Dewalt dccs620p1 Review 2023-Features Brushless Motor Technology

Imagine you are driving a car on a woody road, and you notice that some storm trees are falling on the midway, making the road blocked. You can’t move those for their heavyweight. At that moment, you might think that if you have a chainsaw, you are to cut those trees and put them aside. Today, we will talk about such a portable battery-power chainsaw in this Dewalt dccs620p1 review article that will aid you in overcoming that unexpected situation. It is a lightweight saw as its weight is only 9 pounds.

If I ask you, in that case, what kind of chainsaw would favor you? Most probably, the answer will be a portable battery-powered chainsaw. One can keep such a chainsaw while carrying his luggage or driving a car. The popularity of this chainsaw is increasing day by day for the eco-friendly character as the voice for protecting the environment is rising. Moreover, like a gas-powered chainsaw, it does not consume fuel and exhaust carbon as the battery powers it.

Cordless Battery-Powered Dewalt dccs620p1 12 Inch Chainsaw Review

The Dewalt dccs620p1 chain saw, also known as Dewalt 20V Max XR, can satisfy the sawyer in cutting small and medium-sized logs and wood. It has an easy chain tensioning system, chain brake with low-kickback, low-vibration, and minor noising character. In addition,  It has a specialty for its brushless motor.

That’s why; we suggest this chainsaw for the DIY, homeowners, occasional users, furniture makers, gardeners, beginners, and construction workers. Interestingly, though it is made especially for small and large-sized wood, you can cut large trees with this chainsaw.

Cutting Performance

The battery power of the Dewalt dccs620p1 is 20V 5.0 Ah lithium-ion. Among the battery-run chainsaw, it has Brush-less new motor technology that favors increasing the engine’s durability. It has a 12 inches bar and chain that can cut the medium-sized woods and logs in home, farm, or storm-post. The speed of the chain is 7.7 meters per second. That is enough speed to cut through the usual logs in a shortened time.

Hoverer, The bar is easily changeable. If you add a new bar, then be careful about chain tensioning at first because the new chain can be slightly stretched. And you are suggested not to add a huge-sized bar instead of the default size. Otherwise, it may create inconvenience. 

In pruning, it is your best companion that will not make you tired in a short time. You will prune the branches as you cut butter or cake in a comfortable position.

Though the speed of this chainsaw is not the same as the gas-powered chainsaw, it will lengthen your work time being in an energetic condition.

Lightweight and Portability

The weight of Dewalt dccs620p1 is just 9 pounds with its 5Ah battery that is less than the gas or electric-powered chainsaws. Therefore, you can hold it just in your single hand and move it anywhere for work. Like the electronic one, you are not limited to a specific range. You can even cut through the woods and logs with just one hand. However, it is better not to do it.

Using an electric chainsaw, you are always careful about its cord and connection. It also makes it annoying when the electricity is disconnected, and you have to keep the work on pause. But using the battery-powered Dewalt dccs620p1 chainsaw, nothing is annoying like this.

However, in the case of gas-powered chainsaws, the weight of the fuel tank is a fact. On the other hand, the electronic chainsaw cannot be moved anywhere as it is connected with electricity via a cord system. As this chainsaw is cordless, you will not face any problem moving it anywhere.

Dewalt dccs620p1 Chainsaw is Eco-friendly

All of the gas-powered chain saw emits carbon at a huge level. That is detrimental to the environment. But this chainsaw is free of exhausting harmful fuel. 

The Dewalt dccs620p1 is also humane-health friendly. However, there is a possibility of being affected by respiratory disease by using the gas-powered chainsaw. Huge noises and vibrations are also detrimental to health. This chainsaw seems to be safer for loggers as it is free from the risk of respiratory disease and loud noises.   

Easy handling 

You will find the Dewalt dccs620p1 friendly or easy to handle. The rubber-coated handle for holding the saw is easily grip-able. For this convenience, the logger can be assured and feel confident of his control during the cutting time. Having confidence is the plus point for a sound-cutting job.

Easy starting system

Like a gas-powered chainsaw, the logger need not press the trigger. It is tiresome and makes the user exhausted at the beginning. Instead, you can start it just by switching.  

Easy tensioning system

The chain does not work smoothly and gets blocked during the cutting if it is not tensioned correctly.

You need not tighten up the screw in tensioning the chain with a screw tightening tool. Instead, rotate the knob adjacent to the bar.  

Low kickback

The kickback is a usual headache of loggers. High-kickback of a chain frequently makes a problem at the beginning or mid of the work. However, the chain of Dewalt dccs620p1 is made with low-kickback, and it hardly makes trouble in smooth-cutting.

Dewalt dccs620p1 is Quieter in Operation.

Using Dewalt dccs620p1 chainsaw makes no bother to the neighbor as it creates no annoying noise like the fuel-powered chainsaw. You will notice, it is quieter while cutting wood. Its brushless engine helps it to keep the sound within reasonable limits.

Brushless Motor 

In this Dewalt dccs620p1 review section, we will talk about its engine. Its engine or motor’s capacity measures the power of a chainsaw. One of the exciting features of this chainsaw is that it has a brushless motor. The power and efficiency of this new technology are more advanced than traditional brushed motors. Compared to the old system, a logger can run his saw for a long time. It also helps to extend the battery life. If we compare the brushless motor and the brushed motor, we find that Brushless motors work 85%-90% more efficiently than 75-80% of the brushed one. In addition, this brushless motor helps the battery from overheating, and it prolongs the battery life.

Automatic Oiling system

Keep in mind that the chain of the bar should constantly be lubricated. As long as the chain is lubricated as much, it works well. In traditional chainsaws, the loggers have to oil the chain manually after specific periods, which is a barrier to the smooth-cutting work. Sometimes, the logger gets annoyed and bored. But in this chainsaw, you will get an automatic chain oiling system that keeps the chain lubricated. So you need not give attention to the chain oiling. Firstly it will save your time and secondly it will keep your work running. 


This chainsaw has a motor chain braking system. During the kickback, it helps to stop the chain. The user-friendly handling system of this chainsaw helps the logger to keep control over the chain. Being in a comfortable position, the user can easily tackle unexpected situations. On the other hand, as the kickback and speed of the chain is comparatively less than a gas-powered chainsaw, there is the least possibility of an accident. 

Besides, you are free from pressing the trigger of the chainsaw like a gas-powered one. Instead, this chain has plastic bucking spikes gripped to the log when the kickback happens or the chain gets bound.

However, you are suggested to wear hand gloves, helmets, glasses, and ear protection during the cutting job, as extra measures ensure safety.

What we like-

  • It is portable and moveable
  • Prolonged battery life
  • You can tension the chain without the help of a toolbox.
  • Low-level vibration and sound
  • Starting and stopping quickly.
  • It has an excellent color combination and looks well.
  • Sufficient bar and chain.
  • Brushless motor
  • Maintenance is comparatively less than gas-powered
  • Beginners can also use it


  • Dewalt DCCS620B and dccs620p1 both are not suitable for felling huge tree

Final Thought

After reading the above Dewalt dccs620p1 12 inch chainsaw review article, we may conclude that, for cutting small and medium-sized limbers or pruning in the garden, the Dewalt dccs620p1 chainsaw is perfect for the occasional user homeowner, gardeners, and beginners. You are privileged to have a powerful chainsaw at a reasonable price. However, you are to be more careful using this for long-time use. Its proper use prolongs its durability. Maintaining the user manual properly and taking safety measures will make your work more comfortable and successful because all of the necessary features lie in this chainsaw. Therefore, you will be satisfied using it.

FAQ Related to Dewalt dccs620p1 Chainsaw

What are the accessories of the Dewalt dccs620p1?

The accessories of the Dewalt dccs620p1 include the hard bar cover and a manual.

Is Dewalt a Swedish company?

No, Dewalt is not a Swedish company. It’s a US company.

Is it sharped, or should it be reshaped when it is bought?

When you buy it, it is already sharpened—no need to further sharpen.