Best Belt Sander For Metal Work in 2023 [Features & Reviews]

Belt sanders are not only suitable for woodworkers. They can also help the people who work with metals. Whether you need to polish or refine your metal pieces or sharpen a knife, a belt sander can come in handy. However, not all sanders can sand metal. Some come with a strong motor and a strong abrasive belt that can easily shape your metal pieces in a breeze. It does not matter whether you are an occasional worker or a professional one; a tool like this can help you in various ways. These durable and versatile sanders will be there to help you with repairs or any DIY projects. Here you will find the best belt sander for metal work available in the market now. Choose the sander that suits your needs and your budget and get to work.

Top 5 Best Belt Sanders For Metal Work

As there are various kinds of belt sanders in the market, it won’t be easy to find the ones suitable for metalwork as most of them support woodworks. So, to make it easier for you, we have short-listed some of the best belt sanders for metalwork and have discussed their functionality, specifications as well as pros and cons. Stay tuned, and you will learn some interesting facts about belt sanders by the end of this article. 

Direct Drive BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander For Professionals

Unlike other metal sanders, the Bucktool BD4801 bench belt sander has the motor shaft directly attached to the belt sander mechanism. This increases its efficiency by a lot as there is less power wasted now. Since the belt sander will now get more efficiency than any other sander in the market, it will have a better rotating speed and power.  This Bucktool sander comes with a powerful ¾ HP motor that provides high speed for the disc and the belt. The 4×36 inch belt reaches the speed of 2161 FPM while the 8-inch disc speed goes 3450 RPM.

One of the interesting features of this sander includes the flexible belt that allows the user to work at any angle. You can adjust the position so that you can sand any material in any way. Another good thing about this sander is that you get two sanders in one body. You can use the disc sander and also the belt sander when needed. They come with separate dust ports to give you maximum comfort while working.

Pros of Bucktool BD4801

  • Direct drive motor does not waste any power
  • Powerful ¾ HP motor
  • Flexible adjustable belt
  • Aluminum work table
  • Steel cover prevents the disc from shaking
  • Sturdy cast aluminum base lowers vibration
  • It comes with two worktables and two dust ports
  • Miter gauge placed along with the disc sander


  • Changing the belt is a bit difficult

Cast Iron JET J-41002 Bench Belt/Disc Sander for Metal Work 

The Jet J-41002 bench sander comes with cast iron construction and 42×2 inches belt. This one has a body that can take heavy-duty work and also polish metal pieces into perfection. Its abrasive belt works like a jigsaw, hand file, and coping saw altogether. The deluxe miter gauge helps it by allowing adjustable angles in both left and right. This 60-pound sander stays stable thanks to the rubber feet and well-constructed steel body.  Also, this sander has a strong motor that allows the 8-inch disc to reach the speed of 3450 RPM, and the belt spins at 3100 SFPM. The Jet J-41002 bench sander comes with an adjustable dust chute and a dust deflector to collect dust effectively.

Advantages of JET J-41002

  • It has a cast iron construction
  • Heavy steel base
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • It comes with a dust chute and dust deflator
  • The strong abrasive belt can work on metal
  • The removable platen can help to work on bigger projects
  • Miter gauge can turn 45 degrees left and right and lock in place  
  • The powerful motor is perfect for any metal or woodwork


  • No belt adjustment system

Versatile WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp Bench Sander with Cast Iron Base

Wen has been around for a long time and has been quite famous for its quality sanders in the market. The Wen 6502T is one of the famous bench sanders in the market in recent times. It has a strong motor and can work heavy duty for an extended period. This sander also has an adjustable belt that can go up to 90 degrees. As it weighs almost 38.1 pounds, it is suitable for a benchtop. The wide belt and 6-inch disc can sand large workpieces quite easily. Wen 6502T comes with a 2.25-inch dust port connecting with a vacuum hose for better dust collection. The 4.3 amp ½ HP motor gives it enough power for the sanding disc to go 3600 RPM. Unlike other sanders, this one does not break down in the middle of the work because it cannot take the workload. 

Things we like

  • Adjustable belt can tilt 90 degrees
  • Sturdy cast iron base
  • It is an updated version of the Wen 6502 Model
  • Easily replaceable belts
  • Support table comes with both the table and the belt
  • The working table of the sanding disc has a miter gauge with it
  • The removable miter gauge helps to cut in angles
  • Dust collection port allows connecting with a vacuum for easy dust collection.


  • The unit might overheat if used for long hours

Lightweight RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt and Disc Sander

This bench sander from Rikon is lightweight as it only weighs about 18 pounds. The small compact size makes it perfect for those who want a bench sander but do not have enough space. However, do not let the small space and the 2.3 amp motor fool you. The speed is also impressive as the belt can go 3270 SFPM while the disc can go 3450 RPM. They both come with a working table, and the one with the sanding disc has a miter gauge slot. The miter gauge is sturdy and not cheap plastic. It helps cut wood and other material at an angle. Two dust ports can connect to vacuum hoses easily. This sander comes with a brushless induction motor that ensures its long life. 

Pros of Rikon 50-151

  • Compact size
  • Less noise
  • Dual dust port
  • Brushless induction motor
  • Sturdy working tables
  • Dust protected switch
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for light duties


  • Not suitable for any heavy-duty work

Rockwell Belt/Disc Combo Benchtop Sander for Beginners

If you are looking for a versatile, durable, budget-friendly bench sander of good quality, you should look at the Rockwell bench sander. This bench sander comes with a 4-inch wide belt and a 6-inch disc wide as the other popular ones. It has a sturdy metal base that stops it from being wobbly while you work with it. A powerful 4.3 amp and ½ HP motor allow it to get enough high speed to reach the maximum speed. It does not have any variable speed option, and the highest speed the disc goes is 3450 RPM, and the belt goes 1700 SFPM. Even while working at high speed, this sander produces less vibration, which helps reduce fatigue if you plan to work for long hours. Besides, if you need a sander for drywall, you can check our top 13 wall sander list.

Key Features of Rockwell Bench Sander

  • Horizontally and vertical belt sander for metal
  • Easily changeable belt
  • Powerful motor
  • Has a safety switch to prevent accidents
  • The sanding table is adjustable to bevel edges
  • Low vibration
  • One year warranty


  • The sander can start to vibrate if the material is pressed too hard on the belt.

Things To Check When Choosing A Belt Sander to Work on Metal Surface

A belt sander is quite versatile when it comes to working. It can be handheld or a benchtop as a combo of belt and disc. However, if you are thinking about buying a handheld belt sander, here is a little guideline for finding the best belt sander for metal work or woodwork.

  • Look for the belt sander that tracks the belt well. If you have options to buy an auto-tracking belt sander, go for that. So that your belt stays in place no matter how fast the motor goes. 
  • While using a handheld belt sander, make sure to check the height of its nose so that when you are working in tight places, you can easily reach them.
  • Your belt sander must have a good dust collection system, and the dust bag or the vacuum port should not hamper your work by getting in the way.
  • The heavier your sander is, the better, as it will need no extra pressure to work properly.
  • For a handheld sander, it is better to look for a pistol-type handle so that it is easy to grip, and the trigger switch is also easy to operate. 

Benefits Of A Good Belt Disc Sander for metal working

Buying a belt disc sander means buying two tools at once but at a cheaper rate, as the belt disc combo sander comes at a lower price than buying a belt sander and disc sander separately. However, this does not only save money, but also it saves your valuable time and energy. You will not have to look for a suitable sander after completing each project because you will have all you need in this sanding machine. These belt disc sanders are benchtop sanders, making them suitable for heavy-duty work, so no matter how big the project is, this sander can do the job. Also, these sanders can work on metal, plastic, and other materials besides wood, so if you are still wondering around for the best belt sander for metal work, you can find some here.

Pros Of Belt Disc Benchtop metal Sander

  • As these sanders are mostly heavy, they get a fixed place on a bench or a table, so they are easy to use for smooth, comfortable work.
  • The benchtop sanders are capable of working long hours without heating up or causing any problems.
  • A combination of belt and disc means you get to work with both in a single machine without facing any setup hassle.


  • The big and heavy sander might create a storage problem

Final Recommendation

We have talked about the belt sanders that are able to work with metal in this article. So to get rid of the imperfections on your metal, you can gently hold it on the moving sandpaper while the belt sander does all the work. Not all sanders are powerful enough to work on metal. That is why we have chosen only those suitable for metal uses.

If you are still confused about your purchase, then let us help you out. It depends on the type of work you are going to do if you are just starting out, then go for the cheap one meant for beginners and occasional uses. However, If you want to spend some extra and invest in a much more professional belt sander that will last long, then we suggest the Bucktool BD4801 as the best belt sander for metal work. As it has all the quality and functions, you need to work comfortably. Also, it is highly durable and has an impressive performance history.


Can a  belt sander sand metal?

Yes, but using a belt sander on metal can create sparks that mix with the sawdust and start a hazardous fire. To avoid this, remove the sawdust from the dust bag and use the correct grit sandpaper for the metal.

Can I wear anything while working on a belt sander?

It would be better if you wore tight-fitted clothes. It will make sure it does not get pulled into the belt sander. Also, wear safety goggles and earplugs. You might also need to cover your nose and mouth, depending on the work.

How can I adjust the working tables of the benchtop sanders?

Look for a handle beside the working tables and loosen it up by rotating it a little. Then, move the working table, adjust the angle you need it to be in, rotate the handle again, and lock it in place.

Can I work with any materials on my sander?

Not all sanders support all kinds of materials. You can read the manual first before starting to experiment. However, you will need different grits of sandpaper when you choose to move on to another material.


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