Dewalt Dw618 Review 2024 [Fixed Base Plunge Router]

The Dewalt Dw618 is a kind of router that will motivate woodworkers to work more frequently by making their routing experience more pleasant. It means the router’s ergonomic design gives its user utmost comfort and working on wood pieces does not feel tiring. If you are a woodworking enthusiast, this essential tool will be a great addition to your power tool collection. This router machine has many exciting features, and we will cover all of them in this Dewalt Dw618 review article.

This versatile router provides comfort and gives its users ample power to work on diverse projects with complete control of their work. The Dewalt DW618 is a product by the Dewalt manufacturer conducting their manufacturing operation for over a century. Therefore, while buying a Dewalt product, the customers should rest assured that they are buying from a reliable seller with a design specification perfected over decades of experience.

The value of the manufacturer is recognizable when we have a closer look at the product. This incredible handheld machine has the usability to work as a table mounting router. Also, this is a combined machine that performs both fixed base and plunge base routing.  Furthermore, the 12amp motor offers a horsepower of 2.25hp. 

Dewalt DW618 Accessories Includes

  • DW6128M Motor pack
  • Fixed Base (DW6184)
  • ¼ inch and ½ inch collets
  • Wrench

Electronic Variable-Speed Router Dewalt Dw618 Reviews

If you are a woodworking professional or hobbyist, you should traverse through the whole piece. As you will find it informative, it will allow you to compare the device with others more effectively. 

Ergonomically Designed Router

The fixed base router has a dimension of 10.75 x 9.5 x 7.25 inches, and it weighs around 9 pounds, making it a compact unit. The base dimension is 6 inches, and it has die-cast aluminum housing, which ensures durability. In addition, the router motor also has die-cast aluminum housing, and the motor plate has nickel coating. Overall construction makes sure that the router remains a sturdy device for more extended use. 

This ergonomically designed router comes with a handle made of over-molded rubber, giving its users an excellent grip. Additionally, the clean Lexan sub-base construction ensures clear visibility and is helpful for template guide bushing. Moreover, the router has a power switch with dust-sealed protection. Another impressive feature of the device is that the 8-foot 18 gauges power cord is detachable. Furthermore, the design also includes a spindle lock, microfine bit adjustment, self-releasing 8-slot collet, and flat-top construction for better adjustments. 

The Heart of the Dewalt DW618  Router –Motor Review

Motor construction of any electronic or mechanical device is the most crucial part, as the motor determines the overall usability of the machine. The Dewalt DW618 has a 12amp engine that provides power up to 2.25 horsepower allowing the router to attend comparatively heavier projects. In addition, it will run on any standard 120V outlets. 

The motor features a soft starting function that reduces startup torque, allowing more control and enhancing motor durability. Additionally, the Dewalt DW618 motor offers a wide speed range of 8000-24000RPM under load. Furthermore, the black ring over the top of the device controls motor movement, and users can adjust the motor according to their needs with a steel motor cam lock and quick-release latches. Lastly, the powerful engine with the compact unit design makes the DW618 a truly invincible power tool.   

Usability Keeps You Motivated

When using a power tool, its usability determines your working experience. If it ensures fun working, you will have more productive results. Contrarily, if it makes your working tiring and strenuous, you will lose motivation quickly for your woodworking projects. With this in mind, the Dewalt DW618 makes sure that the device provides better usability so the woodworker can work more often and be more productive.  For example, the spindle lock button lets the user single wrench bit changes without any complication whatsoever.

We can see the better usability features in the design of the router. Firstly, the handheld router only weighs around 9lbs, which encourages portability and more effortless movement of the device while routes. In addition, the rubber molded grip allows you to hold the unit with comfort, and more prolonged usage will not result in pain in your hands. Moreover, the device is also mountable on a router table, increasing its usability for more versatile options. Lastly, with the adjustment settings, control, and stability, the usability of this router is one of the reasons for buying this router over other products.     

Control of Your Workings

The better control you have of your device and workpiece, the better result you can expect from your workings. Therefore, management is one of the critical factors in choosing any power tool. The Dewalt DW618 offers excellent control of its device with some unique features. First of all, we will consider motor control. As we mentioned earlier, the motor is adjustable, and the locking system makes it stable. In addition, electronic variable speed with a soft start function lets you dictate your routes’ pace within a range of 8000-24000RPM. Also, the full-feedback control makes sure the device performs at a constant speed predefined by the user.  

The router has a flat top giving users more control for changing bits and adjusting depths. In addition, the 2.25hp motor allows power and control to penetrate any hardwood materials without difficulty. Also, the extended eight slot collet with ½ inch and ¼ inch size allows better grip of the workpieces. Furthermore, the clear LEXAN sub-base gives more visibility meaning better control. Lastly, The Dewalt DW618 router enables its users to control their workings, ensuring better results. 

Accuracy & Precision Assured

For any woodworking project, accuracy and precision determine the value of the woodworker’s capability. If the final output of the workpiece comes as the requirements stated, then the woodworker or carpenter would be considered efficient, and the Dewalt 618 emphasis on this powerful machine to be accurate and precise. The design and management of the device make sure the user gets desired outcomes.

The most significant feature that ensures accuracy is its microfine depth adjustment ring. It provides depth settings within the 1/64 inch range for more intricate routes. In addition, the 8-bit collet is long self-releasing ensures bit retention and better hold of the workpieces. Finally, the collet diameter is ½ inch, and ¼ inch ensures reduced vibration and better precision. Nevertheless, the clean LEXAN sub-base, nickel housing motor plate, different locking mechanism, and tool-free bit changes make this router a precise working unit that will satisfy its users with the desired outcome. 

Durable & Reliable

In terms of reliability, we can depend on the Dewalt manufacturers as they have been operating their business in the power tool category for a century. In addition, users from different skill levels appreciate their products. Lastly, to increase reliability, the Dewalt manufacturer offers a warranty for the Dewalt DW618 router.   

From the design specification, we get the idea that this device is a durable unit. The die-cast aluminum base construction and motor housing with a nickel housing motor plate make the unit sturdy. Additionally, a dust-sealed power switch keeps the switch protected and enables longevity. Finally, the better usability of the device with excellent control makes the device more durable and keeps it running for an extended time.

Versatile Router Dewalt DW618

The Dewalt DW618 is a versatile router that has different work capabilities for various workgroups. The beginner user can get benefits from this easily accessible router. The molded rubber grip handle is relatively safe, and it allows excellent maneuverability for novice users. In addition, the skilled professional can get this product for its power offerings as it offers up to 2.25 horsepower.

The powerful router is usable for a range of different works that have varying requirements. Moreover, as it offers excellent motor power and wide speed with perfect depth adjustment, the versatile device can successfully perform other cutting, grooving, or edging tasks.

PROS We Liked

  • Portable with handheld routing option
  • Table mounting option
  • Soft-starting motor
  • Electronic variable speed with feedback for consistency 
  • Die-cast aluminum base and motor housing
  • Dust sealed power switch
  • Precise depth adjustment with microfine depth adjustment ring
  • 2.25 horsepower

CONS We Didn’t Like

  • Plunge-base not included
  • Price is comparatively higher
  • Edge guide not included
  • No option for dust management


The Dewalt manufacturer provides a warranty with all of its products, and the DW618 is no exception, and it comes with a three-year limited warranty. In addition, the router machine also receives a 1-year free service plan and a 90 day money-back guarantee period. 

Bottom Line

The Dewalt DW618 is a handy router that can attend to more complicated routs with its incredible motor power. The device does not distinguish among beginners, professionals, and hobbyists, and it has stored something for all the users. Therefore, it will be profitable to add this unit with your other power tool inventory in its price range.

Everything users want from a router is incorporated with this unit. For example, it has a sturdy construction, powerful motor, precise maneuverability, and excellent workpieces. This router unit will work like a charm for any hardwood or wooden materials and accomplish your woodworking projects. 

Therefore, we recommend our Dewalt DW618 review article readers to get this router for their woodworking needs and have a fun time working that will keep you motivated for more work. However, if you want to browse more options, check out these two excellent plunge base routers option DeWalt DWP611PK and Bosch 1617EVSPK

FAQs on Dewalt DW618 Plunge Router

Does the DeWalt DW618 router feature plunge-based routing?

Initially, the DW618 was a fixed base router. However, with additional adjustments and purchases, it can work as a plunge base router. If you are looking for a plunge base router, check out this excellent product Bosch MRC23EVSK.

Is the DW618 router table mountable?

The Dewalt DW618 is generally a compact handheld router. But it can perform as a table mounting router.

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