Echo CS800P vs. Stihl 660 Chainsaw: Compare Before Buying

If you are enthusiastic about their chainsaw management, then it is obvious that you have known two of the giants in this arena. The two most competitive chainsaw brands in the world are the furious Echo and the robust machinery of Stihl. They have been unparalleled by their rival companies for a few decades. Over the years, these two companies have produced some of the biggest and craziest chainsaws that have added a new dimension for professional loggers and for homeowners. Today we are going to apprehend a parallel comparison between two vigorous chainsaw models, named Echo CS800p and Stihl 660. After going through this exclusive article, you will know which one is the most suitable for meeting your criteria.

Powerful Features of Echo CS-800P ‎Gas Powered ChainsawEcho CS-800P ‎Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

  • This chainsaw comes with a rigorous 80cc engine that can provide you with the most offensive and aggressive cutting experience.
  • The adjustment of the chain has become easy as it has a side access chain tensioner for easy adjustments. It has an air filter cover for easy access. 
  • The grade of this chainsaw is of a superior class, and it is a 2-stroke engine that is provided for outstanding performance. 
  • It has a smart nozzle regulating the minimum fuel and oil consumption. You can find this chainsaw in different bars and chain lengths like  24″, 27″and, 36″. Picking the best one to satisfy your need and requirement is very important. 

Stihl MS660 Commercial Chainsaw FeaturesStihl MS660 Commercial Chainsaw Reviews

  • One of the most notable and considerable aspects of the STIHL MS 660 consists of the anti-vibration system, and there is an in-built shock absorber named the ElastoStart. 
  • It has a semi-automatic decompression valve that guarantees you the effortless starting of the engine. 
  • The Ematic chain lubrication system ensures more than 50% less fuel consumption, saving a massive amount of fuel and oil costs. 
  • It is largely a beast in the arena of the chainsaw as it has a gruesome 91.6 cc engine power that ensures super fast cutting, and the performance is beyond your expectation.
  • It still has two-stroke air-cooled engine oil that adds immense power to the main engine, and the controller in the carburetor prevents the fuel-air mixture from getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged. All crucial functions such as starting, choking, throttle, and stop are operated via a single lever.

Echo cs800p vs. Stihl 660: Core Differences

Point of comparison  Echo cs 800p Stihl 660
Engine capacity (cc) 80.7 91.6 cc
Engine displacement (cc inch) 4.92 5.59 
Weight  16.8 lbs  16.1 lbs
Ignition type SAIS Electronic magneto
Carburetor type Butterfly valve diaphragm All position diaphragm types have the built-in fuel pump
Oiling system  Adjustable manual override Automatic oil pump
Fuel capacity  27.7 26
Sprocket type  Rimmed  Rimmed 
Bar lengths 36 inches  36 inches 
Warranty  Five years  Five years
Starting system  Standard and precise  Single cylinder start 
Engine type Single-stroke two stroke


Opinion: Which one is the best chainsaw?

Undoubtedly, Stihl and Echo both have immense potential, and there is nothing more precise than to opine which one is the best of the two. But if we look closely, we will see some notable differences between these two chainsaws, and their specifications and in-built features say a lot of things. At first, the Stihl 660 had a much larger capacity engine than the Echo CS 800p. In terms of not only the mechanism and structure of the carburetor but also the oil and fuel compartment, the alignment of the decompression valve, and the aspect of fast cutting in every arena, the Stihl 660 beats the Echo CS800 chainsaws.

In terms of cost and price, though, the Echo CS 800 is much more affordable than the Stihl 660. The fact is that the Stihl 660 will provide you with many more amenities and features than the other one. So the choice fully depends on your circumstances and the requirements of the chainsaw.

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