Gas-Powered Echo 2511t Review [Ideal For Light Works]

Echo CS 2511T is considered to be the lightest chainsaw in the market of North America. This chainsaw is run by gasoline. Its bar length is only 12-inches or 14-inches, and its weight is only 5.2 pounds. So maneuvering the chainsaw is quite easy as the size is 20% smaller compared to other similar chainsaw models. If you are looking for a lighter chainsaw with satisfactory performance, then continue reading this Echo 2511t review article because the chainsaw is helpful for both professionals and homeowners.

The chainsaw is made with a 25cc, two-stroke engine. The power of this engine is very respectable. It works like the engines of more giant saws. A .050 chain is used to build the model 2511T.

A dual post chain brake helps to prevent injuries. The handle of this machine is made of plastic covered with rubber. So, the chainsaw is very comfortable to hold for a long time. The internal and external parts of the chainsaw are good. The body is protected by color from rust. Echo CS 2511T is one of the newest editions from the brand. The exceptional features make it comfortable to operate. This chainsaw is a very user-friendly chainsaw.

Lightweight Top-Handle Echo CS 2511T Review in 2023

The Gas Powered Engine

The Echo 2511T has a 25cc, two-stroke engine that is capable of providing perfect power. It helps the chain to rotate correctly. The engine generates high pressure that makes the chain more efficient to work. Though the 25cc is lower than other chainsaws, the engine still provides enough power. We should keep in mind that the lower CC engine can run with less fuel. Therefore, it can save money. Moreover, it’s Eco-friendly.

Vibration Reduction System

A common factor for all gas chainsaws is that the engines make a vibration. An anti-vibration system is another feature that makes Echo better. They make the handles with anti-vibration technology. These handles are made with plastic, and they are gripped with rubber. While working, you will not feel any vibration. 

Chain and Bar Guide

Echo CS 2511T has a 12-inch strong and durable bar guide. The bar guide chain track ensures the proper running of the chain. The chain seems to be very strong. It’s dangerously sharp like the other saws of the Echo brand. Since the chain is very long-lasting, a person can use it for many long projects. It can cut the hardwood and firewood smoothly. After extended use, you can replace the chain. The price of the chain is very much affordable too.


Weight has always been an issue. The heavyweight chainsaws are very difficult to handle. Especially when you want to cut the large tree branches, it becomes harder to hold heavyweight chainsaws. Echo CS 2511 T is one of the lightest chainsaws. It’s only 5.2 pounds in weight, less than the Echo cs 271t chainsaw. So, you can get more comfort while using this chainsaw to cut the materials.


The bar length of this chainsaw is generally 12-inches. But 14-inches can also be attached to it. The optional bar lengths give more flexibility to use it differently for various jobs.

Chain Tensioner & Air Cleaner

A side-access chain tensioner is used for quick adjustments of the chain. It increases the productivity of a worker. Also, the air filter lies in the machine keeps the engine clean. Thus, the device can work fast and quickly.

Clutch Driven Adjustable Oiler

When the chain starts moving to match any cutting conditions, the oiler begins running. Thus, the oiler reduces the waste of excess bar oil and saves the operator time and money on bar oils.

Metal Lanyard Ring

This ring eases attaching and detaching to a lanyard while working. It prevents unfortunate drops of equipment. That means it decreases costly repairs.

Grid Starter Cover

The cover protects the chainsaw from debris. While cutting, debris ingestion can cause lots of trouble for the machine. The cover body gives long life to the chainsaw.

Dual Post Chain Brake

The chainsaw has a dual post chain brake. It improves the durability of the machine. The brake works well to prevent kickback issues and other injuries. Now I have listed some key points in this Echo CS 2511t review article so that you can easily make your choice.


  • The saw uses less fuel.
  • Capacity for long-time work.
  • Light in weight.
  • Powerful
  • Easy to hold for a long time. 
  • They specialized in cutting tree branches. Perfect for cutting hardwood and firewood too.
  • Easy to plug and replace the filter.


  • The chain brake’s height is lower than other chainsaws.
  • The engine oil tank and fuel tank both have plastic caps. There is a possibility of oil licking if the lid gets broken anyway. Also, the engine is not as powerful as Echo CS 680 or Echo CS 490 chainsaws.

Price range

The chainsaw is available in many shops and online marketing sites. The price range varies between $400 to $600.

Our Recommendations

The CS 2511T model is one of the most miniature chainsaws. This chainsaw is designed pretty well. The impressive work performances are proven by the years now. It is easy to control because of its lightweight. The cutting speed is also very high. 

The 25cc engine always produces a good amount of power to handle the job. The fuel-powered chainsaws are always better performers than electric or battery chainsaws. The previous users of this chainsaw have given it positive reviews. So, if you want to buy a chainsaw for light works, you can buy Echo CS 2511T.


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