This chainsaw has a handguard protection system. Its Handguard protects the logger from kickback and accidents. It keeps the logger safe from accidental injury. In blocking the debris, the Handguard plays a vital role. 


Like the gas-powered chainsaw, this chainsaw does not generate a huge sound. The sound level of this chainsaw is at a pleasant level. As this chainsaw is used in the yard or nearer to the home, the noise level is also conformed to the surroundings. The surrounding people will not feel bothered by the reason for the huge sound. On the other hand, the reduced vibration ensures the logger keeps control over it. The logger feels confident in using this chainsaw. 

For the betterment of the control system, the handles of this saw are made over-molded. The logger can easily grip the handle in a comfortable position. 

Bumper spikes 

This chainsaw has bucking or bumper spikes. Those spikes work for the stability of the saw. These spikes are made of metal. They stand in front of the powered head of the saw. 

Safety lock

For additional safety measures, this chainsaw comprises the safety lock. This lock acts as a protector in case of the accidental startup of the saw. 

Easy access to the bar cover

In the usual chainsaw, you have to open the cover of the bar with the help of the wrench. Loosening the nuts of the bar, you can open the cover of the bar. But this chainsaw has a toolless bar cover opening system. Just rotating the knob of the cover of the bar, he opens it. In cleaning the cover of the bar, this system helps a lot. 

Things we like

  • Perfect for the continuous job
  • Unchanged cutting speed
  • Translucent Oil window
  • Reduced-Vibration system
  • Hand-guard Protection
  • Constant Lubrication
  • Tool-free chain Adjustment
  • Easy maintenance and easy starting
  • Sufficient Br length
  • Bumper spikes and the safety lock

Greenworks 40V 12inch 2000219 Cutting Saw

Greenworks manufactured this chainsaw for lawnmowers and trimmers. Let’s have a look.

Cutting capacity

This is a perfect chainsaw for lawn mowing, pruning, and trimming works with its high-efficient 40v engine’s powers. The bar size is well-enough in comparison to its work type. It has a 2.0Ah battery with sufficient capacity to hold the power needed for trimming jobs. With less effort, the logger can continue his cutting job.

Low kickback

For safety, this chainsaw is made with a low-kickback system. The depth of the blade’s teeth is not as much as the others. So, the possibility of kickback occurring is small. 

Automatic oiler

For the durability and efficiency of the chain, the saw has an automatic oiling system. It increases the performance and speed of the saw.

Translucent Oil Window

There is no management of the fuel tank. But it has oil tank management. For easing tank management, the tank is made with a translucent look. The loggers can easily check the level of the oil tank. 

Easy maintenance

In cutting works, for convenience, the logger has to take different positions. To help the logger, work with different angles, it has a wrap around the handle. You can conveniently do your trimming and pruning work with the different positions. Besides, the installment of the battery to the saw and removing it is very easy. The saw’s handles are over-molded as the logger can feel his comfort in gripping the handle and controlling it to the fullest.

Starting with the push button

No more pulling the rope many times, no more adjusting the choke, and no more pushing the carburetor. To start the saw, just push the button of the starting. This chainsaw is compromised with an effortless and easy starting system. It reduces the fatigue of the logger and saves time, which helps him to be energetic till the last of his work. The quick starting system helps to a speedy and smooth cutting job. 

Long-time work

You can carry your trimming and pruning works at your yard or your firm for a long time. G-MAX 40V Li-ion system makes it able to run in a long time cutting work.


For the light works, the weight of the saw should also be conforming. For this purpose, the saw comes Lightweight. The weight of this saw is only 6 lbs. That is lighter than any other saw. For its Lightweight, the logger feels convenient in its pruning and trimming jobs.

Less vibration and noise

The vibration level and the noise of this saw are of the reduced system. The vibration and noise can be minimized by up to 10x. 

Tool-free chain tensioning system

To clean the bar, the logger needs to open the cover of the bar with the help of a toolbox. But you will be delighted that he does not have any toolbox in tensioning the chain and opening the bar of this saw. Just rotating the knob of the cover of the bar and the chain, he can do his cleaning and tensioning jobs. 

Eco friendly

Using this chainsaw, you will find no consumption of fuel, and no exhaustion of carbon. It releases nothing that harms the environment. Rather it is an alternative cutting tool to the harmful gas-power chainsaws. 


  • High-efficient motor
  • Sufficient bat length
  • Tool-less chain tensioning 
  • Reduced vibration
  • Lightweight
  • Easy starting, comfortable maintenance
  • Low-kickback
  • Automatic oilier
  • Translucent Oil level viewer
  • Reasonable price 


  • Cutting the hardwood may cause inconvenience.

GreenWorks 40V 12-Inch 20292 Cordless Chainsaw

For cutting the branches of tree limbs, one of the best Greenworks products is Greenworks 20292. The feature of this chainsaw is given below

Efficient cut with G-MAX battery

This chainsaw has a G-MAX Li-ion battery system with more power capacity. Its brushless motor is capable of producing a lot of power. Its 12 inches bar and chain are perfect for cutting branches and limbs. 

Tool-less chain tensioning

This GreenWorks product is here to relieve you from the hassle of the manual chain tensioning system that you notice in usual chainsaws. In tensioning the chain of this saw, there is no need to take the assistance of the toolbox. Just encircling the knob of the cover of the bar and chain, he can do his job without giving manual effort. It will make you privileged not to carry an additional toolbox. Carrying an additional toolbox is an uneasy matter when you have to go far for the outside cutting jobs. On the other hand, this amenity saves the user’s time and reduces his fatigue. 

Automatic Lubrication process

This chainsaw has an automatic lubrication process to keep the chain more durable. With this process, the oil seeps into the chain in an automatic way. It keeps the chain continuously lubricated.  This system increases the durability of the chain and its lifetime.

Transparent Oil tank

Using this chainsaw will appease your concern about its oil level. There is no need to be concerned about the level of the oil during the cutting. Its transparent window will show you the level of the oil. Just give a look at the window and be notified of the level. It makes oil management much more convenient. You will hardly find this amenity in other chainsaws.

Easy Maintenance

In an easy and ergonomic way, a user can maintain this saw. The rear handle of this saw is over-molded to support you, gripping it firmly. 

Attractive color combination

The color combination of this chainsaw is attractive. The chainsaw comes in green color. The cap of the oil tank is white. The knob of the bar and the chain is also white colored. It looks pretty in such a combination of green and white colors.


This chainsaw is made with a low-kickback system. The teeth of the blade are not so deep. There is the least possibility of a kickback problem happening.


This chainsaw is lightweight. The weight of this saw is only 7.2 lbs. For this convenience, the logger is privileged to move anywhere, bearing to the outdoor cutting works that are far from home.

Recharging in a short time

If you are intended for a day-long cutting, it is not a wrong decision as it takes little time to recharge. It takes only 60 minutes to recharge. After the swift recharging, the logger can restart his work. With this convenience, he can do more work than a saw which takes 120 minutes to be recharged. 

Safety to use

Never worry about its safety feature. This model comes with many safety features that you should know. Apart from the reduced kickback system, its front Handguard will protect your left hand from hitting the chain if your hand is lost from control over the chain. The rear Handguard will give protection from dust and debris. Its trigger lock will prevent you from the consequence of accidental startup. The bumper spikes will help you to stability in gripping the wood during the cutting. 


Using this chainsaw, there is no hassle of choke management, carburetor management, and air filtering management. No fuel consumption, no carbon exhaustion. It emits no harmful things to the environment. This chainsaw is considered eco-friendly. 

Short 40V Greenworks cordless chainsaw review: 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy starting and easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Satisfactory cutting performance
  • G-MAX Li-ion Battery
  • Reasonable Price
  • Portable
  • Tool-less chain tensioning


  • No chain brake
  • The battery and charger are separate 

What are the differences between the models 20262 and 20292?

The difference between them is that the first comes with a battery and charger, and the latter does not. Another difference is that the first one does not have a G-MAX battery, and the latter one has a G-MAX battery, which is an exceptional one. It is able to control more devices at the same time in yard management. 

GreenWorks 24V 12 inch CS24L410 Brushless chainsaw

One of the small but powerful chainsaws of the Greenworks is CS24L410 12 inches chainsaw. The features of this one are given below

Cutting Performance

The cutting performance of this chainsaw is praiseworthy. It has a powerful 24V brushless motor with a 4.0AH battery that can hold lots of power for a long time cutting job. This Lithium-Ion battery provides 25% more power and 35% more run time. This powerful battery delivers fade-free power with no loss of memory after being charged. Its brushless motor is highly efficient than any brushed motor. It can generate more torques. The woods and logs will be chopped down beneath this saw. Its cutting performance is well-satisfactory to the occasional and homeowners. They will be pleased with the 12 inches bar. 

Oil management 

The oil management of this chainsaw is effortless. There is no manual system. The duty of the oiling to the chain is an automatic process. The oiler will continuously seep into the chain during the cutting time. 

Translucent Oil tank Window

An Opaque oil tank will not be able to show its oil level. In usual chainsaws, the oil level is not seen on the outside. They have to open the cap of the tank and check the level. But in using this chainsaw, you will not face such an extra job. The translucent window will show you the level of the oil. If the level of the oil reaches the bottom, you will fill it up with oil.

Electric Start in Quick

This chainsaw will attract you for its easy and quick starting system. If you have the experience of using gas-powered chainsaws, you will definitely remember the hassle of tuning the choke, adjusting the carburetor, pumping the purge bulb, and pulling the rope. Those are lots of extra jobs that you have to do. But by using this chainsaw, you will be free of such hassle. Just by giving a push to the starting button, you can start this chainsaw within some moments. Its electric quick starting system saves the time of the logger and reduces the fatigue of the logger. 


The voice for environmental protection is on the rise. The world is moving towards the usage of eco-friendly tools. In using the gas-powered chainsaws, you will have to use the fuel, and it will exhaust the carbon. It is harmful to the environment. But in using this chainsaw, there is no fuel consumption and exhaustion of the carbon. This chainsaw does not emit any harmful things. So using this chainsaw is favorable to the environment. 

More power, less noise

This chainsaw, with its brushless 2x motor, delivers more power but generates less noise and vibration. In a quiet mode, it will do its job. Your neighbor will hardly notice you using this one. It is free of bother. It can continue the work for a long time. 


The weight of these chainsaws is light. The weight of this saw is 10.48 pounds. For its Lightweight, it can be used anywhere for outdoor cutting works wherever it is near or far. Besides, for its Lightweight, the light works like pruning and trimming are easy and can be finished with comfort. 

Tool-free chain tensioning

In most gas-powered chainsaws, you will find a tool-free air filter system. But the tool-free chain system is absent there. Though the toolbox is not needed in the case of the air filter system, it is needed for the management of the chain. If you feel bothered carrying a toolbox and want to say goodbye, this chainsaw is for you. It has a tool-free chain tensioning system. Without the help of a toolbox, you will tighten the chain. Just circling the knob of the saw, you can tension the chain.


The chain of this saw is made of a kickback system. The teeth of the blade are not so deep. There is the least possibility of the kickback. 

Charging facility

The battery of this saw has a USB cable system. For this convenience, from the battery, any portable devices, like a tablet, I-phone, Power bank, can be charged. 


  • Powerful motor
  • Easy starting 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Charging facility
  • Low-kickback
  • Tool-free chain tension 
  • Automatic Oiling system
  • Translucent oil tank window
  • Reduced vibration’
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not for heavy cutting
  • It does not come with a carry case. 

Final Verdicts

Above the discussion, we can say that for the small and mid-ranged cutting jobs, the products of the Greenworks are perfect for their interesting features. The efficient motor, impressive cutting, ergonomic design will allure any logger to buy their product. They manufacture some models that are perfect for the professional and some for the homeowners. 

However, for the professional, the best chainsaw of the Green works is Greenworks 80V 18 inch GCS80420 chainsaw. The best mode chainsaw of this brand is Greenworks 14.5 AMP 18 inch 20332 chainsaws. We hope this Greenworks chainsaw review article will help you in picking the best one for you. 

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