Optima D31M Review 2023: Worth Buying or Not?

Optima D31MThe Optima batteries 8052-161 d31m bluetop starting and deep cycle battery are the best marine battery for boats and RVs. It is a high-performance battery with an excellent runtime and more recharges than you would get from a conventional battery. In addition, this heavy-duty deep-cycle battery provides exceptional vibration resistance that is 15 times better than the normal resistance. Apart from that, it provides efficient power delivery and quick recharge time. Read this Optima d31m Review to know more about this battery.

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The Optima 12-volt battery is great for people who want a strong-cranking, sure-starting, and maintenance-free power source. It also can be recharged three times more than other marine batteries. So, if you’ve been looking for a high-performance AGM battery for your boat or RV, the Optima Bluetop d31m battery will be a great choice for you.

Technical Specifications of the Optima d31M Battery:


Optima Batteries D31M Bluetop Starting & Deep Cycle Battery 8052-161

C20 Capacity: 75 Ah
CCA: 900 Amp
Reserve Capacity @25 Amps: 155 Minutes
Post Type: Dual SAE & 5/16 Stainless Stud
Width: 6.56 in
Length: 12.81 in
Height: 9.38 in
Case Material: Polypropylene
Internal Resistance: 0.0025
CA: 1125 Amp
MCA: 1125
Group Size: BCI: 31
Case Color: Light Gray
Cover Color: “OPTIMA” Blue

Being maintenance-free, you will have an easy time and won’t have to worry about checking the battery from time-to-time. Additionally, you can mount this battery in any position and it is spillproof. With the SpiralCell design, expect a strong and clean power source that is safe to use. Apart from being used on RVs, this battery is also suitable for boats and recreational vehicles.optima blue top d31m

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BlueTop Starting Optima d31m Review 2023

Resistant to vibration

Not all marine batteries can withstand the vibration for long. But with this model, you will get an outstanding vibration resistance that is 15 times more than normal batteries.

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Sturdy construction

It is great to ensure that you pick a battery that will defy the hard conditions of marine life. The Optima d31m 12 volt battery is that kind of battery. Not only is it powerful, but it also functions outstandingly in bad weather. The unit weighs 59.8 pounds with 900 cold-cranking amps. It also has 5/16-inches stainless steel stud posts for durability.

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High reserve capacity

This high-performance AGM battery has a higher reserve capacity of 155 minutes for constant performance. This means that it can run for some hours before having to be recharged. As a result, it is very convenient and reliable at the same time, especially if you’re going to stay in the water for a long while.

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Unlike other marine batteries on the market that require constant maintenance, the Optima bluetop battery is maintenance-free. Therefore, you will have fun and worry less about the battery and how it performs.

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Mountable in any position

No matter the position that you want to install this battery, you can do so without any problem. That’s why it is a very ideal battery for RVs or boats. Just mount it in the available space that you have without having to worry about its safety.Optima Blue Top D31M Deep Cycle Marine Battery

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More recharges

This battery is different from other marine batteries in that it offers three times more recharges than traditional batteries. Apart from that, it has a faster recharge time and thus you will not have to worry about the battery at all.

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2-year warranty

When it comes to quality, Optima is among the best brands on the market with the best RV, boat, and recreational batteries. Optima provides this battery’s users with a 24-month warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Summary: Why buy Optima d31m marine battery?

  • It is spillproof
  • It has a faster recharge time.
  • This battery has an outstanding vibration resistance of up to 15 times more than the traditional battery.
  • It is maintenance-free
  • Outstanding reserve capacity of 155 minutes for constant performance
  • It recharges up to three times more than other marine batteries
  • It is easily mountable in any position
  • Optima D31M works great as an RV or boat battery
  • It is excellent for starting the engine
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty

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  • This battery is quite expensive
  • Many users have complained that the customer support is poor as they take time to respond


The Optima d31m bluetop battery is a dual-purpose battery that can be used for both starting and deep cycle. It is well-built and powerful that it can even function in harsh conditions. It is safe to use and has a higher reserve capacity, giving the user a longer shelf-life. Furthermore, it is very reliable as it defies more than five times the deep cycles o conventional batteries. So, if you want an easy to maintain, excellent starting, and strong-cranking battery, this is the unit for you.


Question: How fresh is the Optima d31m battery?
Answer: The battery comes with the date and month of manufacture on the sticker. This is different from the warranty period as the warranty is counted from the date of purchase. So, the batteries are fresh but you should check the day and month of the manufacturer before purchasing.

Question: Does this battery come with 5/16 wing nuts for the studs?
Answer: Yes, it does. It comes with a 3/8-inch stud for the positive and 5/16-inch for the negative, together with standard battery posts.

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