Cordless Black and Decker 40v Chainsaw Review-Battery-Powered Unit

Gas-powered chainsaws are commonly used all around the world. But people have become more conscious about the environment nowadays. They have changed their taste for chainsaws. Battery-operated chainsaws are getting more popular day by day. The Black and Decker LCS1240 is a 12’’ 40V cordless chainsaw that has a lithium-ion strong battery. The battery lasts 5x longer than any other chainsaw. The battery-operated brush motor generates a massive amount of power like gas-powered chainsaws, which help this chainsaw perform more and more. So if you want all the feature details on this model, stick to this Black and Decker 40v chainsaw review article to the end.

The latest features of this B&D 40V Max chainsaw have made it permissible to everyone. The manufacturer has built this chainsaw, ensuring safety issues for the consumers. This user-friendly chainsaw is suitable for both house-owners and professionals.

Cordless Black and Decker 40v Chainsaw Review 2023

40V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery

Electric or battery-powered chainsaws are free from fuels. But the corded electric machine is tough to use because you need to ensure an electronic plugging system is there to connect. Battery-operated cordless chainsaws give you more comfort. Like the lightweight Dewalt DCCS620B cordless chainsaw, this Black & Decker consists of a 40V,  lithium-ion battery (2 Ah) that can serve for a long time. The brand new battery can continue its cutting performance up to 120 minutes with any interruptions.


Black and Decker LCS1240 has a 12-inch bar in length. Though the bar length is not so large, it can perform far better than your expectation. The chainsaw weighs only 8.3 pounds which means this chainsaw is one of the lightest cordless chainsaws in the market.

Gas-free Sawing

A powerful battery operates the Black and Decker 40V chainsaw and it does not use any fuel. You can easily understand that no gas combustion in the engine means no emission. The gases can create environmental pollution. But there is no chance of such contamination because this chainsaw does not utilize any gas/ petrol.

Tool-free Chain Tensioning

We want to cut and trim wood smoothly, but sometimes while rotating, the chain gets stuck. It takes time to recover. So chainsaw brands have taken some crucial steps to fix this problem. They have developed a tool-free chain tensioning system that ensures the chain’s proper adjustment during rotation. This feature of the Black and Decker chainsaw offers more freedom to work quickly. 

Automatic Oiling System

A proper oiling system is very much important for a machine, mainly the chainsaws. The lubrication system provides smooth cutting with a chainsaw. So the consumers of a chainsaw always need to take care of oiling the machine. 40V LSC1240 from Black and Decker chainsaw has an excellent automatic chain lubrication method that ensures proper chain oiling while operating the machine. This process puts oil on the chain when needed and the chain rotates correctly around the 12-inch bar.

Front Handguard Of Black and Decker 40v Chainsaw

Handguards of a chainsaw provide us with excellent safety. During the cutting work, wood dust and debris spread all over the place. An operator may get hurt by them. There is a handguard in front of this chainsaw. This guard protects the hands from being injured. 

Low Noise

Noise is very harsh for our ears. It creates problems for the person who cut wood and for people who stay around the place. This modern-day chainsaw is built to produce less noise. Therefore, the user can work with luxury.

Oregon Low-kickback Bar and Chain

Kickback injuries have always been an issue while working with a chainsaw. The manufacturers of chainsaws pay more attention to this matter. The Black and Decker brand has made their LCS1240 model with a 12-inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain that helps the consumer work fast without any risk of injuries.

Wrap-around Bale Handle

If the handle gives us comfort, we can cut materials more perfectly. This 12-inch Black and Decker chainsaw has a wrap-around bale handle which provides a good grip on the machine. This handle may help you to work in more challenging conditions. 

Cutting Ability

The 40V Max Black and Decker chainsaws are well known for their cutting ability. The battery can last for an average of sixty 44’ lumber cuts. This chainsaw can cut a large amount of wood in such a short time. It enhances the productivity of a user.

Lock-off Button

When you want to cut wood materials with a chainsaw, it is essential to control the chain properly. There is a lock-off button that prevents accidental activation of the chain. This characteristic of the chainsaw assures us more safety.

Translucent Plastic Window

Adding chain oil is a must for every chainsaw. However, pouring oil in this chainsaw is more effortless than any other chainsaw because there is a translucent plastic window. The oil is visible on both sides of the chainsaw. You can see the oil level from the window and pour oil when required. 

Who should use the Black and Decker 12 inches 40V chainsaw?

If you don’t like mixing gas and oil, this B&D 12’’ battery-operated chainsaw is perfect for you. It may not cut a giant tree-like 60-foot tall, but it can simply be used for some light limbing or pruning. Due to its compact nature and lightweight construction, this chainsaw can handle your light-cutting projects. 


  • The 40V, 2 Ah battery can work for longer sessions.
  • This tool has a more accessible blade adjustment mechanism.
  • The lightweight feature makes it easy to handle.
  • The motor of this chainsaw produces less noise.
  • An auto oiling system maintains proper lubrication of the machine.
  • The handguard keeps out the risk of injury.
  • No emission is found.


  • This 12-inch chainsaw can’t be modified with a different bar guide.
  • The battery takes an excessively long time to recharge.
  • When cutting large or tricky materials, the battery quickly depletes. A gas-powered Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw is ideal for heavy-cutting jobs.


Q1. Does it come with oil, or do I need to buy that right off the bat?

Answer: No, 40V Black and Decker chainsaw doesn’t come with oil. You should buy oil separately.

Q2. Does the 40V cut faster than the 20V?

Answer: Of course, the 40-volt chain speed is 5m/s, whereas the 20-volt chain speed is only 3.5 m/s.

Q3. Does this product come with a battery charger station?

Answer: No, it does not come with a battery or a battery charger; you have to purchase the $60 more version to get the one that comes with the battery and charger.

Q4. Is it easy to start even after many uses?

Answer: Just pull and hold a trigger. There is no hard starting. It is an on/ off switch.

Final Overview on Black and Decker 40v Chainsaw

After long research, we can easily say that Black and Decker LCS1240 is a robust performing chainsaw. The in-built characteristics of this tool are highly improved. The auto chain oiling system, tool-less chain tensioning method, Oregon low-kickback bar and chain, handguards, and low noise producing system are the prominent exclusive features of this chainsaw. Besides, the lightweight chainsaw is very easy to hold and carry. The price starts from 100 USD to 200 USD.

So if you are searching for a light and cordless chainsaw, then our in-depth Black and Decker 40v chainsaw review article would be helpful for you. You can comment below for any additional questions related to this unit.


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