Echo CS 590 Chainsaw Reviews [60cc TimberWolf Chainsaw]

While buying a new chainsaw from the market, you have to consider the nature of your job because, with an unprofessional chainsaw, you cannot do your professional work. Instead, you need a robust one that has a high-performance engine and a long bar. If you are a professional logger and you need such a rugged one with high quality, then stay tuned in our Echo cs 590 chainsaw reviews article. We are talking about the 20-inch Timber Wolf gas-powered chainsaw that comes with a massive engine. 

This chainsaw has a unique G-force system, Dual post chain brake, Easy air cleaning filter system, Anti-vibration handle, Adjustable oiling system, bar-tip-guard. This chainsaw is for professional users. But the experienced landowner’s are suggested to buy. However, we can’t recommend beginners to buy it.

This chainsaw emerged in the market in 2013. After the emergence of one year, it gained popularity among the loggers for its excellent quality with the best performance. Consequently, it gained the ‘Dealer’s Choice Award.’  It emerged to the market as a well-dependable, easily-maintainable, and balanced-weight chainsaw with a reasonable price.

Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw Reviews in 2021

The design of this chainsaw is not assembled with worthless features. Instead, the necessary features that make a chainsaw high-performer and easily maintainable are in this one. So let’s check what’s on it.

Cutting Performance

You are to be satisfied with the cutting performance of the Echo 20 in. chainsaw. It has a 59.8 cc powerful engine that is capable of producing enough torque and supplying heavy power. Its 20 inches bar is sufficiently lengthy to cut any large wood or log. The chain of the bar has 3/4 pitch, 0.05 gauge 78 drive links. The design of the bar and chain is worthy of use both for professional and homebound purposes. 

If the bar size of the chainsaw is tiny, then it is not possible to use for professional purposes. Also, if the bar size is bigger, it is not possible to use it in homebound cutting activities. This chainsaw’s bar and chain size are perfect and can cut any type of wood. Any thicker or hardwood will get chopped down under this chainsaw, like cutting the onion with your knife. 

You can fell huge sized tree from standing to down just within seconds with the help of this cutter. Additionally, you are to choose the length of the bar within the 16 or 20 as of your convenience to your work. The maximum bar length of this chainsaw is 20 inches. It can cut through the oak and maple trees above ten diameters without any problem.

The cutting speed of this chainsaw is 13,000rpm. With that speed, it will chop down the wood like cutting butter. Its ideal weight is also helpful for the long-time cutting. 

Using this chainsaw, you can finish any kind of cutting job. But finishing tiny works like pruning, trimming, bucking, and limbing with this chainsaw may create inconvenience to your works. Moreover, compared to these works, the chainsaw is the heavier one. So, you are suggested not to do such tiny jobs with this one.

It can satisfy the professional logger, homeowners, rancher in their heavy cutting job. The maximum capacity of the fuel tanks is 21.8 ounces that are sufficient to deliver long-time speedy cutting work.

For getting a smooth and speedy cut, you have to keep the chain sharpened. You are to manually sharpen the teeth of the blade with a sharpening lever. Running a chainsaw with a blunt chain will give you poor performance. Besides, it will also increase the vibration, cause premature breaking, and increase the logger’s fatigue.

Easy to Start

Starting a chainsaw is one of the phenomena that matter in every cutting work. Most often, after several tries, the logger fails to start without giving much effort. It is an irritating and tiring one.

For the convenience of the work, the logger needs to stop the work after a while. However, restarting the chainsaw is a troubling one if the starting process is a critical one. It makes a logger half-tired before finishing the work. But, on the other hand, if the time and labor of the logger are expended only for starting a chainsaw, then how he could finish the rest of the task. 

In every gas-powered chainsaw, you will notice a primer bulb. That stands in the fuel line between the gas tank and the engine. It works to fill up the carburetor with the fuel and when the engine starts cold. But in the Echo Timber wolf chainsaw, you will not find such a primer bulb, and you need not pump the fuel by pressing as an extra hassle. 

The decompression valve makes the starting system of this chainsaw effortless. The decompression system reduces the cylinder compression and helps with easy starting. Its digital ignition system also helps to start the chainsaw easily. 

This chainsaw has an easy starting system. The starting procedure is not a complex one. Firstly, activate the inertia chain brake of the saw. Then, check the lever of the choke where it is to be. Then just uplift the button of the switch, making it on. Finally, pull the starring trigger until it gets started in less effort. 

You need not think of the cold and hot starting of the chain. That is an extra concern that has to be kept in mind of every logger. But in this chainsaw, just pulling 2-3 times of the trigger, starts the chainsaw in all weather conditions. That is a unique one you will hardly find in any other gas-powered chainsaw.

The easy-starting process is that the decompression system reduces the compression force in the cylinder and releases the pressure from the combustion chamber. Thus, it makes pulling the recoil cord easier. Besides, the Digital ignition provides smooth firing and acceleration. On the other hand, the integrated choke and throttle idle latch has also made the starting system of this chainsaw easy.

Apart from this, the purged pump of this chainsaw delivers a quick extra injection of the fuel to the carburetor. It boosts and helps the easy starting process every time. This feature has made a difference between this chainsaw with others. 

Using this chainsaw, the logger as to his wish can start it and stop it for his convenience of the work. Thus, we can say that this chainsaw is well-equipped with an easy starting system in one line. 

This easy starting system reduces the risk of engine flooding. It is also supportive for the logger to keep him energetic till the end and makes the work speedy and smooth. This system has brought a significant change in the gas-powered chainsaw. In comparison to the electric cord and battery-powered chainsaw, the starting process of this is a tougher one. Still, it is one of the easier starting processes with the new technology than its counterparts gas-powered chainsaws.

However, for an accurate and faultless starting system, you better follow the provided instructions given in the manual. 

Easy Air Filter Cleaning System

Through our Echo CS 590 Chainsaw review, we try to bring all the features the tool offers. One of the exceptional features that make the Echo cs 590 chainsaw different from others is its G-force pre-cleaning system. With this system, you don’t need to change or clean the air filters frequently. Besides, keeping the logger free from extra-job extends the durability of the engine. Before getting access into the air filter, the larger particles of dirt and dust face a deterrent. The pre-cleaner pulls them out of the airbox using the suction by the flywheel, The dirt and debris that fall on the chainsaw during the cutting time harms the chainsaw and reduces the engine’s durability. This pre-cleaner system is also called the Go-force Pre Air cleaner system. This system cleans the dust and debris from the powerhead that a logger needs to clean manually.

Apart from this, in maintaining the air filter of the gas-powered chainsaw, the logger does not need the help of the toolbox. Wherever he goes, the toolbox should always be kept with him. Sometimes there is a problem when the tool is lost or not near. With a screw loosening wrench, he has to loosen the nuts of the cover. But the air filter cleaning system of this chainsaw is exceptional. It has a tool-free cleaning system. 

It has a two-piece mesh air filter with large size. The air filter of this chainsaw can be easily accessible and cleanable. Just rotating the knob of the cover of the air filters detaches it. Then compress with the air to clean the inner part of the filter. 

In cleaning the air filter, first of all, you have to close the choke. Then release the cover of the air filter. If the air filter is damaged, then replace it with a new one. If it is ok but filled with dust, brush off it lightly with caution. You are suggested not to use any hard thing for cleaning up. For removing the dry dust, use compressed air. This system reduces the maintenance cost of a logger as well as reduces his effort. 

Easy Maintenance with Ergonomic Design

The durability of a chainsaw lasts if the maintenance system is user-friendly, easy, and effortless. Maintaining a gas-powered chainsaw is usually effortful and costly. Maintaining those, you need to perform extra-job and expend extra cost. But the operation and maintenance of the Echo 59.8cc chainsaws are very simple and easy to use with less cost. No critical components are in this chainsaw. The absence of unnecessary specifications makes it much more useful and long-lasting. 

All of the components of this chainsaw are metal and plastic.  Its ergonomic design will give you comfort in using it. The handles of this chainsaw are of ergonomic design as it helps reduce the body’s stress. The handles are firmly grip-able. In the running time with the low vibration, the logger can grip the handle firmly and keep his control over the chainsaw. You will feel comfortable with the extra paddy trigger. Besides, the Caps of the oil tank and fuel tank are made of plastic. Likes other chainsaws; it does not have nylon rope that contends when looking for caps. The nylon rope may fray, but the plastic won’t be so. These also never stand up over time. Compared to that, plastic is far more durable. 

Its tool-less air filter cleaning system and easy starting system have given an extra facility to the easy maintenance system. Its full-wrapped front handle will assist you in cutting the wood in different positions.

In many chainsaws, you will find a plastic chain underneath the saw that lessens the vibration. You will notice it if the bar of the saw is taken off. Two plastic plates are for helping the oil reach the chain. Positioning near to the sharpened chain, the original shape of the plates gets decayed in sequence. But in this chainsaw, the plates are made of metal. So there is no scope of being decayed of origin shape.  

Besides, the activating process of the chain brake is so easy. Just push the handguard toward the forward position and activate it.

However, for maintaining this chainsaw properly, you need to follow the manual guide’s instructions. You need to check the sharpness of the chain and the tensioning of it regularly. Keep the chainsaw free from dust, especially in the air filter and the chain oiler area. You also need to clean the spark plug periodically. These easy and ergonomic maintenance methods will keep your chainsaw safe, more durable, and user-friendly.

Safety Features of Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Now in this Echo CS 590 chainsaw reviews section, we will discuss its safety features. Using a chainsaw, safety is a major concern of the loggers. An experienced user will not buy it without being pleased with its safety measures. Without being assured of safe operation it is risky.

The Echo 20 in. chainsaw consists of all safety measures. It has a dual post chain brake system. This exceptional system stops the chain during the kickback and emergency. In such a way, it protects the logger from injury, keeping him safe.

It also has a Tip-T-bar that protects from the rotational kickback, preventing the chain’s contact with any object. Its chain catheter acts as a protection in case of breaking or derailing of the chain. It reduces the risk of the operator’s hand being hit by a chain that is broken or derailed from the guide bar during the cutting time. 

Its front and rear handguard will protect you from the flying debris making contact with cutting gear. Besides, the front guard that stands between the front handles and saw chain protects the logger from injuries. If the logger’s hand slips off the handle, then the guard stops the chain from running.

Its spike bumpers also act as protection. These metal spikes stand to the front of the powerhead unit that provides stability during the cut. The lock-out switch of this chainsaw is also an additional protector. It prevents auto or accidental starting. Before pulling the trigger for starting, the lock-out switch must be depressed. Such safety measures in amalgamation you will not find in others. 

Automated Oiling System

The sharpness of the chain mostly depends on the oiling. Lack of oiling the chain gets blunt. If the engine of a chainsaw is powerful, but the blade is blunt. It will not give you an expected performance in your cutting job. For a smooth cutting job, the chain is to keep in constant lubrication. To keep the chain lubricated in constant manually isn’t possible. It will increase the fatigue of the logger, hampering the smooth cut. 

The Echo Timber wolf chainsaw has an automatic adjustable clutch-drive oiler. That is controlled by the innovative clutch-driven system effectively and efficiently. This system keeps the chain constant lubricant. When it starts cutting, the oilier starts seeping the oil into the chain. So the logger need not manually lubricate the chain. Therefore, it reduces the extra hassle of the logger. The constant lubrication of the chain keeps the blade sharp, smooth, and efficient. It helps with the smooth and speedy cut. It also helps to save the time of the logger.  

The oil tank capacity of this chainsaw is 10.1fl oz (0.3 l). At the running time at an average of 7,000 revs per minute, the oiler will release around 4 ml per minute on its lowest setting. This equates to around 75 minutes of cutting the time, enough for a long time cut. The maximum oiling rate is 14 ml/min at 7,000 revs per minute, equating to 20 minutes of cutting time. 

The logger needs to keep an eye over the oiling tank, whether it is full of oil or empty. Running the saw with an empty oil tank may harm the chain by reducing the sharpness. It also causes trouble in cutting. 

Be cautious; do not use dirty, contaminated, used, and busty oil. It will bring an adverse consequence. Firstly it will harm your chain. Secondly, your work will get hampered. So it is better to use the oil of the same brand. In the absence of that, you can use motor oil. The replacement of the oil tank is easy. Taking it off, you can clean and again replace it to the earlier positions. Keep the oil tank of this chainsaw free from dust. If the oil gets mixed with the dust, the proper process of lubricating will fall into the deterrent. 

You can increase or decrease the volume of the oiling process to the chain. For increasing the delivery volume, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise. For decreasing the volume, just reverse it. The maximum level of increasing the volume is 7000 r/min. You will notice a stopper during the increase of the volume. You are suggested not to turn the adjusting screw beyond the maximum limit. 

We suggest you check the oil box regularly. Keeping the oil level at the top, you will be free from extra tension at the beginning of cutting time. The translucent oil tank will help you notice the level of the oil. You need not do an extra job checking the oil level by releasing the cap of the oil tank. 

Reduced Vibration System

The heavy vibration of a chainsaw during the operation is a deterrent to the speedy and smooth cutting. It deters the logger from gripping the handle firmly. As a consequence, he cannot maintain his actual control over the chainsaw. The powerful gas-powered chainsaws are comparatively more vibrating. The more these are powerful, the more they vibrate. 

But you will find this chainsaw is an exceptional one. This chainsaw comes with a low vibrated system so that the logger may not face such a problem. It has a heavy-duty vibration dampening system. It reduces the vibration that is normally felt through the handles on a chainsaw. So the consumer’s reviews of the Echo cs 590 chainsaws are satisfied as well.

However, for your protection, you should get equipped with personal safety by wearing hand gloves, helmets, eye protection, hearing protection, chaps, and boots, among others. 

Dual Post Chain Brake

Every efficient chainsaw has an efficient chain brake. The echo cs 590 chainsaw consists of a Dual post chain brake. It stops the chain at the time of kickback or at the time of emergency either by flipping the front handle guard-forward or with the inertia-created rapid movement of the saw blade. You will hardly find this unique system in other chainsaws as it is a unique feature. It makes this saw safer to use for a professional logger.  

Echo CS 590 Chainsaw Has Low-Kickback

Before buying a chainsaw, a professional logger must check whether the chainsaw has low kickback or not. It is one of the headaches of the logger. A good chainsaw has a low-kickback system. Echo 59.8cc chainsaw has a low-kickback system. The chain of this chainsaw comes with corrosion-resistant coating and square corner chisel cutters. For this convenience, the kickback can hardly be. 

Bucking Spikes

The more the wood or log is thicker, the more it is tougher to cut. Therefore, you face difficulty when you cut the wood that comes above the diameter of 10. You will feel more comfortable if you can keep your control more. To support you, Echo 20 in. chainsaw has spiking bikes to keep control of wood while cutting large-diameter wood.

These are also called spiked bumpers. These are of metal. These spikes stand front to the powerhead unit providing stability during the running time of the chainsaw. In addition, it prevents the bar from being slipped.

Easy Chain Tensioning System 

On the other hand, the logger has to monitor the chain regularly to see whether it gets loosened. Otherwise, with a kickback, the chain will be slipped off the bar. Because a new chain can get easily loosened after running for a while. 

In tensioning the chain, unlock the chain brake by removing the spark plug lead. Then loosen the bar’s nuts and remove the side cover. Finally, tighten the screw with the wrench until the chain gets fitted with the bar. 

Besides tensioning the chain, you have to keep the chain sharpened. Not only by oiling process but also by manual effort, you have to keep the blade sharpened. Sharpen the blade with the sharpening lever. However, you will need a sharpening kit, 7/32 round file, holder, and flat file for sharpening the blade.

Spark Arrestor Muffler

Spark arrestor muffler of Echo Timber wolf is one of the safety measures of this saw. This system controls exhausting noise and prevents hot, glowing particles of carbon and sparks from leaving the muffler. In such a way, it helps the engine be well and provides the necessary power to the cutting work.   

Perfect Weight 

Lightweight and Heavyweight are a fact in operating a chainsaw. Most users prefer a lightweight chainsaw. They think the less the chainsaw is, the less comfortable it is to operate it. But the thing is different. Using a lightweight chainsaw, the workload lies on the user. But with a heavyweight, the workload lies on the chainsaw. The perfect balance depends on the proportionality of the workload on the logger and chainsaw. The weight of the chainsaw should be balanced to the nature of the work. In light work such as pruning, trimming, bucking, limbing, the heavyweight of a chainsaw is irrelevant. 

The Echo cs 590 timber wolf chainsaw is to be said; it is a perfect one considering its weight. It is the truth that the gas-powered chainsaws are comparatively heavier as they are also powerful. The less-weight chainsaw is less-powerful. But among the gas-powered chainsaws, this one is comparatively lightweight. In this case, the logger will find a perfect weight chainsaw with a high-powered one.    

The weight of this chainsaw is 13.2 pounds, lighter than the Echo CS 680 chainsaw. With a balanced weight, it provides the logger with much more convenience to his cutting job.  So we can say that this chainsaw is a well-weighty unit for balancing between the work and the user. It is a balanced weight chainsaw that helps the logger to run it with efficiency.  

Bar Nose Safety 

The Echo 59.8cc chainsaw has a bar nose safety system. In the usual chainsaw, you will not notice such components.  This stands at the top of the bar. It prevents the tip of the bar from contacting the object and keeps the chain free from friction. 

It acts as shields to the most prone area of causing kickback and keeps free from the rotational kickback. In such a way, it keeps the logger from the accident.

However, for the maintenance of this tip-top bar, you need to grease the nose of this bar. You can do it with the help of the grease syringe. First, this tip nose can be removed. Then, you can add a new one tightening the screw with a wrench. 

Usable Both Professional and Home Purpose

One reason separating Echo 20 in. chainsaw and making it special is that this chainsaw is made for professional purposes, but you can use it for your homebound heavy-duty job. You can use this in your yard, farm for cutting large-sized wood and log. You can exchange the bar and chain of the saw as to your convenience of the work.  Though this chainsaw can be used for your homework purpose, faint-hearted persons, beginners should not try using it. This also should not be used in the case of light work. To sum up, though it can be used in homebound jobs, the user or logger must be professional and experienced.

Long-time Cutting

Using a battery-powered chainsaw, you cannot work for a long-time as it needs to be recharged after a specific time. The battery cannot hold power as long as it needs to work for a long time. The gas-powered chainsaws like this heavy powered one with the heavy tanks make the logger run his cutting jobs long. Echo Timber wolf with a powerful engine and sufficient tank size helps a logger work smoothly and speedily. Its fuel tank capacity is 21.8 oz.

On the other hand, for your professional work, working with an electric cord chainsaw is so critical as it is connected with the outlet. So the usual electric cord chainsaws are used for homebound cutting jobs. 

Though we suggest many chainsaws for various purposes, the chainsaw’s power is a fact in cutting jobs. As much power as can hold the gas-powered chainsaw, that is not possible for other electric-corded and battery-powered chainsaws.

In maintaining the fuel tank, you must be conscious of any leakage of the tank. The leakage of the tank may cause a fire. No sooner noticing it, you must stop the chainsaw immediately and bring it to your nearer dealer shop. Besides, you can replace it with a new one.

Apart from this, you are also to be careful; no dust may enter into the fuel tank. If the fuel is mixed with the dust, it will take time to be started, and you will have to face the difficulty. It will also degrade the performance and shorten the durability of the engine. Therefore, keep the fuel tank always clean.

However, you are suggested to keep an extra fuel tank near to you in case of necessity. 

Translucent Gas Tank

Using the gas-powered chainsaw, many users become unaware of refueling the chainsaw. They cannot easily notice the level of the gas in the tank. Sometimes in the middle of the work, they have to stop cutting open the cap of the tank and check it. Many often, the chainsaw gets clogged due to empty gas in the tank. It is an obstacle to the smooth and speedy work for a logger. But using echo cs 590 chainsaws, you don’t have to face such a hassle. This chainsaw has a Translucent Gas tank that shows the level of the gas on the tank. The logger can easily notice the level of the gas on the tank. He need not check the level of the gas by opening the cab of the gas tank manually. It relieves him from the extra hassle that reduces the fatigue.

Additionally, it saves time and gives speed to work. When he notices the gas level of the tank is at a low level, he refuels the tank. This is an uncommon feature that you hardly can notice in other gas-powered chainsaws. 

The translucent tank of this chainsaw can hold 0.17 gallons of gas that is more than 50% of the Husqvarna. 

Additional Features of Echo CS 590 Chainsaw

Echo 59.8cc chainsaw has a unique feature that helps the engine perform better. It has an Air Shutter that prevents winter carburetor trouble. This can be changed between hot and cold to prevent carburetor problems in winter and summer. This is a plus point for making an engine more efficient and keeping it smooth. 

Short Feature Review of Echo CS 590 Chainsaw

  • It has a powerful engine
  • Sufficient bar length
  • Satisfactory cutting speed
  • Dual Post Chain braking system 
  • It has an Air Shutter system 
  • Exchangeable bar and chain
  • Easy starting system
  • Decompression device
  • Firmly grip able handles
  • Digital Ignition System
  • Reduced vibration
  • Side-access chain tensioning
  • Automated adjustable oiling system
  • G-force clean system
  • Tool-less air filter cleaning system
  • Two-piece heavy-duty mesh filter
  • Spark arrestor muffler
  • Bar tip safety
  • Visible fuel tank
  • Perfect weight
  • Low-kickback 
  • Easily Maintainable
  • Fully assembled with all accessories
  • Five years warranty with satisfactory customer services


  • This chainsaw is not for beginners.
  • It has no carry case

Bottom Line

To sum up this echo cs 590 chainsaw reviews, we can say that echo 590 chainsaws are amalgamating the quality, high-performance, and reasonable price. This robust one is the perfect chainsaw for experienced homeowners and professionals for their heavy cutting. For easy cutting of the hardest wood, the necessity of this can not be denied. Most of the comments reviewing it are positive. The negative comments may come from failing to start the chainsaw for the first or not following the manual properly. We recommend this easy-to-use and a well-maintained chainsaw for you. If you tell me to mark this chainsaw, I will give it 90 marks out of 100. 


What is the warranty of this chainsaw?

The warranty is 5-year if you use it for non-commercial purposes, but if you use it for commercial purposes, then the warranty is one year. That long-term warranty you will hardly notice in any other chainsaws.

What is the ratio of the mixture of the gas in this chainsaw?

The ratio of the gas/oil mixture of this chainsaw is 50:1. That means using 89-octane gas with two-stroke oil. 

Who should buy this chain?

The professional logger and experienced homeowners are suggested to buy this chainsaw.

What type of work does it suit?

The chainsaw is ideal for felling large trees of your yard, bucking large-sized wood, and for commercial or professional work.

Can professionals use it at the top of the tree? 

As I already mentioned in our Echo chainsaw cs 590 review article that this chainsaw is slightly heavier. So it is tough to climb up with this saw. This chainsaw is made for groundwork. We recommend not to use it at the top of the tree. Trying to work at the top of the tree may bring adverse consequences.

What are the accessories of this chainsaw?

The accessories of this chainsaw include a safety tip, scabbard, T-wrench, small bottle of 2 stroke oil. 

What is the difference between the CS-590 and CS-600

Comparatively, the Cs-590 is cheaper and lighter than the CS-600. It can be said the CS-590 is the new version of the cs-600. The cs-600 is made of metal. But some areas of the cs-590 are plastic. The durability of the cs-590 is less than the cs-600. The cs-590 is more moveable and maneuverable, and easy to handle.

Is it repairable in the local market?

Yes, it is repairable in the local market. 

What is the origin of the design of this chainsaw?

The origin of the design of this chainsaw is Japan.


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