Craftsman 20 Inch Chainsaw Review in 2024

Chainsaws with mid-sized bars are perfect for small and medium-sized wood cutting. They are also fitted for pruning. But when you want to cut through larger logs and wood, you need a bigger one. Because cutting larger-sized wood with mid-ranged may create inconvenience. In the market for the chainsaw, the craftsman is an old name. They specially produce the mid-ranged chainsaw. In this Craftsman 20 Inch Chainsaw review article, we will discuss one of the models that come with a powerful engine that can cut wood effortlessly.

If you are looking for a bigger one, we are talking about one of the brands of this manufacturer, the craftsman 46cc 20 inches chainsaw. It is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 46cc 2 cycles powerful engine. The chainsaw has a 20 inches bar that is sufficient enough to cut through larger-sized wood.  

It has an easy starting system, inertia-chain brake, and automatic oiler system, which are sufficient to attract the attention of many buyers in the market. This chainsaw is the perfect one for DIY, homeowners, ranchers, and landscapers. However, professionals also can use this for their daily purposes. 

Gas-Powered Automatic Oiler Craftsman 20 Inch 46cc Chainsaw Review

The craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 46cc 18 inches chainsaw has all the necessary features to help the users with their satisfaction. These are to be discussed below.

Cutting performance

As the bar size of the Craftsman 20 inch chainsaw is longer than the other mid-ranged gas-powered chainsaw, it’s rational that the engine of this chainsaw will be more powerful.

Its 46cc engine is capable of delivering much more power to cut through the mid-ranged log. In addition, its 20 inches bar can cut speedily, even the toughest wood. 

Easy Starting

As I mentioned earlier in this craftsman 50cc 20 inch chainsaw review article that it is a gas-powered chainsaw. For that reason, you can think about its starting system. Like other gas-powered chainsaws, the starting system of this chain saw is not the same. However, it is easier to start this chainsaw. Just pull the trigger and start the saw.

Easy maintenance

You might make a mistake thinking that, as the bar size and engine power of this chainsaw are more than any other gas-powered mid-ranged saw, it would be more challenging to handle. You have the wrong conception. The maintenance of this saw is more comfortable. Its aluminum-made handle is fully wrapped by the cushion. For this convenience, the logger can easily grip the handle firmly and keep his control over it during the cut when it vibrates. Its 3 point vibration system is the plus point to make it a balanced, comfortable, and maneuverable chainsaw. Its shock absorption helps with its maneuverability. However, you have to tension the chain after every 10 minutes. At the very first use of the saw, there is a possibility of chain tensioning.

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S Has Low Kickback

As much as a chainsaw is powerful, the kickback should be so much lower. A proficient logger is very careful of the kickback of his chainsaw. However, don’t worry about the kickback of this chainsaw. The chain of this saw is designed in such a way as to kick back at a lower level. 

Inertia Chain brake

As much as a chain is controlled, so much the logger can keep his control over the chain. However, an uncontrolled chain may deter the logger from easy movement. This chainsaw has an inertia chain brake system. It stops the chain at the time of kickback and emergency. That helps a logger to increase maintenance comfort and protection to safety.

Tool-free access

It is bothering a logger, taking the help of a toolbox to maintain his saw during the cut-time. Firstly, it is an extra hassle for the logger. Secondly, it is a deterrent to continuous smooth work. And lastly, it is the reason for wasting time. Adversely, tool-free maintenance helps to overcome those drawbacks. The logger can easily detach the air filter and clean it. He also can easily maintain the spark plug without the help of the toolbox.

Automatic Oiling

In a smooth cut, the chain of a saw should constantly be lubricated. Continuous lubrication in the chain helps the logger to take an accurate cut. But it is impossible to keep the chain continuously lubricated manually. Keeping that drawback in mind, the facility of an adjustable automatic oiling system has been inserted into this chain. Besides helping the speedy and smooth cut, it keeps the logger away from extra-hassle and saves his time, prolonging the cut-time.

Safety Features of Craftsman 20” Chainsaw

It has bucking spikes that hold the wood firmly during the cutting and keep the hand of the logger safe from the chain. A good chainsaw should have bucking spikes. The low kickback of the chain and inertia chain braking system ensures the safety of the loggers. However, for the additional safety measures, the logger should wear hand-gloves, helmets, and dresses. Following the manual’s direction properly is the best step to ensure safety. Coping up with the directions in the proper way prolongs the durability of the saw.


  • Easy to start
  • Maintenance without the help of toolbox
  • Firmly grip able handle
  • Bucking spikes
  • It is maneuverable
  • 3 point anti-vibration system.
  • Bar-chain is always lubricated
  • Inertia Chain Brake
  • Safety assurance


Final Thought on Craftsman 20 Inch Chainsaw

Without hesitation or confusion, we can say that the craftsman 46cc 18 is the perfect chainsaw for cutting heavy-duty work for DIY, homeowners, farmers, and landscapers. All of the components favoring features and safety measurements are inserted into it. However, professionals are also encouraged to buy it, but they should be careful of extra-loading. The loggers are suggested to take their precautions and to follow the guidelines properly before using this.


What are the accessories of this chainsaw?

The accessories include a carry case, a bar cover, and 2-cycle engine oil. 

Who should buy this chainsaw?

DIY, homeowners, farmers, landscapers are suggested to buy this one.

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