Top 4 Bosch Router Table Review in 2023

Router tables are a vital tool for any significant woodworking project. If you are a professional carpenter or experienced woodworker, you know how much value a router table adds to ensure precise work output. In addition, with the inclusion of a table, one can effectively work with different stocks of various sizes. It also allows precision in cutting, edging, molding, and jointing, making the users handle diverse projects with unique requirements. This Bosch router table review article will cover some exciting products in the router table category from the manufacturer Bosch Tool Corporation, describing their features, advantages, and limitations. 

So, we can agree that the importance of a router table is undeniable for woodworkers. However, choosing the best router table is more important. If you select the wrong tool, it will only make your work less efficient and strenuous. Furthermore, selecting the right product can be tricky as there are so many products from different brands, offering the customers a range of alluring propositions to choose their products. Keeping that in mind, we will review one of the top brands, ‘Bosch,’ which manufactures some of the most exciting tools for woodworking.

How to Choose the Best Bosch Router Table?

As we mentioned earlier, many brands with their products have distinct features. So among them, we ought to choose the one compatible with our specific requirements. However, some standard measurement techniques exist while choosing the right router table. The first thing a user must consider while buying a router table is its stability. The router table has the purpose of providing accurate cutting or edging; if your table is not stable, it will fail the core purpose.

Another important point while choosing a router table is measuring the tool is versatility. If it allows a range of routers and different skill level usability to perform seamlessly using the router table, you can consider that a good router. Finally, as a user, you will investigate the details of design integration because the design determines how it will behave.

About Bosch Tool Corporation

The Bosch Tool Corporation is a part of the Bosch Group, a global leader in technology and services. The Bosch Group incorporates Robert Bosch Gmbh and its 350-plus subsidiaries regionally and globally. With its sales and service partners, the Bosch Group operates its endeavor in close to 150 countries. This traditional company has 100 years of experience (In 2011, The company celebrated its 125th anniversary) in designing, manufacturing, and sales. The pioneer company in manufacturing power tools and engineered products has become a synonym for engineering excellence.

In 2003, the Bosch Tool Corporation emerged in North America when Robert Bosch Gmbh combined North American power tools and power tool accessories into one company. The global leader in designing and manufacturing manufactures various products, including power tools, power tool accessories, rotary and oscillating tools, laser and leveling devices, and range finding tools. They have intelligent, dedicated associates and an enviable pace of innovation. Each year the Bosch Tool Corporation releases over 100 new power tool products, improving users’ experience of power tools with each release.

The router table is one of the category products of the Bosch Tool Corporation, and they did not make any compromise to maintain the quality of Bosch. You will find how great the products are once you explore the category. You will not get any better than the 100 years of experience of a globally appreciated manufacturer in terms of reliability.   

Latest 4 Best Portable Bosch Router Table Reviews

We will discuss some of the best releases in the router table category, highlighting their unique features, advantages, and limitations. We hope our readers will find this article informative, and it will assist them in buying the perfect router table for their woodworking projects.  

Benchtop Router Table Bosch RA1181 With Metal frame & Aluminum Mounting Plate

The benchtop ra1181 is a budget-friendly routing table by bosch that allows extreme portability with its lightweight and compact size feature. The table has a dimension of 22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches, and its weight is around 30 pounds. Its convenient weight and size enable the users to take the table from one site to another and work comfortably to their needs. The metal frame ensures robustness. Furthermore, the 120V and 15amp outlet, which is not typical for routing tables, is another reason for increasing movability of Bosch ra1181. Its circuit breaker protects your Router’s electronics as well.

The table comes with some accessories, including a Ra1181 router table, starter pin, starter pin guard, adjustable clear guards, adjustable feather boards, outfeed fence shims, hardware for mounting, mounting plate insert rings, and an instruction manual. These are enough to set up the table and start routing with it. However, the setup process is time-consuming, and novice users may find it a bit difficult. On the bright side, once you complete setting up the table, you will find it an excellent router table for working. Furthermore, the table has a dedicated dust collection port that fits a 2 ½ inch vacuum hose for debris-free operation. It will ensure that you have a clean working environment.

Technical Features Chart of RA1181 Bosch Benchtop Routing Table

This router table has some unique features and design specifications that make the RA1181 a genuinely appreciated product among its users. The first noticeable thing about this table is its large aluminum top with a surface area of 27 x 18 inches allowing the user to work with large stock comfortably. Its aluminum top also enhances the durability of the product. In addition, it also has a tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF faceplates and feather boards. The faceplates improve usability and increase accuracy with precise cuts giving accuracy for different projects.

Furthermore, the feather boards are movable, providing additional guidance and kickback protection while routing. Another incredible feature of the Bosch ra1181 router table is the rigid aluminum mounting plate with above height adjustment making accessibility more fun. It also comes pre-drilled, making the table more versatile by allowing compatibility for a range of routers. The dismounting of the Router is quick and straightforward. In addition, the table has an accessory slot for feather boards and miter gauge. Also, it has a storage pocket to store router accessories safely and cord wrap storage for storing 6 feet power cord. There is also a lock on the power cord preventing unauthorized access. 

Advantages of Bosch Ra1181

  • Reasonable price 
  • Spacious Aluminum top ensures durability and better usability
  • Easily dismountable router mount plate with above height adjustment
  • Compatible with most of the routers and the mounting plate comes pre-drilled
  • An extra tall fence with adjustable feather boards
  • Dust collection port ensures a clean working area
  • Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access
  • 6- feet power cord
  • 1-year warranty

Drawbacks of Bosch Ra1181

  • The setup process is time-consuming, and the beginner may find it difficult.
  • Some users complain about the aluminum tabletop that it is not flat and smooth.

Overall the Bosch Benchtop Ra1181 router table is a terrific, value-for-money product that comes at an affordable price, and it will leave the user with satisfactory performance.

Bosch RA1171 For Woodworking (Best Bosch Cabinet Style Table)


The Bosch Ra1171 is a budget-friendly release from the Bosch Tool Corporation. This device comes with a built-in cabinet making the table more sturdy and stable. The size of the product is 15.88 x 25.5 x 18 inches with a weight of 35 pounds giving the user a portability option. In addition, the cabinet provides a safe space for any storage of the Router or accessory; you can take everything you need while carrying the router table.  

The Bosch ra1171 cabinet style router table comes with the following accessories, a starter pin, starter pin guard, adjustable feather boards, mounting plate insert rings, adjustable clear guards, outfeed fence shims, hardware for mounting routers, and a user manual for setting up the table. With all these, the setup process may take some time and patience, as it can be frustrating occasionally. However, just like the ra1181, routing becomes a fun experience with its better usability once the setup is complete.

Detailed Technical Specification Chart of Bosch RA1171

The impressive routing table comes with a tall aluminum fence that is 4 7/8 inches x 25 1/8 inches, allowing usability with large stock. The product also has adjustable MDF faceplates and two feather boards to increase accuracy during routing. Furthermore, it provides additional guidance and kickback. In addition, the rigid aluminum router mount plate enhances the product’s versatility with its pre-drilled holes for compatibility with different routers. As a result, the table can support almost all the available routers. 

The Bosch ra1171 has serious measurements for a clean working area after routing, with two dust ports. One at the cabinet and the other at the fence, ensuring you leave working in a clean environment. The smooth laminate work surface of the table allows different skill level users to route effectively and accomplish their woodworking projects. The above height adjustment of the router mount plate gives users better working opportunities. 

Pros Of Using -Bosch Ra1171

  • Budget-friendly value for money Router table
  • Cabinet Router table making it better for stability and storage
  • Rigid aluminum router mount plate
  • Tall fence allowing tall stock use
  • Adjustable MDF faceplates
  • Two dust ports ensure better dust management
  • A 1-year limited warranty with a service protection plan 

Setbacks Of Using –Bosch Ra1171

  • Time-consuming setup process
  • The tabletop surface area is less

To sum it up, the Bosch Ra1171 Cabinet-style router table is a budget product that will fulfill your most woodworking needs. However, suppose you want a more extensive surface area in your router table. In that case, you can choose the Bosch Benchtop Router Table Ra1181, or you can also check out another spacious routing table by Kreg manufacturer Kreg PRS1045.  

Review of Bosch RA1141 Portable Pre-assembled Router Table

The Bosch RA1141 is another good release by the Bosch Tool Corporation. In this router table, they emphasize portability. The dimension of the router table is 16.5 x 26 x 14.5 inches with a weight of 33 lbs. The lightweight attribute of the product and the preassembled feature makes the Bosch RA1141 an excellent portable table. Moreover, One of the most impressive features of this router table is its foldable legs/stands. This feature is available on a few router tables; you can check out the Skil ras900 router table review which has this unique feature. The foldable legs with the preassembled table make the mobility of the table very convenient.

This ultra-portable routing table comes at a reasonable price, and beginner users can afford it. The product package comes with an RA1141 router table, adjustable feather boards, mounting plate insert rings, starter pin, starter pin guard, adjustable clear guard, miter gauge, outfeed fence shims, and hardware for mounting routers. The router table comes preassembled; therefore, the user only has to place the Router on the mounting plate to start working. In addition, the table has a storage compartment to keep all your accessories securely in one place.

Features Details of Bosch RA1141 Portable Unit

RA1141 router table has a laminated MDF top for a smooth user experience and precision in cutting. It also has a tall fence and adjustable faceplates to handle more elevated stocks. The table fence has two flexible feather boards guiding works with better controllability to the user. In addition, the table has an easy-click mounting feature allowing quick bit change without leveling. Finally, the bit height gauge enables a straightforward bit setup increasing cut precision.

Overall the Bosch RA1141 is an incredible router table for better routing, and woodworkers and hobbyists appreciate it. The table is compatible with most of the routers available. It allows excellent control over the routing process, and the result is satisfying. The versatile table also enables the users to handle complicated work effortlessly. For example, the starter pin and guard allow better control for curved workpieces, and as a result, you will receive more accurate output.  

Things we like

  • It comes to Pre Assembled; no stressing over setup
  • Foldable stand enhancing portability and storage
  • One of the best Bosch router tables for budget-shoppers
  • Better user control
  • A tall MDF fence can handle taller stocks  
  • Easy-click mounting
  • Starter pin and guard increase power for curved workpieces
  • Bit height gauge enhances accuracy
  • Limited 1-year warranty


  • Few plastic parts
  • Foldable legs reduce sturdiness

To summarize, this ultra-portable table is a genius tool for better routing. With all its features, we can say that the table gives the user better control, and users can accomplish woodworking projects precisely and accurately. 

Versatile Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Tool Combo with RA1181 table


The router table increases the Router’s efficiency, offering better control to the user, so it is a necessary part of the Router. On the other hand, a router table is useless without the Router. Both combinations make one unit that provides users with better routing for their cutting, edging, molding, or jointing of wood and wood materials. Therefore, a robust router with a stable table makes your routing experience extraordinary.

The Bosch Tool brand releases a combo allowing users to gather everything for their routing needs at one purchase. Although this article focuses on the router table, this Bosch 1617EVSPK combo is so impressive that we decided to review this Bosch router table model. So first, let’s look at the Benchtop RA1181 table, a sturdy metal frame table with a quick mountable aluminum plate. In addition, it has a tall fence with adjustable feather boards and a spacious surface area, making the usability of the Router more effective and precise. We discussed the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop router table earlier; you can check that section for specific detail. 

Technical Details of 1617EVSPK Combo

The Bosch 1617EVSPK comes in a compact case containing everything the user needs and more for better routing. The modern circuitry integration with this device makes it an advanced Bosch router compatible to handle bit plunging, edge forming slot cutting, laminate trimming, and dovetail cutting. Like the Bosch Mrc23evsk, this Router provides a 12amp 2¼ horsepower plunge base with an adjustable speed dial, allowing users to set optimal speed between 8000 and 25000 RPM. The design of the product is thoughtful and practical for better usability. This reliable Router will serve you durably with excellent performance.

Advantages We Found in Bosch 1617EVSPK

  • You save on the price as the combo price is lower than the summation of their total price.
  • Sturdy and durable unit 
  • Reliable- Bosch’s reliability
  • Robust and stable- powerful device, stable table
  • Everything included in the package for both the Router and table


  • More expense at once
  • Time-consuming setup

The combination will bring you exceptional woodworking experience. If you are a woodworking enthusiast and prefer your tools all at once, this is the perfect combo for you.


Throughout the Bosch router table review article, we shed light on some of the best products by Bosch Tool Corporation. This manufacturer is doing tremendous work in manufacturing power tools, especially routing tools. The century-old experience of integrating modern technology and design specifications makes their product outstanding, and users achieve beautiful results. The excellence of the Bosch product we witness throughout the article undoubtedly makes Bosch a golden name in manufacturing power tools.

Bosch router tables are sturdy, versatile, and robust in general. However, every product has some distinct feature that makes its capability highlighted. For example, if you want more surface and routing areas on the table, you should choose Benchtop RA1181. Consequently, if you want an ultra-portable unit, you might want to select RA1141. However, no matter which one you prefer, you can rest assured that the products of Bosch Tool Corporation will serve you incredibly for a long time and with precise and accurate routing. 

Therefore, we suggest choosing the right table that goes with your requirements and start routing without further ado. And let us know how your selected router table is performing.


Is Bosch Tool Corporation an American company?

The Bosch Tool Corporation is a part of the Bosch Group. The Bosch Group is a global leader in manufacturing power tools, a German company established in 1986.

Which Bosch Table is better in terms of portability?

The Bosch RA1141 is an ultra-portable table featuring lightweight, compact size, foldable legs, and preassembled design.

Is there any Combo of table and Router available by Bosch?

Fortunately, this excellent combo package of Bosch 1617EVSPK and RA1181 allows users to get the whole unit in one purchase. 

Bosch RA1171 or RA1181: Which one should I buy?

The bosch RA1171 and RA1181 are both incredible tables with their unique features. The customer’s decision will depend on their specific needs. However, if budget is not an issue, we suggest choosing RA1181 as it provides more surface area. For more detail between the two, go to our Bosch RA1171 VS Bosch RA1181 review for side by side comparison.


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