Echo CS 680 Review 2024-Powerful 66.8cc Chainsaw For Professionals

Is it possible to fell a large-sized wood in just 20 seconds?. Yes, it is possible if you have a cutting monster like Echo cs 680 chainsaws. If you are an occasional user, then today is not for you because, in this Echo CS 680 review article, we are talking about the cutting monster that suits for professional use only. The Echo CS680 chainsaw is a gas-powered chainsaw used in professional cutting work like felling down a gigantic tree.

This chainsaw has a 66.8 cc 2-stroke high powerful engine and 24 inches bar that makes this saw capable of felling giant trees in a moment. It has a tool-free air filter cleaning system, an inertia chain brake, a reduced vibration system, an adjustable automatic oiling system, and an easy chain tensioning system. In addition, it also has metal bumper spikes for additional safety and an aluminum handle for easy maintenance.

24 Inch Gas-Powered Echo CS 680 Chainsaw Reviews

We highly recommend the experienced logger, lumberjacks, and sawyers to buy it. 

Impressive cutting

The engine of Echo 24 inch chainsaws is made with modern Japanese technology. With this chainsaw, you can fell any size of the largest tree. You can chop any large-sized log like cutting a cake. It will give you an excellent and accurate cut.

The logger can choose the bar size among 20, 24, 27 inches according to his comfort. But usually, the 24 sizes of the upgraded bar and aggressive chain are mostly used with this chainsaw. To change the bar, just lose the nut of the side cover with a wrench. Then set aside the cover and exchange the bar as to the length of your wish. The fuel tank’s capacity is 22.5 fluid ounces, which is enough for supplying power for your cutting jobs in a long time. 

You will definitely fall in love with it while using this chainsaw. You will find it problem-free. It will move in fast as to your wish and give you a better cut. You have to keep the blade of the chain sharp. If the blade is blunt, sharpen it with the sharpening lever. The regular checking of it will keep it constantly sharper. 

Exceptional air filter cleaning system

The engine of a gas-powered chainsaw will remain well if you take care of it well. It longs for the durability of the engine if the maintenance system of a saw is user-friendly. In maintaining the Echo 66.8 cc chainsaw, you can easily and quickly get access to the air filter cleaning. Usually, the logger needs the help of a toolbox for cleaning the air filter. But in cleaning the air filter of this chainsaw, the lumberjack does not need any help from the toolbox. Just rotating the knob of the filter cover, he can detach it. After compressing the air, clean the filter of the air. First, however, check the air filter regularly. If it is dirty, clean it with soap. And if it is damaged, replace it immediately. 

However, this easy and quick air filter cleaning system expands the lifetime of the chainsaw. It also helps the logger to continue the service for long-time work. That reduces the hardship and time of the logger.

Inertia Chain Brake

A good chainsaw must have a strong chain brake system. Echo cs 680 chainsaw has an inertia chain brake system. A professional lumberjack never makes a mistake in the case of activating the brake. He will check the brake to see whether it is activated or not. Before starting the saw, just pull the brake trigger to your handguard and activate the chain brake. 

This chain brake will protect you from chain contact at the time of kickback. In addition, it will stop the chain automatically at the time of kickback and emergency.

Echo CS 680 Has a Reduced Vibration system.

If a chainsaw vibrates more, it creates annoyance to the neighbor. Even the severe sound is harmful to the ears. Therefore, the sounds of chainsaws should be pleasant. On the other hand, the severe vibrating of a saw deter the logger from keeping actual control over the saw. In an over-trembling condition, a logger cannot grip the handle of the saw firmly. Though the handle is nicely grip-able, vibration becomes a deterrent. As a result, the operator feels a lack of comfort while operating. For this reason, smooth operation hampers. So an accurate cut is not possible. 

Echo 24 in. chainsaws produce low vibration. It has a standard vibration-reduced system. Using this chainsaw, the logger feels no inconvenience, and the neighbor does not get disturbed by its sound. 

No manual effort in oiling

If you have to stop the saw to oil the chain in the middle of falling down a giant tree, how would the situation be? Will you not lose your temper? It will be a very troubling one. But using Echo 66.8 cc chainsaw, you will not have to face such a hassle. This chainsaw has an adjustable automatic oiling system. Cutting a giant tree with a dry chain will lead you to a miserable condition. However, you have to check the oil box regularly and keep it filled up with the oil. Be cautious; do not use busty, contaminated, dirty, used oil. It will harm your engine, reducing its durability in the long run, and also badly affect your cutting work.

Effortless chain tensioning With Echo CS 680

Chain tensioning system is one of the headaches of the user. A good chainsaw will consist of an easy chain tensioning system. An effortful chain tensioning system increases the fatigue and makes the user half-tired. It dissuades from the speedy and accurate cut job of a professional logger. But echo cs 680 gas-powered chainsaw has a side-mounted easy chain tensioning system.  In tensioning the chain, you have to loosen the nut of the bar and tighten the chain with a wrench. So you can quickly adjust the chain. 

Bumper spikes of Echo CS 680 Chainsaw

Felling a large tree, you need a spiked bumper chainsaw. Bumper spikes are supportive components for a lumberjack in falling down the trees. It also helps a logger to keep actual control over the saw. A chainsaw is to be said well if its safety measures are good. As an additional measure, Echo 24 in. chainsaw has bumper spikes. This component stands in front of the guide bar mounting point. This acts as a protector in contact with a tree or log. It helps the cutter for an accurate cut. However, the bumper spikes are replaceable.

Easy maintenance

Good maintenance helps to extend the durability of the chainsaw. A chainsaw will be much more acceptable to the user as it is easily maintainable. Echo cs 680 chainsaw has an aluminum handle with a rubber grip. It helps you grip it firmly and run the saw in comfort. For this convenience, the logger can maintain his actual control. The actual control over the saw is necessary for safety. It also helps the logger tackle the emerging situation. Never try to adjust the carburetor. The only authorized shop can do it. Your try may bring adverse consequences.

Its front handguard stands between the front handle and the chain. It protects your hand from injury. This chainsaw also helps to control the saw if the hand slips off the handle. This guard also acts to lock the chain brake and stop the chain rotation. Its rear hand guard protects your hands from chain breaks. Its rear handle is also for the support of the control of the logger. However, for well-maintenance, you should be very caring about using this chainsaw. 

TIP guard

In usual chainsaws, the rotational kickback happens due to the contact of the bar’s tip with any object. When this rotational kickback happens, it reduces the logger’s control over the saw. 

Another notable feature of the Echo 24 chainsaw is it has a tip guard. That stands at the top nose of the bar. It acts as a protector. It prevents the contact of the nose of the bar with any object. In such a way, it acts for the safety of the logger.


All of the safety issues of a chainsaw have been ensured in this Echo 66.8 cc chainsaw. This chainsaw consists of an inertia chain brake system, low vibration, Bumper spikes, adjustable automatic oiling, tip guard. 

However, you should be equipped with hearing protection, a safety helmet with a face shield, boots for leg protection, glasses, and gloves as your safety measures. To avoid the dangerous kickback, be sure of that, no contact of the bar’s tip with an object or log. We try to bring all the technical details above in this Echo CS 680 chainsaw review section. Now let’s check the pros and cons.

Features We Like

  • Perfect for felling large trees
  • Cutting speed is satisfactory
  • Exceptional air filter cleaning system
  • It has low-kickback
  • Limited noise and vibration
  • It has an inertia chain brake
  • This chainsaw has an adjustable oiling system
  • It has an effortless chain tensioning system
  • It consists of bumper spikes
  • Easy to maintain
  • All safety features are here.


  • This chainsaw is not useful for occasional loggers such as homeowners or farmers.
  • It is a little heavier

Bottom line

You cannot finish your heavy cutting job of large-sized log or wood with the help of the usual tiny-sized chainsaw. Besides, you need a professional one. As a professional logger, this chainsaw will be a great choice. Though this chainsaw is not as lightweight as Echo 2511t Chainsaws, it is maneuverable. If you can maintain it properly, it will last long. Just be careful if it’s caring, especially following the manual properly, and you are suggested to take your safety measures.


What is the ratio of the mixture of the fuel?

The ratio of the mixture of the fuel is 50:1

What are the accessories of this chainsaw?

The accessories of this chainsaw include a wrench, a screwdriver, spiked bumper, instruction manual, safety manual, two-stroke oil, a guide bar, and a chain. If you still have any questions related to this Echo CS 680 review article, you can comment below.

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