Professional Grade Echo CS 490 Chainsaw Review 2024

Most of the powerful chainsaws found on the market are gas-powered and heavy in weight. Therefore, the loggers sometimes search for a new one that is powerful and lightweight for their middle-ranged professional jobs. So today, in this Echo CS 490 chainsaw review article, we will talk about the chainsaw that is suitable for moderate cutting jobs.

Echo is one of the prominent brands in the market for professional chainsaws. They have fame for producing professional chainsaws. This model is a robust one with a rugged engine delivering high performance. This durable chainsaw has an adjustable clutch-driven oiler, magnesium crankcase, Dual-post chains brake, G-force pre-air cleaning system, tool-free air filter system, and chrome-plated cylinder.

This chainsaw has similarities with the Echo cs 501p and Echo cs 590. But there are also differences that you will find in the further discussion. It is the biggest one in the 400 series of echo chainsaw products.

Who Should Buy Echo CS 490 Chainsaws?

The professional loggers are suggested to buy it. However, it is also ideal for experienced homeowners who want to clear their yard or cut firewood for their homes. The wood, whatever it is thick, will be chopped down under this cutting monster. In a few moments, you will see the larger tree that was standing before lying down on the ground. 

Lightweight Gas-Powered Echo CS 490 Chainsaw Reviews

Echo 50 cc 2-stroke chainsaw is featured with all of the components that make a chainsaw praiseworthy to the logger. We will discuss why a professional logger will pick up this one among the other chainsaws in the market. All of the features of this dependable saw are discussed below. Look at below.

Cutting master

For your heavy cutting of middle-sized logs or wood, the Echo cs 490 chainsaw is the relievable one with the heavy power. It has a 50 cc 2-stroke engine that is sufficient for massive and accurate cutting. 

Its fuel efficiency is praiseworthy. The fuel tank capacity of this chainsaw is 16.9 ounces. That is sufficient enough for providing long-term cutting work. Thus, the full day will pass with the help of this. 

The engine will give you an impressive performance as it functions well with its pre-mixed fuel. There is a possibility of damaging the part of the saw in using the clear fuel on the tank but using the pre-mixed fuel, you are free from such risk. 

If you compare it with the professional chainsaws, it is less powerful. But, for the medium ranged chainsaw, this is the robust one capable of generating huge torques. Moreover, the supporting features of the engine make it much more efficient and durable. For example, the air filter system and chrome-plated cylinder help increase the efficiency and durability of the saw. 

Bar Size of Echo CS 490 Chainsaw

The bar size varies as per the convenience of the work. It is interchangeable. You can pick out the bar within 16, 18, and 20 inches. But the maximum size of the bar is 20. It is better not to use it more than the maximum size. The greater sizes beyond the 20 inches are for the large ranged commercial chainsaws. Using the bar more than the maximum size may not bring the expected result in your cutting jobs. 

The quality and performance of the bar, chain, and blade will satisfy you. The chain can cut any hardest wood a few times. The effortless cutting will increase the satisfaction of the logger.

In cutting the harder wood, there is a possibility of getting stuck in the chainsaw in the middle of the wood. But using this chainsaw, there is the least possibility of getting stuck on the blade in the middle of the wood. 


However, to get the expected result from the chain, keep the blade always sharper. Sharpen it regularly with the help of sharpening tools. Not only that, you should properly maintain the bar guide. It should always be clean. A Bar holds the chain that is the most sensible component during the cut. If the bar cannot hold the chain properly, then the chain will get loosened and will slip off the bar. 

The chain of this chainsaw is very strong to cut any hardwood that cannot be easily loosened up. That usually happened in the other chainsaws. 


Echo 50 cc 2-stroke chainsaw has the design of less vibration. The high vibration of a chainsaw makes a problem in cutting the wood smooth and efficient. Many times, the logger has to face an unexpected situation. Be sure of that; your neighbor will not be bothered by its vibration. The manufacturer has tried to keep the least possible level of vibration in this chainsaw. 

Echo CS 490 Features Tool-free Air filter System 

The mind-pleasing feature of the Echo cs 490 chainsaw is that this chainsaw has a tool-free air filter system. Usually, while using the traditional gas-powered chainsaw, the logger needs to clean the air filter manually. However, by just rotating the knob of the air filter cover, you can clean it. This process is straightforward and not lengthy.

Remember, the cleaning of the air filter is necessary for the proper performance of the engine. If it gets clogged with dust, then it will hamper the running of the saw. 

Marathon Cutter

With a battery-powered chainsaw, you can continue your cutting jobs for the day-long because it needs recharging. On the other hand, the fewer power chainsaws have less-powered engines with comparatively less-sized fuel tanks holding less fuel. Therefore, they often get overheated if you use them for a whole day with refueling and recharging. But Echo 50 cc 2-stroke chainsaw is not like those, as the engine generates sufficient torques and the tank’s capacity is well enough. The tank supplies ample gas to the engine. So do not worry about your daylong cutting. It will continue its job till you get tired. You need not frequently add the fuel and restart it. However, it is an extra hassle for a logger.  

The engine of this chainsaw does not easily get overheated. Using the less-powered chainsaw, the logger becomes tired in a short time. But using this chainsaw, the logger need not take a rest in a shortened time. Instead, the logger has to pay a little effort for its massive power.  

Perfect color combination

Some of the sophisticated professional loggers are very aware of their choices in color combination. Echo cs 490 chainsaw is a perfect one for meeting the tastes of choosing the color combination. This chainsaw will allure the logger for its colorful and flashy design.

G-force pre-air cleaning

Not only the Echo 50 cc 2-stroke chainsaw but also all of the chainsaws of the Echo has this unique system. That is one factor that makes a difference between Echo brands and the others in the market of chainsaws. This system enriches the performance of the engine and increases its durability. For this G-force cleaning system, the dust and debris that are very harmful to the engine cannot enter into the air filter. This system pulls them from the airbox. In such a way, it extends the durability, minimizes the maintenance cost, and reduces the manual effort of the logger in cleaning the engine. 

Echo CS 490 Chainsaw is Lightweight

One of the unique features of the Echo cs 490 chainsaw is that it provides heavy power with its lightest weight. The heavy timber user is to fall in love with using this chainsaw. 

Just think, is it possible to work at the top of the tree with cs 590? No, it is not possible. Why not? Because weight is a fact in this case. The weight of this heavy, powerful chainsaw is 18.7 pounds. You can say it as a mid-ranged weight that is more than the less powerful and less than powerful one. 

Cutting the tree’s branches with the heavier gas-powered chainsaw is not possible for the logger due to their heavyweights. But their moderate weights will assist you in cutting at the top of the tree. 

It will chop down the branches of the tree, just like cutting the pieces of the butter. Its Magnesium crankcase helps to extend the durability.

Easy starting and ready to use

You will hardly find most of the chainsaws are ready to use. First, you have to add the bar; after that, you have to add the chain to the bar, additionally adding the plug. But you can use Echo 50 cc 2-stroke chainsaw after releasing it from the box. No additional thing you have to do. Just a thing you have to do is to add the fuel to the tank. Then, after adding the fuel, you can immediately start the chainsaw. 

On the other hand, the logger has to put in a lot of labor to start the chainsaws. You can easily start this chain with less manual effort. It has recoil starter support that helps to start the chainsaw faster. Its ignition system also helps you quickly start the motor. You need to pull the starting trigger with the lowest effort in starting the saw. 

Colored plated cylinder

One of the unique features of this chainsaw is that the engine of this chainsaw comprises the chrome-plated cylinder. This cylinder is not like its other counterparts. This innovative system is for ensuring the best, most efficient, and smooth performance of the engine. In addition, it helps to deliver the best possible action of the engine in cutting. 


In this echo chainsaw cs 490 reviews section, we will talk about its maintenance system. While using other gas-powered chainsaws, loggers need to be more cautious in using and maintaining the chainsaws. That is a hassle for the logger, such as facing so many matters of consciousness. It is very tough to remember all of the cautions when using a chainsaw in the speedy and smooth cutting work. Keeping this matter in mind, the manufacturer of Echo cs 490 chainsaws has made such features, as the logger has to face fewer cautions rather he can concentrate on the cutting jobs. Therefore, we can say it is a risk-free operational chainsaw. The low-level risk of operational hazards makes it much more comfortable and acceptable. Therefore, it has brought revolutionary competition in the professional chainsaw market. 

The mixing of the fuel and air for the easy starting is not so tough. Its choke can be controlled by a nice and easy knob that helps to mix the fuel and air. Just press the button on or off of the ignition. It connects and disconnects the power of the saw allowing in starting the saw. It is the safeguard in case of accidental start of the saw. The chain tensioning system of this chainsaw is not effortful. Therefore, with less effort, a logger can tension the chain. 

Its low-kickback system reduces the possibility of kickback and ensures the safety of the logger. As a precaution to the accidental slip of the hand from the handle, it has the front handguard. Its chain brake, rear handle guard, chain catcher ensure the safety of the logger. 

Additional Attractive Features

The outer components of the Echo 50 cc 2-stroke chainsaw are well and efficient, but the inner parts of the chainsaw are also well-efficient. If we look into the inner parts of this chainsaw, we can find that the engine’s carburetor is flawless, ensuring the perfect action of the engine. The cylinder works more impressively than the others. Its in-built emission controller reduces the exhaust of carbon at the least possible rate that helps it become eco-friendly. Its 300 hours emission compliance is one of the best compiled 2-strokes engines for the emission.

Usually, the loggers do not use the chainsaw that is for the homeowners. But, on the other hand, the chainsaws produced for professional purposes are not worth using for non-commercial purposes. But this chainsaw is a different one. As a mid-range professional saw, this is usable for the loggers and homeowners in homebound and commercial activities. But the different thing is that the homeowners should be experienced. 

Warranty Echo CS 490 Chainsaw Offers

Like the Echo cs 501p and the cs 590, it provides a five-year warranty to the non-commercial user, and it is longer compared to the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. But it makes a difference in providing the warranty to commercial users. This chainsaw will provide a two-year warranty to the loggers. That is one year longer than the cs 501p and cs 590. The retailers will get a 90 days warranty. The warranty shows how much they are confident as their product makes a difference from the other companies.

Short Feature Review of Echo cs 490 chainsaw

  • Robust Engine
  • Adjustable Clutch-driven oiler
  • Magnesium Crankcase
  • Dual Post Chain Brake
  • G-force pre-air filter and Tool-free Air filter cleaning system
  • Chrome-plated cylinder and Easy Starting process 
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Interchange bar and Rim Sprocket
  • Low-kickback and Safe to use
  • High-durable and long-lasting

Things you may not like

  • Slightly expensive

Bottom Line

This Echo CS 490 chainsaw will be the best companion in your daily cutting activities. Though this chainsaw is for mid-ranged professional cutting jobs, you can use it for the heavy cutting job as well. To sum up this Echo cs 490 chainsaw review, we can say that this chainsaw, with its high capacity and smooth performance, is the best suitable chainsaw for your professional work.


Does this chainsaw come with a carry case?

No, this chainsaw does not come with a carry case. 

What are the sizes of this bar?

The sizes of this bar are 16, 18 and 20

Who should use this chainsaw?

The professional logger and homeowner are perfect users to use it. 

What are the accessories of this chainsaw?

The accessories of this chainsaw are a bar cover, a manual, a bottle of 2 stroke oil, and a screw tightening wrench. 

Can the newcomer use it?

As this chainsaw is for the professional, the beginner should not buy it. 

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