Orbit Sander Dewalt DWE6423 Review 2023

When you need to smooth out a surface or simply remove material from it, nothing works better than a random orbit sander. This sander is one of the must-have sanding machines in every carpenter or a wood worker’s toolbox. Dewalt dwe6423 is a random orbit sander that focuses on the user’s health and safety. It assures minimal dust extraction and vibration, two of the main problems the user has to face with any sander. The comfortable use of the Dewalt dwe6423 random orbit sander has won the trust by showing high performance and durability. People have gone for a second purchase after seeing how good it was. Stay tuned to this Dewalt DWE6423 review article to read more about this high-quality, affordable sander.

Quick Features Table:

Feature Dewalt DWE6423 Orbit Sander
Power Source Corded Electric
Amperage 3.0 Amps
Speed Range 8,000-12,000 OPM
Dust Collection Yes, with Dust Bag or Canister
Dust-Sealed Switch Yes
Anti-Vibration Design Yes, with rubber over-molded grip
Paper Size 5-inch
Paper Type Hook and loop (Velcro)
Variable Speed Control Yes, with a dial
Pad Brake Yes, to prevent gouging
Weight 3.52 lbs.
Warranty 3-year limited warranty

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Every woodworker has different needs depending on their work. So, let’s check some functions of Dewalt dwe6423 and how it is designed to see if it is worth the money. 

Construction and Design

Dewalt random orbital sander comes in a stylish black and yellow combination exterior. It also has a dust collector that is easily attachable and removable by one hand. So, you can keep holding the machine and take off the dust collector without putting the machine down. This lightweight and small sander fits in hand quite well, making it easy to work with. It weighs about 3.52lbs and has a motor of 3 amp. The famous Bosch ros20vsc random orbital sander also weighs about the same with a motor of 2.5amp. With better motor power, Dewalt takes out any surface without tiring the user.

Comfortable Hold 

This random orbital sander from Dewalt is easy to hold as it fits in hand quite well. It does not have a separate handle to hold on to, but you can hold the top of the machine and work comfortably with it. It does not allow you to feel any discomfort while working horizontally either. The more comfortable the hold, the longer you can work with it. Rubber over-mold helps to keep a secure grip on the sander.

Low Vibrations

It is hard to work with a sander that has vibrations. Working long hours with it can cause discomfort and health issues. Dewalt dwe6423 random orbital sander brings you a separate counterweight design that lowers the vibration to a more bearable level. This design is another reason why people are purchasing this sander over any other one. 

Variable Speed of Dewalt dwe6423

The need for this option varies from person to person. It depends on the work they are doing and whether they need a speed controller or not. If your work requires a sander with controlled speed, then you must check this one. Like the Dewalt dwe6411k palm sander, DWE6423 has a powerful motor that does 8000-12000 orbits per minute. That is a lot from that small-sized sander. The controlled speed option helps to prevent any gouging or damage to the surface. 

Dust collector

Dewalt dwe6423 does not have a huge dust bag hanging on the sander and coming in the way while working. It has a small removable dust collector that hardly lets any dust get out. A dust-sealed switch keeps all the messy dust in place. You can empty the dust collector and attach it again using a single hand. Moreover, it also has the option to add on vacuum hoses for more convenient uses. 

Hook & Loop Paper

Dewalt dwe6423 also comes with an eight-hole hook and loop sanding pad. It is easily replaceable. You can choose the grit according to your need and simply peel off the sanding pad and press on another one. This easy change takes less than a minute of your working hour. The hook and loop work like a Velcro and attach to the sandpaper with a firm hold. 

Warranty Dewalt dwe6423 Sander Offers

Dewalt dwe6423 gives a 90-day money-back guarantee and a three-year limited warranty with one year of free service. The warranty shows how much they care for the customer’s needs. 

What are the advantages of Dewalt dwe6423?

  • 3 amp motor is quite powerful on that 3.5lbs body
  • Adjustable speed 
  • Rubber coated easy to grip top
  • Easy to remove dust collector
  • Replaceable 8 hole sanding pads
  • The dust port can be attached to vacuum hoses
  • Low vibrations
  • No dust at all
  • Small size helps it reach all the places


  • Not all vacuum hoses might not fit in the dust port. Make sure to check if your one fits. 


What comes in the kit?

The kit just comes with the Dewalt dwe6423 random orbital sander and a dust bag. It comes in a tool bag for you to store the sander. 

Is the unit 230V or 110V?

For Dewalt dwe6423, the unit is 120V on AC only.


To fulfill all requirements, one must check every detail of the product we listed in this Dewalt DWE6423 review article before investing money. Getting a random orbital sander makes it a lot easier to sand than doing it by hand. Unlike other sanders, this one does not have any irritating vibrations or an ear-bursting sound. This comes at a really affordable price, size and also has a warranty. Dewalt dwe6423 has been a customer favorite for a long time, and it is still going strong. If you are trying a random orbital sander the first time, you can go for this as it will last a very long time with high-quality performance. 


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