Bosch Pr20evs Review

Bosch Pr20evs Review 2024 [5.6 Amp Colt Palm Router]

Maneuvering the power tool determines your work efficiency, and it is also applicable for woodworking routers. If you can operate the device comfortably, you will get desired outcomes of your work. Keeping that in mind, the Bosch Tool manufacturers brings you an excellent product Bosch PR20EVS. This compact router will fit in your palm, and it is known as a palm router as well. This Bosch Pr20evs review article will detail the palm router’s features, specifications, benefits, and drawbacks. We suggest the readers traverse through the whole piece to get a clear overview of the product. 

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you must be familiar with Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing power tools and accessories. They have experience over hundred years of manufacturing and solid design specifications for each of their products. The palm router is a perfect example of their quality works.

Besides being a compact portable router, this incredible device offers ample power and motor speed to accomplish user demands for better routes. Moreover, this product has all features of other routers in its class and brings more efficiency with its excellent maneuverability. In addition, the price of the palm router is very affordable. Therefore, getting this product is a win-win deal for any woodworker.

Bosch Pr20evs Accessories

At first, let us check out what the package includes with the Bosch PR20EVS colt router. So, after unboxing, we will find the colt router itself, a carrying case, and a PR001 fixed base. In addition, it has a ¼ inch collet chucks. Finally, the package includes a shaft wrench and collet wrench for better user accessibility while setting up the router and bit changes. Overall, the router comes with everything the user might need to start their workings. However, if the user wants to increase its value, they can buy more additional compatible accessories.

Electronic Variable-Speed Palm Router Bosch Pr20evs Review

There are many reasons to select this router for your everyday woodworking needs. The woodworking community appreciates the colt router from its ergonomic design, complacent usability, decent performance to product durability, and combination of all these positive qualities.  

Compact Design

The palm router has a dimension of 9.41 x 7.43 x 4.7 inches, and it weighs only 3.3 pounds. The device’s size offers better portability, and it takes less storage space making it a more convenient tool. In addition, the router base is of rugged aluminum materials, making it solid with increased durability. Also, the motor housing has a palm-shaped soft grip.

The design of the colt router also features unique finger support pockets making edge trimming with this router a fun experience. Moreover, it also features a quick clamp system, a depth adjustment mechanism, and a base opening of 1-9/16 inches.  

Decent Power 

As we mentioned earlier, this colt router is not just a compact unit, and it has ample power to perform most of the everyday route tasks. The only routing it can not do is heavy-duty industry-scale projects. The Bosch PR20EVS has 1-horsepower and a 5.6 amp motor that can operate in 120V outlets. With these power settings, you can accomplish furniture and cabinetry works.

Variable Motor Speed Control  

The Bosch PR20EVS router motor offers a speed range of 16000-35000 revolutions per minute, allowing its users more control of their routing. The speed dial mounts on the top of the motor housing, and users can access it to set proper speed for different workpieces.

The colt router also features a constant response circuitry system. It enables the router to self-reflect its speed and maintain the pre-selected speed under load. Therefore, users can expect consistency in the performance with this machine.

Bosch pr20evs Features Soft-starting Motor

The soft-staring motor is a crucial feature for router devices, and every manufacturer should integrate this feature with their router. This feature ensures by decreasing startup torque so that users do not damage the workpiece. Furthermore, it gives the user better control over the device and better control over their workings. 

Precise Depth Adjustment

The depth adjustments of the routers influence their workability, and the palm router emphasizes providing a better depth adjustment. Therefore, they allow both micro and macro adjustment settings. In addition, the router accepts ¼ inch bits for increasing capacity. Also, the bits and cutters range between 2/5 to 3 inches. Overall, with its effortless microfine adjustments, this colt router makes sure that the users set the router according to their specifications to get precise outcomes.  

Versatility & Usability of Bosch Colt pr20evs Router

The Bosch palm router is a versatile machine that can accomplish a lot in diverse projects. It can complete your standard routing works with ease, except the industry-level routing. As a result, users from different skill levels, from beginners to hobbyists, DIY workers, to professional woodworkers, can take full advantage of this small-sized router unit. In addition, they will have satisfactory performance in cabinetry or furniture woodworking projects.

While talking about the small-sized Bosch Colt pr20evs review, we must mention the perks its size brings in for woodworking. First of all, the palm router is a hand-held router that allows excellent portability as you can carry it around anywhere. However, the most impressive advantage of being a compact unit is it will enable unparalleled reach while routing in intricate wood or wooden piece. 

Overall Control

Control over your machine and workpiece ensure you will get the desired outcome. The Bosch PR20EVS colt palm router gives its user the utmost control. The user can control the speed according to his need, navigate through depth adjustments, and compact size provides excellent operating of the device. All of these indicate a better control, meaning the output is deliberately exact fulfilling user requirements.

Lastly, more features are worth mentioning, such as the quick clamp system that enables easy motor adjustment for base changes. Also, the router’s power cord is 10 inches, and it features an angled cord exit keeping it away from routing operation.

Advantages of Bosch PR20EVS

  • Compact, lightweight unit ensure portability
  • Affordable price
  • Palm router fits in your palm, enabling better usability
  • Soft-starting motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Microfine depth adjustment
  • Unique finger support pocket
  • Beginner-friendly router 


  • The dust management system can be better
  • No LED lights
  • No locking mechanism


Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is a reliable manufacturer, and they provide a warranty with each of their product. The Bosch PR20EVS palm router is no exception, and it has a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Choosing the right power tool, in this case, a router machine can be troubling. Lousy selection of the device can result in unsatisfactory performance, so the user should be careful during the process. This Bosch Pr20evs review will hopefully aid in making a better judgment about Bosch PR20EVS as it covers all the details of the router.   

The palm router will ensure better usability, control, and precision with its efficient design and features. The small-sized aluminum base router can attend most woodworking projects such as cutting, edging, grooving, and profiling.  From straight line-cutting to delicate edge routing, the colt router will assist you throughout your projects. So if you are a woodworking enthusiast, you should add this router to your tool collection.

Some other routers are equally valuable as this one from Bosch Tool Corporation. However, if you are unsure about the product and want to browse for more options, you can check out the following two routers by Bosch. The most popular Bosch router is Bosch 1617EVSPK and Bosch’s combination router Bosch MRC23EVSK.


What size do bits fit the Bosch PR20EVS?

The more the bits size the less vibration meaning better routes. The device accepts standard ¼ inch bits.

Does the router Bosch PR20EVS has any base opening feature?

The colt router Bosch Colt PR20EVS has a 1-9/16 inch base opening feature. 

Why is the router Bosch PR20EVS called the palm router?

The top of the motor housing of the product is palm-shaped, and it fits the palm of your hand.

Is there any other router costs less than Bosch PR20EVS?

There are many products regarding routers but a few reliable ones. Unfortunately, Bosch does not have more router products with lesser prices than this. You can check out the affordable Makita RT0701C router.

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