Bosch MRC23EVSK Review 2024 [Combination Router]

The Bosch Mrc23evsk is yet another excellent product by the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. With its microfine adjustment and ergonomic variable speed control, the combination router became the favorite power tool of the woodworking community. This top-tier router will provide its user a consistent performance with better controllability. So we suggest you read throughout this Bosch MRC23EVSK review article as you will find all the information to make a better judgment about this specific product.

Routers are one of the essential tools for any woodworking project. It allows the workers to achieve a precise outcome in the cutting, edging, and profiling of wood and wooden materials for any cabinetry, furniture, or decorative projects. Therefore choosing the right product is crucial so that the user can trust and depend on the tool. The Bosch mrc23evsk combination router is one of those routers where woodworkers can put their faith.

One of the main reason to choosing Bosch electronic modular router over other is its manufacturer. The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is a global leader in manufacturing power tools, machinery, and accessories with a hundred years of experience and perfected design specifications. Therefore, in terms of reliability woodworker community can find a rare few competitors to the Robert Bosch Corporation.   

Bosch MRC23EVSK Accessories 

The router package comes with everything the user might need to set up the device and start routing. Firstly, it has a powerful motor with options for a plunge base or a fixed base. In addition, the package includes the self-releasing collet chuck in two sizes, which are ¼ inch and ½ inch. Furthermore, for better accessibility with the tool, the package consists of a set of wrenches: a 16mm shaft wrench, a 24mm collet nut wrench, and one T-handle hex height adjustment wrench. 

Moreover, as the fixed base router is compatible with table mounting, the package includes 3 M4 screws. Finally, the router package comes with a carrying case that eases handling of the product.

Bosch mrc23evsk Modular Router System Reviews

Suppose you are a woodworking enthusiast and browsing for the finest products in the power tool category. This article will cover a detailed discussion about Bosch Mrc23evsk, including its specifications, features, benefits, and limitations.

Ergonomic Design

As we mentioned earlier, the Bosch Tool Corporation had perfected its product design specifications with a hundred years of experience. We can see that in this Bosch combination routers. The Bosch Mrc23evsk is capable of both fixed-base routing and plunge base routing, and the quick-clamp system allows fast and tool-free conversion of the base.

The dimension of this 2.3hp router is 22.7 x 15.25 x 9.75 inches, and its weight is 12.6 pounds. Also, the fixed base diameter is 6 inches, and the plunge base diameter is 7 inches. Overall the product packages weigh 25.8 pounds. The compact size makes the product better suitable for mobility. In addition, the fixed base router is table mountable, and it comes with threaded holes.

The product’s design also features aluminum motor construction, ensuring damage protection and sturdiness. Furthermore, the invention also incorporates some of the top features for the router machine, highlighted in the following section. Some exciting design features include a soft-staring motor, microfine bit depth adjustment, current response circuitry, variable speed adjustment, and adjustable turret stop. 

The features of this 2.3hp combination router allow it to stand out from the competition. Its thoughtful features make the product versatile with better control and accuracy, increasing performance value.

Combination Router 

One of this router’s selling points is that it is usable as both a fixed base and plunge base router. At first, let us understand what the difference between the two bases is. The fixed-base router is more of a mountable table router that can cut workpieces with predefined markings. On the other hand, the plunge base router is a hand-held router that can accomplish more complex routing needs without cutting through the edges.

The 2.3hp mrc23evsk router has both features, and with its quick clamp system, conversion of the base is not time-consuming, neither it requires any additional tools. The fixed-base diameter is 6 inches, and the plunge-base diameter is 7 inches. In addition, the fixed base has a depth range of 1-5/8 inches, and the plunge base has a depth range of 3 inches.   

Bosch MRC23EVSK Router Features Powerful Motor

The motor is the most crucial part of any router as it determines the workability of the product. With that in mind, the Bosch Mrc23evsk integrates a powerful engine with the unit. It is a 15amp variable speed motor with a soft-starting feature. The motor is 2X powerful than the Bosch Pr20evs Colt Palm router. Furthermore, the device is compatible with 120V outlets, and it allows horsepower up to 2.3hp, enabling it for a moderate range of tasks. Lastly, the motor allows a speed range of 10000-25000 RPM, which gives users excellent versatility and control over routing.

Soft-Starting Motor Function

Soft-starting motor function is a beneficial feature integration with the device. It helps reduce torque during starting. As a result, users have better control over the router. It also protects the workpiece from any unintentional damages.

Trigger Control System

The unique feature trigger control system you will find in the Bosch 15 amp router. There is a trigger on the handle of the router on both bases. It will enable the user to start and end routing with enhanced control making its usability much more efficient. In addition, the contoured soft-grip handle also gives a better route experience.

Variable Speed Dial of Bosch MRC23EVSK

The 15amp 2.3 horsepower router has a speed range of 10000-25000rpm, allowing better control for versatile projects. It has a speed dial in front of the motor housing with six variables within the speed range. The variable speed control gives better controllability to the user resulting in accurate work output.

Constant Response Circuitry

This feature also deals with the speed of the product. In addition, the constant response circuitry self monitors the working while cutting through a workpiece and maintain the continuous speed without any distortion. As a result, the woodworker will get the precise cut according to predetermined settings.

Microfine Depth Adjustment

The electronic modular router comes with another incredible microfine depth adjustment feature for the plunge base router to ensure the user gets the result as their calculation. It has a depth range of 1 inch to 5/8 inch, and after locking feature allows you to get exact results as you imagined.

Dual LED Light

Visibility plays a vital role in ensuring precision while working with a router., if you cannot see your workpieces and your working clearly, chances are you will not get precise output. Therefore, the manufacturer introduces the dual-LED with the router so that the woodworker can have a better vision of the cut line and bit area. 

There are some more technicalities of the Bosch mrc23evsk combination router besides the ones mentioned above. For example, precision centering design makes sure the bit stays in the center with the sub-base. In addition, there exists an adjustable turret stop which makes depth settings easier. Also, bit shanks are available in two sizes, ¼ inch and ½ inch, and the bigger one produces less vibration resulting in better cutting accuracy. Lastly, another mentionable feature of this router is its 10-feet power cord, making it more comfortable maneuvering. So, let us dive into the detailed highlight of the pros and cons in this Bosch MRC23EVSK review section.


  • Sturdy construction promises durability 
  • Combination router with fixed base and plunge base option
  • Powerful motor
  • Variable speed control and constant response circuit ensure better control over router speed  
  • Dual LED for better visibility
  • Microfine depth adjustment
  • Trigger control system
  • Soft-grip option
  • Portable router


  • Price is comparatively higher
  • The dust management system is not efficient


The Bosch MRC23EVSK comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year. In addition, the plan also includes a 1-year service protection plan and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Therefore, this unit becomes more reliable with Robert Bosch’s brand value and service protection plan.

Final THought on Bosch MRC23EVSK Router

The Bosch router mrc23evsk, as we can see throughout the article, is a great router that will provide efficient service to its users. It is a portable, durable, and versatile device that ensures precision, accuracy, and efficiency in your routing projects. From professional woodworkers, carpenters to hobbyists, artisans, and even beginners can take full advantage of this router machine. 

The combined Bosch router can perform excellent cutting, grooving, designing, and edge profiling on wood and wooden materials for cabinetry or furniture works. If you are passionate about woodworking, you will have fun working with this tool. However, if you want more options before purchase, check out Bosch Tool’s most popular router Bosch 1617EVSPK

To conclude the Bosch MRC23EVSK review, the product mentioned above is an excellent launch by the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. In addition, it incorporates some advanced features which are rare to find in other routers available in the market. So if you are planning to get a router that will appreciate your woodworking enthusiasm, you can depend on Bosch MRC23EVSK.     


Which router table is compatible with the Bosch MRC23EVSK?

The Bosch router mrc23evsk is compatible with most of the router tables available in the market. However, a router table from the same manufacturer can come in handy. You can check out the popular Bosch router tables list to browse among options.

Which size shank bits are compatible with this router?

The router is compatible with both ¼ inch and ½ inch shank bits. However, the ½ inch bits is more stable as it generates less vibration meaning better accuracy.

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