Dewalt DCCS620B Chainsaw

Dewalt DCCS620B Review [20V MAX XR Chainsaw]

Suppose your garden is far from your home and is now full of fallen trees due to last night’s storm. And you need to clean your garden with the help of a chainsaw. Without a chainsaw, you can not finish such a massive wood-cutting. In cleaning a far-away garden, you need a cordless and lightweight chainsaw. The available gas-powered chainsaws in the market are usually of heavy Weight. On the other hand, the electric chainsaws connect the outlets with the cord. So you need a cordless battery-powered chainsaw that can finish such a massive task within a shortened time with less effort. So today, we are going to discuss such a lightweight cordless chainsaw in this Dewalt DCCS620B review article.

It is a battery-powered chainsaw with a high-efficient brushless motor. The chainsaw is moveable anywhere for outdoor cutting. It has a tool-free maintenance system. This chainsaw is also friendly to environmental protection as it is free from exhausting carbon in the air. In the market of chainsaws, the Dewalt is a well-known name. It is an American brand that has been providing the service with fame for nearly a decade. 

This chainsaw is the perfect one for small and medium-sized heavy-cutting jobs. The gardeners, the construction worker, are suggested to buy it. The beginners are also encouraged to buy it.

Battery-Powered Cordless Chainsaw Dewalt DCCS620B Review 2024

Let’s discuss some features that help you reach the buying decision without any hesitation and confusion. 

Brushless Motor

The Dewalt dccs620b has a high-efficient brushless motor with 20v 5 Amp lithium-ion battery that delivers sufficient power for a long time cutting job. The brushless motor is more efficient than the traditional brushed motors. Moreover, as the motor has no brush, it reduces the friction and produces less heating that favors increasing the run-time. 

Compared to the traditional motors, the brushless motor of Dewalt dccs620b has fewer moving components. As a result, the performance of an electronic-controlled motor is constantly optimized so that it can run within its stable capacity. It also helps to extend the durability of the motor. 

Usually, a single charge with 4 and 4 pressure can last up to 90 cuts. However, you can upgrade the battery power. It is your choice to select the battery-powered between 20 to 60 Flexvolt.

Cutting Capacity of Dewalt dccs620b

Before buying a chainsaw, the first thing that a lumberjack considers is the cutting performance of a chainsaw. The cutting performance of a chainsaw mostly depends on motor power and bar efficiency. The brushless motor is sufficiently powerful to deliver the necessary power.

It has a 12 inches bar and a low-kickback chain. Don’t underestimate its bar size. This size is sufficient to do any heavy cutting in the construction or the garden, or your yard. Homeowners can easily use this saw on cutting beams, limbs, and demolition work. 

The cutting speed of this saw is 25.2 feet/second. It is a satisfactory cutting speed for a battery-powered chainsaw. That is sufficient enough for an accurate and smooth cut.


One of the mentionable features of the DEWALT 20V MAX XR is, it is lightweight. The Weight of this chainsaw without its battery is only 7.6 lbs and with battery is 8.8 lbs. That is as lightweight as a logger can carry it anywhere for his cutting job. In addition, its 5 Amp battery is lighter than the tank of the gas-powered chainsaws.

Holding just one hand, the logger can do his job with this instrument for its lightweight. However, pruning tree branches with a ladder is not possible without a chainsaw like DEWALT 20V 18.

Its lightweight does a favor to the user helping for a long-time being energetic. On the other hand, a heavyweight of a chainsaw makes the lumberjack quickly tired. And he has to take the rest frequently, which is a deterrent to the smooth-cutting job. Moreover, it is very tough for a sawyer to make his position comfortable with a heavyweight chainsaw. Using this chainsaw, you are free from such inconvenience. In addition, in construction work, there are no alternatives to a lightweight saw.

Easy Maintenance

Using a gas-powered chainsaw, the user should be very careful of the maintenance. For example, he should be careful of fuel consumption, carburetors, spark plug, and air filter. But using this chainsaw, the logger is free from caring for such extra components. On the other hand, minimizing the hassle of a logger decreases the maintenance cost and saves time.

Its front handle is coated with a soft non-slip grip, and you can hold this firmly. It favors you to operate the tool steadily in different orientations. The rear handle will also give you comfort as it has huge space for a large grip while wearing the hand gloves. The two handles favor you using it in construction work.

Tool-free chain tensioning

Before starting a saw, the logger must check the condition of the chain, whether it is tightened or loose. With a loose chain, the sawyer cannot proceed further. After running for a while, the chain gets loose. The logger has to tune the chain of the bar with the help of a toolbox. In this situation, you always have to carry the toolbox and keep it too near. The difficulty will arise when you lose your toolbox. In addition, frequently tightening the chain is a matter of hassle for a logger. Besides, it makes a deterrent to the smooth and continuous cutting job.

In this DEWALT 20V MAX XR chainsaw, you will find a tool-free chain tensioning system. With less effort, you can continuously tension the chain. Just rotate the bar tightening knob and adjust to the perfect position.

Bucking teeth

The chainsaw, which is to ensure safety, consists of bucking teeth or spikes. These are either metal or plastic. Like the DEWALT dccs620p1, the 20V inch chainsaw has to buck spikes that are of plastic. These help a logger additionally to reduce the effect of kickback. Teething the buck firmly, it keeps the saw free of jerking. That’s the way it helps the logger to cut smoothly and maintain control over the chainsaw. Though the teeth of DEWALT 20V 18 DCCS620B are not metal-made, these are robust enough to serve the best. However, it is an additional safety measure for protecting the logger. 

Dewalt dccs620b Chainsaw is Echo-Friendly.

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR is a battery-powered chainsaw. It doesn’t consume fuel and emits carbon. Only a single charge makes it able to run for a long-time. On the other hand, the gas-powered chainsaw consumes fuel and emits carbon detrimental to a healthy and sound environment. For this eco-friendly nature, the popularity of using this chainsaw is getting higher day by day. 


If we think about safety, the lightweight context will come first as it’s lightweight one can use it safely with various positions. Using it at the upper of the ladder, one can hold it firmly as it may not slap. Thus, there is the least possibility of an accident. Its low kickback bar also favors ensuring safety. Its front guard will protect you from objects and another potential operating hazard. These bucking spikes are the additional components to ensure the logger’s safety.

No doubt, the Dewalt dccs620b looks pretty enough for its smaller size and color combination of black and yellow. Additionally, it provides the vibration at a low level. After going through our Dewalt DCCS620B chainsaw review, let’s check its pros and cons.

Positive sides

  • It has a sufficient bar and chain.
  • The battery is interchangeable with the wish of a logger.
  • This chainsaw has a brushless motor.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system
  • The price is affordable
  • Best performance with less maintenance

Negative sides

  • Not suitable for professional work

Final Overview on Dewalt dccs620b Cordless Chainsaw

For a long while, we have reviewed the Dewalt 20V MAX XR chainsaw. All of the necessary things that make a chainsaw worthy of use exist in this chainsaw. For your mid-ranged construction and outdoor works, this chainsaw suits you the best. We don’t say the Dewalt dccs620b is cheaper, but it is affordable with its best quality. If you are a DIY or homeowner, don’t make a mistake hesitating or confusing buying it. We are making assured of that; it will meet your demand.


Where should this chainsaw be specifically used?

This chainsaw is for specific use in construction and outdoor works.

Does Dewalt provide a warranty?

Yes. It provides a 3-year warranty. In addition, you can replace the faulty parts of this chainsaw free of charge. But the company is not bound to do it if the fault is for your improper use.

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