Bosch Ra1171 VS Ra1181: Side By Side Comparison

The Routing table is an essential tool for woodworkers who attends to sophisticated projects. Hobbyists or professionals can do tremendous work with the help of a router table that will allow them to cut the wood precisely, shaping the material accurately and edging to the point. However, the absence of the right tool, in this case, the proper route table, can end up making your work messy and abysmal. The Bosch RA1171 and RA1181 have some similarities, which is evident because of the same manufacturer. However, they have distinguishable differences that will assist the user in choosing one over the other. There are differences in terms of price, design specifications, features, and usability. We will try to cover all of them in detail throughout the Bosch Ra1171 VS Ra1181 article, starting with an overview of both products. Then we will review both of them simultaneously with their specs, advantages, and limitations. We are also going to compare the similarities and differences of both products.

At first, let us get familiar with the manufacturer of both products, the Robert Bosch Gmbh, usually known as Bosch. The German manufacturing company, a global leader in technology and services, combined North American power tools and power tool accessories and formed Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. They are a world leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing power tools, and Bosch ra1171 and ra1181 is an examples of their excellent products. So in terms of reliability, you do not have to worry as these Bosch products come from a leading global manufacturer with more than 100 years of relevant experience.

Overview- Bosch Ra1171 Affordable Table

The Bosch Ra1171 is a budget-friendly router table that will serve its user with moderate performance. The product dimension is 15.88 x 25.5 x 18 inches with a weight of 35pounds, making it a convenient route table for portability; storage space for the table remains low. The cabinet-style build is the most impressive feature of the table, allowing better stability, dust management, noise reduction, and storage facility. 

The product design includes a tall aluminum fence, rigid aluminum router mount, two feather boards, and two dust ports. One of the dust ports is with the cabinet and the other with the fence. The aluminum fence is 4 7/8 and 25 1/8 inches, with the ability to handle tall stock, and it has adjustable MDF faces. The two feather boards are connected with the fence and router, making routing fun and accurate. The aluminum router mount plate is rigid, and it is pre-drilled for compatibility for the various router making the table a versatile one. The router table has an accessory slot for an additional feather board and optional accessories like a miter gauge. It also has storage space for the power cord.

Technical Specifications of RA1171 Router Table

The Bosch ra1171 cabinet style router table comes with the following accessories, starter pin, starter pin guard, adjustable feather boards, mounting plate insert rings, adjustable clear guards, outfeed fence shims, and hardware for mounting routers. The setup process of the table is time-consuming, and beginners might face some trouble with it. However, the setup manual gives clear instructions, and if you correctly follow that, you can start working within an hour of unboxing the product.   

The laminated tabletop has a surface area of 25 x 15 ½ inches. In addition, the router table is compatible with almost every router available in the market. With all of these specs and features, users can handle a range of works, including designing, crafting, and cutting wood materials. Furthermore, this table allows the users to perform stable routing with excellent control in terms of accuracy and precision. 

Advantages Of Bosch Ra1171 cabinet style table

  • Budget-friendly router table
  • Cabinet-style allowing stability and storage
  • Rigid aluminum router mount plate
  • The aluminum fence that can handle tall stock
  • Two dust port ensures a clean working environment
  • Adjustable MDF faces
  • 1-year limited warranty with a service protection plan


  • Less surface are 
  • The setup process is critical

Overview of Bosch Ra1181 Router Table

The Bosch ra1181 is a well-built machine that comes at an affordable price. The dimension of the product is 22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches, and its weight is 30 pounds. The table is moveable, and there are 120V current settings options with a 15amp outlet, making it unique among router tables. The table is compatible with almost every router, and it has an excellent build.

The package comes with some accessories, including a Ra1181 router table, starter pin, starter pin guard, adjustable clear guards, adjustable feather boards, outfeed fence shims, hardware for mounting, and mounting plate insert rings. All of these are enough to start routing after setting up the table. However, the setup process is time-consuming, and even with the explicit instruction manual, few novice users may face trouble. 

Technical Features Chart

The router table has some incredible features making it popular among users. Firstly, the large aluminum top enhances durability and allows user comfort while routing. It has a surface area of 27 x 18 inches. In addition, the aluminum mounting plate is rigid and comes pre-drilled, making the table compatible with a variety of router machines. Also, the fence is extra tall with adjustable faceplates and feather boards, increasing the router’s accuracy and precision. Lastly, the dust collection port that fits 2 ½ inches of vacuum hose for debris-free cutting ensures a clean working area. 

The table has an accessory slot that accepts feather boards and ¾ inch optional accessories like the miter gauge. It also has a storage pocket allowing storage for router components. The power cord has a 6 feet long cable which is handy for the movement of the router table, and there is also a cord wrap storage. Overall this router table will satisfy the user with its tremendous performance consisting of precision and accuracy.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Tabletop surface area is specious
  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate 
  • Pre-drill around the plate to ensure compatibility of other product
  • Adjustable feather boards increase accuracy and support from kickback  
  • Dust collection port for clean working area
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Extra tall fence
  • Safety lock 
  • Height adjustment
  • 6-feet power cord enhances portability

Limitation of Bosch Ra1181

  • The router plate may feel tricky sometimes
  • Some users find the machined aluminum surface rough 

Bosch Ra1171 VS Ra1181: Which Router Table is Better in 2022?

We took the liberty to inform the woodworking community of the best products for every user with distinct needs. This comparison article will shed light on two of the router table from the same manufacturers so that the user can choose which one is better for their needs. In this section, we will compare both the products by their features, specifications, and workings.


Both of the products are from Bosch Manufacturer, and they have experienced over a century in this industry. Therefore, in terms of reliability, both product has the same value. In addition, both products have the same 1-year warranty to increase users’ trust. However, the Ra1181 beats the other with its cast aluminum top surface, making it sturdy. 


Generally, both product has moderate weight and size to be portable. But the Bosch ra1181is lighter and more compact. Also, its power cord is 6 feet, increasing its portability. However, mobility for long distances needs to disassemble the table and then reassemble again, and it can be a little frustrating for frequent movement.


Both routing tables are budget-friendly, and the Bosch manufacturers allow users to utilize a better tool at a lower price. Now, between the two router tables, the Bosch Ra1171 is 20-30$ less than the Bosch Ra1181. 

Design Specification

The manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on both products’ designs to get the most of their usage. For example, the cabinet-style route table has a cabinet making it more stable, while the aluminum top table has a surface area that brings more usability. In addition, although both routing tables have an aluminum fence that can handle tall stock, the ra1181 has a height adjustment making it more capable. On the other hand, the ra1171 has two dust collection ports making the routing cleaner with this table.  


In terms of usability, both of the products are top-notch. Once the assembling of the table is complete, it allows the users to focus on their routing in the most optimal way possible. For example, the adjustable MDF fence with faceplates increases the usability of the table for routing; users can adjust according to the size of the material and routing they will perform. The feather boards are also adjustable, and it provides additional guidance and kickback protection during routing. As we can see, both products offer better usability than most of the other products in this price range. 


First, both devices have a router mount plate allowing a range of routers to work with the table. In addition, both Bosch products ensure that the user can handle cutting, crafting, trim molding, shaping a custom threshold, and decorating different size materials. Overall, in terms of versatility, both of the product is a winner. 

After getting all the technical features, let’s check some of the key differences both of the products have, which are listed below in our bosch router table ra1171 vs ra1181 article.

Key Differences Between Bosch Ra1181 and Ra1171

There is some noticeable difference between the products, and we will have a look at that now.

  • The Bosch ra1171 is cheaper than ra1181
  • Bosch ra1181 is more portable with lighter weight
  • The Bosch ra1171 has a cabinet-style setup enhancing stability
  • Bosch ra1181 has cast aluminum, ensuring  durability
  • For cleanup, the ra1171 has two dust port storage while the other has only one
  • To prevent unauthorized use, ra1181 has a safety lock
  • The 1181 routing table has a built-in circuit breaker and on/off switch to protect the router’s electronic
  • The Bosch ra1181 is a height adjustment option on an extra tall fence, allowing tall stock for routing

Bosch Ra1181 or Ra1171? Our Recommendation

The woodworker community needs better tools to provide more delicate works. The Bosch Tool Corporation is determined to assist its customers with the latest tools capable of specific needs. The products, as mentioned earlier, are a representation of agreement between the manufacturers and customers. The budget-friendly router tables are excellent products to accomplish user needs with maintaining quality.

Although both route tables are extra-ordinary, the Bosch ra1181 offers a little extra with a price difference of 20-30$. If you can spare a little extra, our recommendation goes with the ra1181 as it supports more versatility with its extra tall fence and height adjustment feature, along with a sturdy aluminum surface.

To sum it up, the Bosch ra1181 and the Bosch ra1171 both are great releases by Bosch, and woodworkers, carpenters, or DIY/weekend workers can fulfill their work requirements with the products. In addition, the router tables will allow precise cuts for better work output. So if you are a woodwork enthusiast looking for a router table, you can choose any of the mentioned products and not be disappointed. Moreover, it is rare to find a sturdy routing table compatible with most routers and provides precise cuts and a price tag as low as Bosch ra1171 and Bosch ra1181.

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