Craftsman Chainsaw Review 2024 [Based on Users Ratings]

The chainsaw’s brand, which has been meeting the logger demands for a century, is none but Craftsman. From 1927 to the present, it has been competing in the chainsaw market with its fame for manufacturing user-friendly chainsaws. In the first few decades, it manufactured chainsaws only for homeowners. But in the course of time, it produces variable chainsaws for both homeowners and professionals. So in this Craftsman chainsaw review article, we have picked up some best chainsaws of the craftsman. We hope it will help you in choosing the best one.

The chainsaws from the Craftsman brand are of wide varieties. It makes the users privileged in choosing the best one for their works from its gas-powered, corded, or cordless electric chainsaws. That makes this brand different from the other brands.

Top 7 Popular Craftsman Chainsaw Reviews

All of the accessories of this brand are made by multi-award-winning companies. Their qualities are beyond question. So let’s check the 5 best Craftsman chainsaw list-

CRAFTSMAN S165 Full Crank 2-Cycle 16 inches Gas Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN 42cc 16 inch chainsaw is a perfect cutting tool for lawn mowing, yard cleaning, wood slicing, and doing other outdoor cutting jobs. 

Cutting performance

CRAFTSMAN S165 chainsaw, with its more powerful engine and 16 inches bar, can cut through any harsh, dense, harder, even the toughest wood without any problem.


For better and safe cutting work, CRAFTSMAN 2-Cycle 16 inch chainsaw comes with a low-kickback system. 

Polymer Chassis

CRAFTSMAN 42cc 16 inch chainsaw is engineered with a polymer chassis. This system makes this saw capable of supplying outstanding performance. At reduced fatigue, the logger can use this durable saw.


CRAFTSMAN S165 chainsaw is lightweight. Interestingly, with the lightweight, it can perform heavier work without any change in the power supply. The weight of this saw is just 12 pounds. It is more lightweight compared to its counterparts. This chainsaw is maneuverable to operate. You can take him anywhere to your outdoor cutting job, and you can keep it in any position, whatever you like. 

Easy starting

You might think the starting process of this gas-powered Craftsman 2-Cycle 16-inch chainsaw is effortful. Making your idea is wrong; it comes with a smarter, quicker, and smoother starting process.

Adjustable auto chain oiler

CRAFTSMAN 42cc 16 inch chainsaw features the adjustable automatic chain oiling mechanism. Firstly, you do not have to oil the chain manually, and secondly, you can adjust the rate of the auto oiling speed. 

Anti-vibration system

As the CRAFTSMAN S165 chainsaw has a powerful engine, it must have an anti-vibration system. The powerful engine makes the saw tremble during the cutting. The anti-vibration is here to draw a balance between the engine and the hand of the logger. 

It has a 3 point anti-vibration system. That is unique from any other vibration system. There are few chainsaws that have the 3 point anti-vibration system.

Ergonomic design

The handles of the CRAFTSMAN 2-Cycle 16 inch chainsaw are made ergonomically. The handle is comfortable and a logger can easily grip the saw and hold it firmly. Its bumper spikes are also here for a better controlling mechanism. The spikes provide leverage for the easier and more control of saw in cutting. They make the saw stable during the operation time, gripping the wood firmly.

Inertia Chain brake

CRAFTSMAN 42cc 16 inch chainsaw has an inertia chain brake system for the better safety of the logger. The inertia chain brake stops the chain at the time of happening kickback and emergency.

Tool-free access to the air filter and air purge

In a gas-powered chainsaw, air management is one of the important facts. Like other gas-powered chainsaws, the air management of the CRAFTSMAN S165 chainsaw is not effortful. It has a tool-free access system to the air filter and the air purge. It reduces the fatigue of the logger.

Easy chain tensioning system

The chain management of the CRAFTSMAN 2-Cycle 16 inch chainsaw comprises an effortless and quick chain tensioning system. It has a side-mounted chain tensioning system. The logger, in a short while, can tighten the chain.

Fast charging

As CRAFTSMAN 42cc 16 inch chainsaw is a battery-powered saw and run by it, the charging of the battery is a considerable fact. The good news is that the battery of this one gets charged in a short while. In just an hour, the battery gets fully charged.


As a bonus, the CRAFTSMAN S165 chainsaw will give you a heavy-duty carry case, 2 cycle oil, and a crunch tool.


The warranty of the CRAFTSMAN 2-Cycle 16 inch chainsaw is 2 years. Compared to the performance and the work category, the 2 years warranty is the perfect duration for professional users. 

After going through our craftsman battery chainsaw review, let’s check its pros and cons.

Features we like

  • Impressive cutting with a powerful engine
  • Easy to handle for the lightweight
  • Easy to maintain for the tool-free system
  • Polymer Chassis
  • Safety ensured


  • Chain tensioning is not tool-free

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Saw Machine

This CRAFTSMAN V20 12 inches lighter chainsaw is for light jobs like pruning, trimming, and cleaning the yard. It is the best companion for the homeowner and the DIY. 

Cutting test

The cutting test of the CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 chainsaw is impressive compared to its work category. It has a powerful 4.0Ah battery that can hold much power for non-stop cutting for a long duration. The 12 inches bar also fits its work category.

Bubble level

CRAFTSMAN Cordless 12 inches chainsaw has a unique feature that is different from any other battery-powered chainsaw. This system helps with accurate and precise cutting. It helps with the adjustment of the cutting level.

Auto oiling system

The chain management of the CRAFTSMAN V20, 12 inches chainsaw, is with the auto oiling mechanism. The auto oiler oils the chain constantly during the cutting time. It keeps the chain constantly lubricated. This system helps to keep the chain sharper and makes the work speedier. 

Too-free chain tensioning

CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 chainsaw is made with a tool-free chain tensioning system. Like the usual chainsaw, the logger need not tighten the chain with his manual effort taking the help of the wrench. 

Replacement of parts

CRAFTSMAN Cordless 12 inches chainsaw has a replacement facility. You can replace the chain and bar with the new one. 

VersaTrack Wall Organization System

This is the unique system that you will find in the craftsman chainsaws as they bring varieties features to the chainsaw market. This system will help you cut the wood in a different position keeping the saw hanging with the attachment. The hanging hook is the integrated part of this tool.


CRAFTSMAN V20 12 inches chainsaw is giving you its 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery and a Lithium-ion charger as a bonus.

Handy Instruction level

CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 chainsaw has a handy instruction level. The level shows the direction for the smooth and right starting of the saw.


Using CRAFTSMAN Cordless 12 inches chainsaw, you will find it eco-friendly as this does not consume fuel and does not exhaust the carbon. It emits nothing that can affect the greenhouse effect.


The warranty of the CRAFTSMAN V20, 12 inches chainsaw, is three years. That is a long-time warranty that usually is not given to the other company. 

What you may like

  • The hand does not get tired of the less vibration.
  • Easy to carry and to handle
  • Less-maintenance
  • Bubble level
  • Tool-free chain tensioning

What you may not like

  • Become hot when cutting the thick branches.

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 46cc 2-Cycle 20-Inch Chainsaw

Craftsman 426S is listed third in our craftsman chainsaws reviews. The chainsaw has some unique features and those are listed below-

Cutting capability

The cutting capability of the Craftsman 20 inch chainsaw is praiseworthy. It consists of a high-power 42cc 2 cycle full crank gas engine. That is more powerful compared to its works category. Without any inconvenience, you can do your pruning, limbing, bucking, and trimming work in a speedy way. 

Easy starting

The starting process of the Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S chainsaw is so easy and ergonomic. For the purpose of reducing fatigue, the starting process of the saw is made ergonomically. 

Ergonomic design

Do not make a wrong impression, thinking that, as Craftsman 2-Cycle 20 inches chainsaw is a gas-powered chainsaw, the operation of this will be very tougher. But this is not like that; all of the design of this saw is made ergonomic and colorful. The logger can easily run his operation.

Cushioned full wrap aluminum handle

The handles of the saw are an important tool for a saw. Because the logger controls and operates saws with the help of these. The control of the saw largely depends on the saw. The handles of the Craftsman 46cc 20 inch chainsaw are cushioned with full wrap aluminum.

3 points anti-vibration system.’

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S chainsaw has 3 points anti-vibration system. So there is no chance of high vibration in running the saw as this one is of the high-powerful one. 


The possibility of kickback happening is severe in the case of the powerful chainsaw. So keeping this in mind, the manufacturer of the saw inserted the low-kickback system to this Craftsman 2-Cycle 20 inches chainsaw. The chain is made with a low-kickback system.

Bucking spikes

Craftsman 20 inch chainsaw is made with bucking spikes. The bucking spikes keep the saw stable during the cut. They hold the wood firmly, keeping the saw balanced with the wood. 

Inertia chain brake

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S chainsaw has an inertia chain brake system. This system ensures the safety of the logger. The automatic chain brake stops the chain in an automatic way at the time of the happening of the kickback and at the emergency. 

Automatic oiling

Craftsman 2-Cycle chainsaw is made with an automatic lubrication system. The automatic lubrication system helps to reduce the effort in using the saw. The logger needs not oil the saw in a manual process. The automatic lubrication keeps the saw oiled at a constant time. For keeping the chain sharper and smoother in cutting, this system is needed.

Tool-free air management

In air management of a powered chainsaw, three is a need for the manual effort and help of the toolbox, which is tiresome. But Craftsman 46cc 20 inch chainsaw has tool-free access to the air filter and air purge. Without any help from the toolbox, the logger can clean the air filter. 

Carry case

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S chainsaw comes with a carry vase. In the usual chainsaw, whether it is gas-powered or not, it does not come with a carry case. For easy transportation of the saw, this chainsaw comes with a carry case. For this helping tool or instrument, the logger can carry his saw and bring it anywhere for his outdoor cutting jobs.  

What you may like

  • Satisfactory cutting performance
  • Cushioned full wrap aluminum handle
  • Carry case
  • 3 point vibration
  • Bucking spikes

What you may not like

  • Chain tensioning is lightly effortful.

Gas-Powered S185 CRAFTSMAN 18 Chainsaw Review

For your lawn mowing, cleaning the yard, slicing the wood, and in any outdoor projects, CRAFTSMAN 42cc 18 inch chainsaw is the perfect one. 

Powerful engine

CRAFTSMAN S185 chainsaw has a 42cc full crank 2-cycle engine. That is a robust one for the cutting works. It has an 18 inches bar that is the perfect size for cutting the tougher and harder wood in an easy and smooth way. You can chop harder wood under this saw. It will cut through the harder wood like just cutting the onion for your cooking.


If you get a cutter, which is both powerful and lighter, you are a lucky one. Usually, the heavier saws are heavyweight, and the lighter saws are lightweight. But this CRAFTSMAN 2-Cycle 18 inch chainsaw has two impressive features. Those are sufficient to allure a buyer.

Polymer chassis

Usually, the powerful saws are for a long time cutting wok. In long-time cutting work, the logger gets tired. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturer of this saw makes an effort to reduce the fatigue of the logger. In CRAFTSMAN 42cc 18 inch chainsaw, you will find, polymer chassis that reduces the effort of the logger and keeps him energetic for the long time cutting works.

Easy starting

The logger wants to begin the work with a sound temper. If the starting process of a saw is hard-working, it is very reasonable to lose the temper. However, the good news is that this CRAFTSMAN S185 chainsaw will not let you lose your temper. Rather, it will help you to be calm, for it’s a smart, speedy, and quick starting system.

Adjustable auto oiler

For better oiling management, this CRAFTSMAN 2-Cycle 18 inch chainsaw consists of better oil management. In oil management of this saw, you will find its adjustable automatic oiling system

3 point vibration

This CRAFTSMAN 42cc 18 inch chainsaw has a slow-vibration system. Its 3-pint vibration is more effective than any other one. It helps with the easy and comfortable running of the saw. 

What you like 

  • Powerful Engine
  • Lightweight
  • Polymer chassis for long-time cut
  • Easy starting
  • 3 Point vibration

What you may not like

  • Chain tensioning is not tool-free

CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 14 Inch Chainsaw

Cutting ability

For cutting the toughest wood, this CRAFTSMAN 14-inch chainsaw has a powerful motor with 8 AMP capacities. The 14 inches bar is able to cut any small stuff like chopping the potato for making your dinner.’

Automatic oiling 

The oiling mechanism of the CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 Chainsaw is automatic. With an automatic process, it oils the chain during the cutting for the betterment of the chain and for increasing the speed of the cutting.

Oil window

For the better management of the oil and for reducing the hassle of the logger, and for making CRAFTSMAN 8 AMP 14-inch chainsaw as a comfortable saw, this chainsaw has an oil window.

Bolt Lock Chain Tensioning 

The bar management of the CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 Chainsaw is not like the others. It has a Bolt Lock Chain Tensioning system. With The Bolt Lock Chain system, the bar and chain are secured for cutting as they are gripped by the saw firmly. They clam the chain firmly. 

Versa track compatible

This CRAFTSMAN 8 AMP 14-inch chainsaw has another interesting feature that it has Versa tracks compatible design. With this design, the logger can use this saw hanging into any attachment. For a better cutting position, sometimes, the logger has to take various positions even if he has to make the saw positioned in variable directions. This tool will help you to stand the saw in your expected position. 

Lifetime warranty

You will be astonished that this CRAFTSMAN CMECS614 Chainsaw comes with a lifetime warranty to the logger. That is the rare warranty you will get by the company. 

What you like 

  • Satisfactory cutting
  • Automatic oiling
  • Versa track compatible
  • Bolt Lock Chain Tensioning 
  • Lifetime warranty

What you may not like

  • Not perfect for cutting the toughest wood

CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 16-Inch Electric Chainsaws

High-powered motor

This CRAFTSMAN 12 AMP, 16-inch Chainsaw, comes with a high-powered motor. With the 16 inches bar, it can cut through any toughest wood that comes to its diameter.


For increasing safety and making the speedy cut, CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 Chainsaw has a low-kickback system. Its shallow teeth can cut more but cannot cause the kickback.

Oil Window

Using CRAFTSMAN 12 AMP 16-inch Chainsaw, you need not check the level of the oil in a manual process that increases your fatigue. Its oil window is here to assist you. It will show the level of the oil and tell the time of refilling the oil. 

Tool-free chain tensioning mechanism

If you previously experienced chain tensioning with the help of the toolbox, this CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 Chainsaw is here to relieve you from such kind of hassle. It has a tool-free chain tensioning system. You need not open the toolbox, no need to search the wrench, and no fear of losing the nuts of the bar in using this one. 

Warranty: The warranty of this CRAFTSMAN 12 AMP 16-inch Chainsaw is 3 years.

What you like 

  • High power motor
  • Tool-free chain tensioning mechanism
  • Oil Window
  • Low-Kickback
  • Powerful Battery

What you may not like

  • Not perfect for the heavy cutting

CRAFTSMAN CMCCS660E1 V60 Cordless Saw

We put Craftsman 60V chainsaw last while writing the reviews on craftsman chainsaws because its bar size is quite small. But it offers some other features like-

Cutting master

With a 60V brushless motor that is more capable of cutting and with a 16 inches bar that is sufficiently lengthy, CRAFTSMAN V60 16 Inch Chainsaw can cut through any harder wood that comes to its diameter. It can run for long-time cutting work. 

Versa track compatible

Another unique feature of this CRAFTSMAN CMCCS660E1 Chainsaw draws a difference from the other chainsaw is that it has a Versa track compatible system. Sometimes, it is inconvenient to cut the tool at the groundwork. It helps if the saw can be slightly stood at the topper position. Keeping this inconvenience in mind, the craftsman inserted this feature into this model. For comfortable use, it has the Versa track compatible. With the convenience of this system, the logger can cut through the wood by hanging the saw with tools.

Bubble level

CRAFTSMAN 16-Inch Cordless chainsaw has Bubble level. The bubble level of the battery helps to be accurate and the precious cutting. It is the tuning of the cutting level of the saw.

Minimal maintenance

Though this CRAFTSMAN V60 16 Inch Chainsaw is a heavier one, the maintenance of the saw is so effortful rather than the design of the saw is made ergonomic and effortless.

Lifetime warranty

CRAFTSMAN CMCCS660E1 Chainsaw will not impress you with only its cutting performance, but it will also impress you with its lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty will definitely allure any buyer to buy it. 

What you like 

  • Satisfactory cutting
  • Sufficient bar length
  • Versa track compatible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-powered battery

What you may not like

  • Chain tensioning is tool-free

Final Thought

The craftsman is the all-rounder brand. For a durable, user-friendly, reasonable price, lightweight, easy maintenance, and every attractive feature possess this craftsman. We think this Craftsman chainsaw review has already allured you to the craftsman product.

In buying the other’s chainsaw than the craftsman, the performance and the features may not satisfy you to the fullest. But with lots of varieties, you can easily choose the perfect one for your work. So, if you are a professional, there are a lot of craftsman’s saws of the craftsman with different powers for you. If you are a homeowner or DIY, there are also chainsaws from the small to middle ranges for you. If you are a homeowner, you might think there are no perfect chainsaws of this brand for you. But no, there are a lot of simple chainsaws of craftsmen for the lighter jobs available in the market. So, we recommend you choose a craftsman saw that is perfect for you. 

However, we recommend the CRAFTSMAN CMCCS660E1 V6016- Inch Cordless Chainsaw for the professional and CRAFTSMAN CME CS614 8-Amp 14-Inch Chainsaw for the homeowners and the beginners.


Who makes craftsman chainsaws?

Craftsman brand collaborates with the Husqvarna group. For this reason, most of the parts of a craftsman’s saw are made of this group. As it provides the best services, in the future, it is hoped they will come with more standard services.

Is a craftsman a good chainsaw?

Yeah, the chainsaws of the craftsmen are absolutely good. Making the homeowners and DIY satisfied, they are satisfying the professionals also. You can make its chainsaw your best friend in your daily cutting works. 

Which is better, Husqvarna or Craftsman?

The position of Husqvarna in the field of the chainsaw market is at the top. They are most popular for their efficient chainsaws. But on consideration of the affordability and the wide-varieties of the products, the importance of the craftsman is more in this case. Because you will find, most of the tools of the Husqvarna are heavier. 

Are Poulan and Craftsman the same?

Most of the parts of craftsman’s chainsaws are made by the Husqvarna group. On the other side, Husqvarna owns the Poulan. So, you may find similarities among them. 

Where will I buy a Craftsman chainsaw?

The craftsman chainsaw is available in Sears, Kmart, Amazon, and other online stores.

Where are craftsman chainsaws made?

The craftsman chainsaw is made around the world. Your model search will specify its production location.

Does craftsman come with the Versa track compatible?

No, it does not come with the Versa track compatible. You have to buy this one separately, this tool of a craftsman.

Why will you buy a craftsman chainsaw?

You will buy the craftsman chainsaw for its reasonable price, sufficient warranty, user-friendly, and for quality.

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