Craftsman Belt Sander Reviews [Angled Belt Design]

Craftsman brings you a popular belt sander that keeps the customer’s needs in mind while designing it. We are talking about the Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander with an angled belt to reach out hard places, a handle that can adjust itself in three different positions. Also, it is lightweight and has strong motor power which is a must-have feature in every sander. All these features make it user-friendly for everyone. It also provides a three-year warranty that shows that Craftsman cares about its users and tries to give the best for them. To get an unbiased view from us, you can also see what we liked and disliked about this sanding machine. Read on Craftsman Belt Sander reviews article to know every detail about this sander. 

Technical Specification of the Craftsman Belt Sander

Specification Craftsman Belt Sander
Power Source Corded Electric
Motor 7 Amp
Belt Size 3 x 21 inches
Belt Speed 800-1,000 SFPM (Surface Feet per Minute)
Dust Collection Yes, with dust bag or vacuum attachment
Belt Tracking Automatic
Belt Changing System Tool-free
Weight 6.5 lbs
Warranty 3 years

Craftsman 7 amp Belt Sander Review in 2023

We have discussed the major parts and functions of the Craftsman belt sander that will show you exactly what you are getting in this sanding machine.

Angled Belt

Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander has an exclusive angled belt, unlike other popular sanders in the market. This angled belt makes it look stylish and unique. It also helps to get close to all those adjoined surfaces that are hard to reach. The belt is 3×21 inches which is a standard size and easily available in the market. 

Three positioned Handle

The Craftsman CMEW213 sanding machine has three positioned over-molded handles, which means you can adjust the handle in three different positions now. Handles are pretty important as you need to have a good grip on the sander to work with finesse. It will provide you with a good grip and settle on three positions to give you the comfort and the angle you need to work with this sander. The handle is big enough to get your hands in and to keep the sander under control. 

Power and Speed of Craftsman CMEW213 Belt Sander

The sanding machine is quite small in size, weighing only about 6.64 pounds. However, it does not mean it has a weak motor. Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander comes with a massive 7 amp motor that is pretty powerful compared to other sanders of this type. It sure can do some heavy-duty jobs with ease.  So there are fewer chances that you will end the job with fatigue and tiredness. The belt reaches the speed of 800 feet per minute, which can remove a lot of materials from your workpiece. You might need to take frequent breaks while working on big projects as the sander tends to get hot after long uninterrupted use. 

Attractive Design

Craftsman CMEW213 sanding machine comes in a stylish red and black combo that separates it from other sanders. However, the sander is not just eye-catching. It is also quite powerful and has a good gripping handle that is adjustable in three positions. The casing is a strong plastic that minimizes the vibration so that you can work with comfort and ease. Every part is sturdy and durable, so it will last a long time while giving you an outstanding performance. The sander also comes with an onboard dust bag that collects all the dust and keeps the workplace clean and tidy. It is also compatible with the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System, and you can find all kinds of hooks and accessories sold separately in the shop. 

Extra Features of Craftsman Belt Sander

The belt is easily replaceable in the Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander. It needs no tools and is easy for beginners to do as well. Just pull down the lever, and it will release the belt so that you can change it easily. Another positive side of this sander is that it is easy to store. Unlike the bulky and heavy sanding machine that takes a lot of space, this sander will take a small space in your workplace. We have already gone through our craftsman 3×21 belt sander reviews. Now it’s time to check its pros and cons before making the final decision.

Things we like about Craftsman CMEW213 Belt Sander

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Impressive motor power
  • Fixed speed that reaches up to 800 FPM
  • No tools needed to replace the belts
  • The angled belt can reach adjoined places
  • Handle has three positions for you to try
  • Flawless dust collection system
  • Low vibrations
  • Comes with three-year warranty

Things we disliked about Craftsman CMEW213

Bottom Line

Craftsman has introduced a modern sanding machine suitable for beginners as it has no setup issues and is quite easy on the hands. It might look small and lightweight sanding machine, but it is strong when it comes to performance and functionality. This sander is a go-to belt sander for every homeowner or new woodworker. You can store it easily and use it occasionally when needed, and it will show its magic. The price of the sander is quite reasonable according to the functions and performance. Purchasing the Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander is a good deal that will not disappoint you.  

FAQs on Craftsman Belt Sanders

Can Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander work upside down?

No, it cannot. Attempting to use it vertically is not recommended by the users. It is quite easy to handle, so you can use it as it is for your projects.

What is the best use of a belt sander?

The best use of a sander is sanding. Usually, it helps to trim or level any rough edges on a surface. It also helps freehand shaping and rounding of many objects.  

What else comes with a kit?

The Craftsman CMEW213 belt sander comes with a sanding machine, a dust bag, and a sanding belt. You can easily find extra belts for this sander in the market.

Does it have any warranty?

Yes, it does. Craftsman CMEW213 sanding machine comes with a three-year warranty which proves that it is durable enough to last long and if not, it can get replaced. If you have additional questions related to this Craftsman belt sander review article, you can comment below.


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