Optima d34m Deep Cycle Marine Battery Review in 2023

Optima d34m The Optima batteries 8016-103 d34m bluetop starting and deep cycle marine battery is designed for a dual-purpose function. That’s why it is an ideal battery for individuals looking for strong cracking, sure-starting, and a maintenance-free battery for their RV or boat. This smart marine battery has the ability to withstand five times the deep cycles of traditional batteries. It has a peculiar SpiralCell design that offers a strong and clean power source, ensuring that you, your family and the surroundings are safe. Read this Optima d34m Review to know more about this battery.

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Technical Features of the Optima d34m deep cycle marine battery:


Optima marine battery- d34m

C20 Capacity: 55 Ah
CCA: 750 Amp
Reserve Capacity @25 Amps: 120 Minutes
Post Type: Dual SAE & 5/16 Stainless Stud
Width: 6.88 in
Length: 10.06 in
Height: 7.94 in
Case Material: Polypropylene
Internal Resistance: 0.0028
CA: 870 Amp
MCA: 870
Group Size: BCI: 34
Case Color: Light Gray
Cover Color: “OPTIMA” Blue

Unlike many marine batteries, the Optima bluetop battery has a higher reserve capacity that provides you with a longer shelf-life to provide you the power when you need it and wherever you need it. One of its unique features is that it is more than 15 times the vibration resistance. Also, it has up to 3 times more recharges than other marine batteries. With these and many other features that we’re going to look at, this is the most ideal battery for boats with extensive electronic systems, trolling motors, and for RVs with creature comforts that drain battery very fast.

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Optima d34m Review 2023


Vibration resistanceOptima-d34m-deep-cycle-marine-battery

No more worrying about vibration as this battery provides an outstanding vibration resistance of up to 15 times more than the standard vibration resistance. So, you can be rest assured that the Optima d34 battery will work well without being interfered with.

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Up to three times more recharges than other batteries

This is a high-performance AGM battery with an outstanding runtime and more recharges than you would get in a conventional battery. The battery also has a faster recharge time, thus you will spend less time worrying about it.

Easy to mount

One of the best features of this battery is that it can be mounted virtually in any position. So, you don’t have to worry about creating a space or installing it in an undesirable position. On top of that, it is maintenance-free, thus you will take less time looking after it, unlike some traditional batteries.

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This is a very versatile battery as it can be utilized for both dual-purpose and in starting applications. As a result, it doesn’t limit you to only one use. It is also spill-proof and hence very durable.

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Sturdy construction

The 12-volt battery is durably made for longevity. It measures 10 inches x 6-7/8 inches x 7 13/16 inches tall. It also weighs around 43.5 pounds with Dual SAE and 5/16 inches stainless steel stud posts. Moreover, the battery has 870-ampere cranking amps or 870-ampere marine cranking amps. Besides, the SpiralCell technology offers a strong and clean power source, ensuring safety for you and the environment.

Suitable for boats and RV

This battery is not for cycling but very suitable for RV and marine applications. It does a great job of starting the engine even when the weather is unfavorable. You will never run out of battery power easily as it has a reserve capacity of 120 for constant performance. Optima d34m for boats and RV

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2-year warranty

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty against material or workmanship defects from the purchase date. This means that you can be free to return the product if it has an issue or have it repaired or replaced within two years of buying it. Just ensure that you buy from a recognized dealer.


  • It is maintenance free
  • It is more than 15 times the vibration resistance
  • It can be installed in any position
  • It provides optimal starting power
  • It is spill-proof
  • It is applicable for both dual-purpose and starting applications
  • It is up to 3x more recharges than other marine batteries
  • 2-years warranty


  • The battery is not very durable as some users have complained that they don’t hold a charge after some time of use.
  • It is somehow expensive

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If you have been looking for a dedicated starting battery, then the Optima BlueTop battery is the best option for you. The battery is sturdily made and very safe to use in your RV or for marine applications. It is also spillproof and very easy to install. Maintaining this battery is easy as it is maintenance-free and it provides an exceptional 15 times the vibration resistance. Apart from that, it has an efficient delivery and a quicker recharge time. Get this battery for your RV and you will be glad that you purchased it.


Question: Does Optima offer a warranty for this battery?
Answer: Yes, it does. Optima offers a warranty of 24-months from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship. The buyer will get a replacement or have the battery repaired.

Question: Can I use this battery on a golf cart 48 volts?
Answer: Yes, you can. All you need to do is to wire them for 48 volts and they will work exceptionally.

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