Echo CS-2511T VS CS-271T [Updated Comparison 2024]

You went to the market for a professional chainsaw. But you are confused when picking up one between two similar products. They are nearer to their features and performance. In that situation, you have to know the comparative differences between them. The more you can differentiate the chainsaws, the more you will pick up the best suitable one. In the market of professional chainsaws, one of the familiar brand names is Echo. This brand has a reputation for manufacturing professional chainsaws. It manufactures professional chainsaws of different models for the conveniences of work varieties. Today, in this Echo CS-2511T VS CS-271T chainsaw comparison article, we will show a comparison between them. It will alleviate your confusion regarding them.

Usually, the loggers fail to differentiate between the Echo cs-2511t and Echo cs 271t for having the similarity of them. However, though they are nearer to the features and performances, they also have differences. But before comparing both of them, we have to see the overall features of these two chainsaws. 

Echo 25cc cs-2511t Lightweight Chainsaw

Cutting Capacity

This chainsaw has a 25cc 2-stroke engine. The fuel capacity of this chainsaw is 6.4 ounces. The bar size of this chainsaw is between 12 and 14 inches. Therefore, the logger can pick up one between the two sizes. 


Among lightweight gas-powered chainsaws, the Echo cs 271t is one of them. For the light cutting jobs, this chainsaw suits the best. The weight of this chainsaw without the oil and fuel is 6.6 pounds lighter than most gas-powered- chainsaws.

G-force Pre-air cleaner

For a better air filtering system, this chainsaw comprises the G-force pre-air filter cleaning system. It protects the engine by keeping the air filter box safe from flying dust and debris. 

Texture grip

The manufacturer of the echo cs 2511t concentrated on the easy maintenance of the saw and inserted the textured grip system in the handle. For this convenience, the hand does not easily slip off the handle. Thus, it minimizes the risk of this.

Easy opening tank cap

As part of the ergonomic design, the chainsaw has an easy opening cap of the tank. With less effort, a logger can open the cap of the tank and refill it with fuel. The cap is larger than any other caps of the gas-powered chainsaw’s cap. 


  • Two-stroke engine
  • Top-handles Saw
  • Nice-air filtering system
  • Adjustable clutch-driven oiler
  • Dual post chain brake
  • Easy chain tensioning system 
  • Textured handle grip
  • Reduced vibration system


  • The height of the chain brake of this chainsaw is lower than any other of the echo chainsaws. 

Echo 26cc cs-271t Chainsaw Short Review

Cutting Capacity

This chainsaw has 26.9 cc 2-stroke engines. The fuel capacity of this chainsaw is 8.1ounces. It has a 12 inches bar and chain. 


The echo cs-2511t is a lightweight chainsaw. For its maneuvering feature, the logger can bring it anywhere for the convenience of his outdoor works. The weight of this chainsaw is 5.7 lbs. However, the weight measurement is without the fuel and oil.

G-force Engine cleaner

You will find this system mostly in the chainsaws of the Echo. This system is one of the ergonomic features of this chainsaw. It acts as a protector of the engine. Deterring the flying dirt and debris that try to enter into the air filter, this system pulls them down out of the box. This system extends the durability of the engine and helps to run with its smooth function. 

Texture grip

As the handle of this saw is made of plastic, there is a possibility of being adhesive. Sometimes, the sweet of the logger that flows over the hand for a long time falls on the saw’s handle. Then the handle becomes more adhesive. Keeping this inconvenience in mind, the echo manufacturer comes with such an exceptional system. 

The manufacturer of the echo cs 2511t concentrating on the easy maintenance of the saw, inserted the textured grip system in this handle. For this convenience, the hand does not easily slip off the handle. Thus, it minimizes the risk of this.


  • Powerful engine
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Low-kickback’
  • Reduced vibration system
  • Adjustable Clutch-driven oiler
  • G-force air filter system
  • Texted handle grip


  • Not perfect for felling large-sized wood

The similarity between Echo cs-271t and cs-2511t chainsaws

Digital Ignition system 

We know the digital ignition system helps with the easy starting process of a chainsaw. For this purpose, the system has been inserted into the Echo cs 2511t and the cs 271t. Both have this system.


In comparing the cs 2511t and cs 271t, you will find the handles of both chainsaws of plastic. Not only handles but Sprocket Covers are also plastic.


The two chainsaws are of a low-vibration system. As they are not heavily powered, they vibrate at a reduced level. Comparing both of them, we find the reduced vibration system is standard, and they are the same in this regard. 

G-force pre-air filter cleaning system

The echo products come with the G-force pre-air filter cleaning system. Comparing both, we find that the air filtering management of both chainsaws is good as they have the G-force pre air filters clean. 

Texture grip

In comparing them, you will find the similarity of having their texture grip systems. For the proper control of the saw, not only the reduced vibration but also this system helps. This system is most effective when the loggers’ sweet makes the handle of the saw adhesive in long-time cutting work.

Easy chain tensioning

In the context of maintaining a chainsaw, the thing that comes at first is chain tensioning. In many chainsaws, you will find an effortful chain tensioning system. But in these two products of the Echo you will find, easy chain tensioning system. Just rotating the tensioning screw, you can tighten the chain. So both chainsaws have an easy chain tensioning system.


Both of the saws are of an impressive warranty. The echo manufacturer is confident to provide its user with a long-time warranty that you will hardly find in any other chainsaws. Furthermore, the warranty of both is the same. They come with a five-year warranty for non-commercial users and a one-year warranty for commercial users. 


Many users fail to distinguish between the cs 2511t and the cs 271 as they are of the same color. Even the color combination of them is the same. They both are black and orange. That is a nice color combination.

Comparison between the Echo cs-2511t vs cs-271t chainsaws

Cutting performance

The engine power of the duo is nearer, but not the same. The capacity of the Echo cs 2511t is 25cc, where the power of the Echo cs-271t is 26.9cc. The power of the Echo cs 271t is more than the cs 2511t. The fuel capacity of them is not the same. There is a lot of difference. The fuel capacity of the cs 2511t is 6.4 ounces, while the capacity of the 271t is 8.1 ounces.

The difference also exists in the oil tank’s capacity. The amount of the oil that cs 2511t can hold cannot be possible for the cs 271t for holding the same. The oil tank capacity of the cs 2511t is 4.7 oz, but the oil capacity of the cs 271 is 5.4 oz. They are also different in their engine displacement. The displacement power of the cs 2511t is 1.53, and the power of the cs 271t is 1.64. In displacement, the power of the cs 271 is more than the cs 2511t. 

In cs 2511t, you can choose the sizes of the bar and exchange. But in using the cs 271t, you have to work with a 12 inches bar, and you can’t exchange it. 

Winner: Considering the above capacities, we have to say the Echo cs 271t is the winner here. As the engine and oil capacity is more than the cs 2511t, the cutting performance will also make a difference between them. 


The cs 2511t and the cs 271t are two of the professional chainsaws of the Echo. As they are lightweight, they are perfect for the heavy cutting of pruning, bucking, felling small to medium-sized trees, and cutting firewood. All of the professional chainsaws are not worthy of use at the up of the tree. Especially the chainsaws with a heavyweight are not worthy of using at the top of the tree. Chainsaws like these two are perfect for the cutting jobs at the up of the tree. 

However, they both are worthy of use at the top of the tree, but they differ in their nature. If we look upon the purpose of the manufacture, we find that the cs 2511t is the rear handle X series product of the Echo. On the other hand, the cs 271 is the top-handle product of the Echo. The latter one is especially for up cutting work. 

Winner: As the Echo made the cs 271t for the professional cutting jobs at the top of the tree, we have to declare the top-handles cs 271t is the winner here. This chainsaw can be easily taken up. Holding it with two hands in a comfortable position, the logger can finish his up work jobs. 

Echo cs-2511t vs cs-271t: Which one is lightweight?

It is evident that the Echo cs 2511t and Echo cs 271t are the two lightweight chainsaws among the gas-powered chainsaws. Between these two lighter chainsaws, one is lighter than another. The cs 2511t is lighter than the cs 271t. The weight of the cs 2511t is 5.7 lbs. The weight of the cs 271 is 6.6 lbs. Thus, there is nearly a 1 lbs. difference between them. 

Winner: Upon the comparison of the weight, we have to vote the cs 2511t. 

Lubrication of chain

For the constant lubrication of the chains, every chainsaw needs a lubricating system. Comparing them, we find there is a difference between them. The Echo cs 2511t has an automatic oiling system. On the other hand, the cs 271t has an adjustable clutch-driven system. This system is slightly different from the usual automatic oiler system. However, the adjustable clutch-driven system of the cs 271t is more ergonomic than the cs 2511t. 

Winner: Upon considering the lubrication of the chain process, we have to vote here the cs 271t

Starter Cover 

Though they have many same features, the cs 2511t has the starter cover as an additional feature. This nice grid starter cover prevents debris ingestion.

Winner: Here, definitely the cs 2511t is the winner

Chain Brake 

There is a difference between the chain brake systems of the two chainsaws. The chain brake system of the cs 271t is only an inertia chain brake system. But the echo cs 2511t has a dual post chain brake system. With this system, either the brake is activated by the automatic process with manual effort.

Winner: Here, the 2511t is the winner.

Easy starting

For an easy starting, both chainsaws comprise easy starting features. But there is a slight difference in the easy starting mechanism. Using the Echo cs 2511t, you will find that the choke is with the automatic fast idling system. That helps with the easy starting process. On the other side, in using the Echo cs 271t, you will find that it has an i-30Tm starting system that helps the effortless, easy starting system. It helps to reduce the 30% effort of the logger. So there is a bit of difference in the easy starting process.

Winner: If you consider the easy starting process of the two chainsaws, both have a nice starting system, so it is hard to declare the winner. Having a bit of a difference, we declare the draw here. 

Fuel-air mixing process

For a nice function of an engine, the necessity of the carburetor is beyond narration. It functions as the perfect mixture of the air and fuel to the internal ignition of the engine. For the smooth process of this, the cs 271t has the additional Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm that helps the engine’s smooth internal ignition process. You will hardly find this additional feature in all of the gas-powered chainsaws.

Winner: Considering this engine process, we have to announce that cs 271t is the winner for its nice Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm system. 

Echo cs-2511t or cs-271t? Our Final Judgment

As they have the same qualities and performance, it is very hard to differentiate between them, as they differ slightly on the power and lights. But most of the features are nearly the same. Therefore, in some cases, the Echo cs 2511t is the winner, and in others, the Echo cs 271 is the winner. Upon the above Echo cs-2511t vs cs-271t comparison, we can finally reach a decision that the Echo cs 2511t is more performer, powerful, and durable than the Echo cs 271t. Therefore, the final verdict goes in favor of the Echo cs 2511t.


What are the warranties of these chainsaws?

You know, Echo provides a warranty upon the consideration of the nature of the work. The warranty varies based on commercial and non-commercial use.

The warranty of both saws is the same. In buying the Echo cs 2511t and cs 271t, you will get a five-year warranty for non-commercial purposes, and you will get one year warranty for commercial purposes.  

Is there a rental warranty for these chainsaws?

Yes, there is a 90 days rental warranty for both chainsaws. 

What is the bar type of these chainsaws?

The bar type of these two chainsaws is the same. The bar of these chainsaws is Double-guard-19. 

Are the sprocket type of these two chainsaws the same?

Yes, the sprocket type of the two chainsaws is the same. The sprocket type of these two echo products is the spur. The sprocket cover of both chainsaws is plastic. 

What are the accessories of the echo chainsaw?

The Echo comes with a lot of accessories with their professional chainsaw for their customers. These include the safety cover of the bar, oil of the chain, a safety manual, and a user manual.

Do Echo products come with a carry case?

No, the Echo does provide a carry case to his customer.

Who should use this chainsaw?

Both of the chainsaws are for professionals. But the experienced loggers are also suggested to use them at their homebound heavy-duty work, like pruning in the garden, clearing the yard after last night’s storm, and cutting the firewood. 

Can a fresher use this chainsaw?

Yes, the fresher can use these chainsaws as they are not high-maintenance and heavyweight. 

Does Echo come with personal safety equipment?

To ensure your safety, you should manage personal safety equipment like the helmet, glass, earphones, boots, and dress. 

What is their color combination?

The color combination of these products is the same. They are colored black and orange. 

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