Eureka Powerspeed Review 2023 [Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner]

Eureka is one of the leading vacuum cleaner brands in the country. Since its establishment in 1909, the company has continued to come up with innovative and user-friendly products that consumers have fallen in love with. The Eureka Powerspeed Upright NUE182A vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaning machines on the market. Read this Eureka Powerspeed Review to know what is about this Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

This unit features a powerful motor and outstanding suction power. Furthermore, it comes with all the necessary tools required to tackle different cleaning jobs around the house. Apart from that, it is simple to use and doesn’t need to be assembled. Featuring all the attachments required to clean hard floors, upholstery, pet air, car, carpet, and even ceiling, this is a very versatile unit.

Technical Specifications of the


Eureka PowerSpeed

Extended Hose Reach: 7 ft.
Cord Length:
18 ft.
Dust Cup Capacity:
4.1 L
Cleaning Path:
Nozzle: 12. 6” wide
Crevice Tool: 7-inch-long
Height Adjustment:  5
Multiple accessories included:
Weight: 10 pounds
Dimensions: 13.4 x 14 x 44.5 inches

On top of that, it has a large dust cup that helps in collecting a lot of dirt and reducing the user’s trips to the dust bin. If you have been looking for a robust and reliable vacuum cleaner that will keep your home free of dirt, pet hair, and debris, then you will love the Eureka Powerspeed Upright vacuum.

Eureka Powerspeed Review 2023


Powerful suction

The first thing that many people consider when searching for a reliable and dependable vacuum is suction power. The Eureka Powerspeed vacuum delivers excellent suction power, which ensures that dirt, debris, and pet hair are cleaned with a lot of ease and efficiency.

Five height adjustment settings

When it comes to versatility, the Eureka Powerspeed upright vacuum is up there with the most versatile vacuums on the market. This is thanks to its five height adjustment settings that allow the unit to adapt to different surfaces without losing suction power. So, as you transition from the floor to the carpet, the device will stick suck up dirt with exceptional efficiency.

Lightweight design

One of the challenges of using a vacuum cleaner to clean the whole house is tiring you down. Most upright vacuum cleaners such as Hoover WindTunnel or Dyson Ball are quite heavy. As a result, they may break you down as you push them around from one room to another. That’s not the case with the Eureka Powerspeed vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Extra-large dust cup

If you intend to clean the entire house using one vacuum cleaner, then dust cup capacity matters a lot. This unit offers users a 4.1-liter dust cup capacity. This is large enough to hold a lot of dirt and save you time that could be spent emptying the unit after a short while. So, no more frequent trips to the dust bin, even when cleaning a larger area.

Multiple accessories

One thing that makes this lightweight but powerful vacuum cleaner stand out is the different attachments that it comes with. The unit is equipped with a crevice tool, dusting brush, extended hose, quick release handle, and upholstery tool. These accessories are ideal for performing different cleaning tasks. Additionally, you don’t need a bag to keep them as they can be attached to the unit. Know which attachment to use where.

Large cleaning path

The machine comes with a 12.6-inch wide nozzle that not only cleans with quickness but as well as covers a broad path. So, more dirt will be scrubbed and collected.

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Extended reach

Whether it is under the furniture, curtains, or even ceiling, all places in your home will be thoroughly cleaned for a sparkling home. However, many users have said that the extension hose could be slightly longer to reach high places.

Quick-release handle

The quick-release handle makes it possible to clean above the floor. Simply detach it from the main unit, then use it to clean above the floor areas. These include the ceiling and wall.

Washable filter

Maintaining this vacuum is easy and fun. This is because most of the parts can be easily found online, and the filter is washable. After emptying the dirt cup after cleaning, you should wash it and the filter to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Large soft tires

The manufacturer of this vacuum cleaner understands that your surface, carpets, and rugs are dear to you. That’s why they created soft tires that glide smoothly on your floor without leaving any marks behind during cleaning. So, your floor won’t have any scratches or gouges.


Like Bissell Cleanview upright bagless vacuum cleaner, buyers of this upright vacuum cleaner from Eureka get a 2-year warranty. This is a surety that they are investing in a quality brand, and should they receive a damaged or defective unit, they can send it back for replacement or repair within this period.

What we liked most about the Eureka Powerspeed Upright NUE182A

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to maneuver with the large soft tires
  • Outstanding suction power
  • Simple to empty the dust cup
  • It transitions easily from the floor to the carpet
  • No need to carry attachments around as they all hook to the unit
  • Cleans multiple floor types
  • Affordable unit
  • 2-year warranty

What we didn’t like about the Eureka PowerSpeed  Vacuum Cleaner

  • It is loud during use
  • The extension hose is quite shorter than the Oreck XL2100RHS commercial upright vacuum cleaner
  • It lacks a swivel head which makes maneuvering around the furniture to be a problem.
  • It doesn’t feature headlights which are vital when cleaning poorly lit areas.


The Eureka Powerspeed upright NUE182A vacuum cleaner is a robust and reliable machine that will easily clean different floor types and large rooms. The unit delivers excellent suction power that can clean and suck dirt from your carpet, rugs, and different floors. Additionally, the vacuum features a large dust cup that reduces the number of times you have to frequent the dust bin.

The vacuum is also lightweight and easy to handle. With a foot pedal switch, using this cleaner shouldn’t be a problem at all. Since it comes with all the attachments that you need for cleaning different surfaces, you won’t have issues cleaning the ceiling, stair, car, carpet, or even hard floor.

Unlike Shark Navigator NV360, this vacuum doesn’t come with a swivel head. This makes maneuvering around the furniture to be somehow challenging. Also, it’s quite loud, and this may distract some people during cleaning. Generally, this is a reliable and powerful machine best suited for cleaning the entire home. I hope that this Eureka Powerspeed Review article has given you a clear idea about this Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


Question: Do I need to assemble the Eureka Powerspeed upright vacuum cleaner?
Answer: No, you don’t. This is because the Eureka Powerspeed NUE182A Upright vacuum cleaner comes already assembled. Also, you don’t require additional tools as the unit features the main vacuum, and extra accessories are attached to it. Click the handle into position and plug the unit into a socket to start cleaning your home. The vacuum cleaner is easy to use as it doesn’t feature any complicated parts or control. The on and off power switch is a foot pedal. And if you want to access floor settings, you can use the rotary switch.

Question: Does this vacuum cleaner pick up pet hair and crumbs on hard floors, or does it scatter them around?
Answer: The Eureka Powerspeed NUE182A vacuum cleaner has great suction power that should pick up all the dirt and debris on the floor without any problem. However, this unit doesn’t do an exceptional job when it comes to sucking up pet hair on hard floors. Yes, it picks up pet hair but is not as effective as you would want it to. Overall, it does an excellent job of picking up all sorts of dirt from the floor.

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